Presentation higher education evening 12 june 2013


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Presentation higher education evening 12 june 2013

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  • Introduction by Jane RichardsonGo to next slide … format of evening.
  • Main dates/deadlines:1 October 2013: CUKAS deadline15 October 2013: Deadline for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science courses and all courses at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge).15 January 2014: Deadline for all other courses.
  • Main dates/deadlines:1 October 2013: CUKAS deadline15 October 2013: Deadline for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science courses and all courses at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge).15 January 2014: Deadline for all other courses.
  • The majority of the information needed is available in the Student Handout;- Every student is allocated a UCAS Coordinator; to be advised in due course.- HE Presentation and other resources will be available online from end June.- Kennicott Library – information available.- Online resources- Tutor and UCAS Administrator always on hand for advice.- Attend Open Evenings- Ensure you adhere to both internal and external deadlines to enable your UCAS Administrator the process your application on time.
  • Presentation higher education evening 12 june 2013

    1. 1. Higher EducationEveningKennicott Sixth Form CentreWelcome!
    2. 2. Welcome1. WelcomeMs Jane Richardson, Assistant Principal2. University LifeAmy Cartwright & Daniel Williams, Plymouth University3. How to Apply: An OverviewUCAStv4. Finding your course and choosing your universityMs Jane Richardson, Assistant Principal5. Writing your Personal StatementMr Dave Waistnidge, Assistant Head of Sixth Form6. Timetable for Applications/Special DeadlinesMr Dave Waistnidge7. Student FinanceLaura Kendrick
    3. 3. University LifeAmy Cartwright and Daniel WilliamsPlymouth University
    4. 4. Finding your courseand choosing youruniversityJane Richardson
    5. 5. Q: How do I search for courses?Q: How can I find out which is the bestuniversity or college for my chosencourse?Q: How do I find the entry requirementsfor the course?
    6. 6. Writing yourPersonal StatementDave Waistnidge
    7. 7. Planning Your Personal Statement
    8. 8.  Admissions staff want to seeevidence that students areenthusiastic, well-preparedand have the right skills to dowell at university. Large numbers ofstudents applying throughUCAS – impossible tointerview for all courses You may be competingwith other students fromacross UK for small numberof places – personalstatement could make thedifference between asuccessful or unsuccessfulapplication.
    9. 9. • Before you start,remember this is a personalstatement - i.e. its aboutyou, and there is no real rightor wrong way to do it.• Personal statements arespecific so if you decide tochange the course you areapplying for you will need torewrite your personalstatement.• When the admissions andsubject tutors look at yourpersonal statement, they arelikely to be asking two mainquestions:1. Do we want this studenton this course?2. Do we want this student atthis university?
    10. 10. • Is the student suited to the course that they are applyingfor?• Does the student have the necessary qualifications andqualities for the course?• Is the student conscientious, hardworking and unlikely todrop out?• Will the student do their best and cope with the demands ofthe course?• Can the student work under pressure?• Will the student be able to adjust to their new environment atuniversity?• What are their communication skills like?• Are they dedicated to this course and have researched itwell?• Do they have a genuine interest in the subject and a desire tolearn more about it?These are the questions you will need to address in your personalstatement.Admission Tutors
    11. 11. • What do you want tostudy at university?• Why?• What specific aspects ofthe course interests you?• What school work haveyou completed that isrelevant?• What practical work haveyou completed that isrelevant?• What have you readrelated to the subjectarea that has inspiredyou?• What personalexperiences which lead tothe decision to take thissubject?• Where you hope a degreein this subject will lead?
    12. 12. What experiences showyou are a reliable andresponsible person?• Part-time jobs?• Business enterprise?• Community andcharity work?• Sixth Formcommittee?• Extracurricularactivities? (YoungEnterprise, Duke ofEdinburgh Award,Debating, Sport, etc)• What have you gainedfrom theseexperiences?
    13. 13. Your interests andskills• What do you do inyour free time?• Any sport andleisure activities?• Any subjects youstudy which arenot examined?• Do you play amusicalinstrument?• Do you speak anylanguages?• Have you won anyprizes?• Do you have anyrole orresponsibility inany of yourinterests?
    14. 14. Gap Years/TheSummer• Why are youtaking a Gapyear? (if you are)• Why do you wantto take a gapyear?• What do you planto do?• How does thisrelate to yourcourse?
    15. 15. Now, for each point you have made,comment on:• What it says about your character;• What skills/knowledge has it given you;• Why it makes you a suitable candidatefor the course and the university.
    16. 16. If you need help, do ask your parent/carer or Tutor for assistance.or phone the UCAS Student Helpline on 0871 468 0468
    17. 17. Personal StatementMedicine Personal StatementMedicine for me is a unique profession in that itdoes not discriminate in its universality ofapplication. It has therefore captivated me as achallenging field of continuous learning that allowsme to explore my love of science in a way that isbeneficial to humanity.Medicine Personal StatementGiven that over ninety nine percent of the bodyconsists of just six elements, it is hard to imagine thehuman body as an intricately synchronised andimmensely complex machine. Yet, it has done wellto puzzle even the brightest minds in history-but Iam drawn to a challenge; I cannot think of anythingelse more fascinating to work with.
    18. 18. Personal StatementEnglish LanguageEnglish has long since endured an inappropriatereputation of being boring, lack-lustre. However, it isnot until youve become engrossed in the languagethat the true power is revealed, how a single wordcan bend someones mind to a cause, take them toa world they can only dream off, or create anatmosphere so tense you can not stop reading.English Personal StatementEmily Bronte had the Yorkshire moors, Austen andShakespeare had Chawton and Londonrespectively, and I have my bed. This is where theirsleeping words are shaken awake by mysubjectivity. This is where I become a man.
    19. 19. Maths Personal Statement“It has become a very strange and perhaps frighteningsubject from the ordinary point of view,but anyone whopenetrates into it will find a veritable fairyland"(Kasner Eand Newman J).This saying is perhaps the most fitted todescribe my enthusiasm for Maths.Law Personal StatementI promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing butthe truth. My father had always told me my careerdestined in the profession of Law; I had of course beenignorant to this. Thinking the only reason he had told meso was to carry the family tradition, as he was one himself.Journalism Personal StatementThe amplification of the inexplicable joy as I finishedproducing my first piece was too palpable to ignore. Itperpetually hung in the surrounding air as waves ofelectrifying impetus to the growth of the infantile writerresiding in every fibre that constitutes my body and whomI gradually nourished with a lucid thought-process anddexterity at juxtaposition of words.
    20. 20. Timetable forApplications/SpecialDeadlinesDave Waistnidge
    21. 21. YR12 Spring TermJune 2013  Higher Education programme begins.o HE Evening with parents.o Student completes and returns a Student Reference request Form totheir Tutor (forms available from the Kennicott Office or attached) by28 June 2013.July 2013  Register and commence UCAS application on-line, Apply for ‘UCAS Card’ to receive free monthly newsletters providing adviceon the application process, advance information on universities, anddiscounts on goods and services Please note that, if a student is applying for Medicine, Dentistry, VeterinaryMedicine, Veterinary Science courses and all courses at the Universities ofOxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge) and courses at UK Conservatoires(CUKAS), that this has an earlier deadline for UCAS application receipt of 15October 2013. If applying for a course with a 15 October deadline, pleaseadvise Tutor and UCAS Co-ordinator. Student researches into courses and universities Draft Personal Statement – use feedback from HE Evening, seek advice fromTutors or Subject staff prepare subject references which form part of the referencewhich has to accompany your UCAS application.
    22. 22. YR12 Spring TermAugust 2013  Continue researching into courses and universities. Find out aboutCollege/University Open Days. You can find dates and times Record findings/ideas on page 5. Check whether an admissions test is required. This is the responsibility ofthe student to organise. Further complete application on-line. Further draft Personal Statement.YR13 Autumn TermSeptember2013 Complete UCAS Application on-line. Print and submit hard copy of UCAS Application to include draft PersonalStatement to Tutor by Monday, 23 September 2013. Liaise with Form Tutor, and if changes have been made to application,amend UCAS application on-line. Once completed, select PAY and SEND. Payusing a credit card. Once paid, the UCAS application will be sentautomatically to the UCAS Co-ordinator who will process application further. If the student’s course requirement is to undertake an Admission Test,student to advise both the UCAS Coordinator and Examinations Officer.
    23. 23. YR13 Autumn TermOctober 2013 –January 2014 UCAS applications are processed further by UCAS Co-ordinators to meet thenecessary deadlines of 1 October (CUKAS), 15 October 2013 and 15 January2014. Tutor reports are added to the application by UCAS Co-ordinator. Final check by Tutor. (At this stage, amendments may still be made.Students to check status on-line regularly. The requested changes to bemade as soon as student has been advised to. Once completed, student toselect PAY and SEND again to return the application to the UCASAdministrator). Final version of UCAS application is approved by the Senior Managementteam (Students to continue checking status on-line in case furtherimprovements and final amendments need to be made to the application.Once completed, student needs to return the application to the UCASCoordinator by selecting the PAY and SEND option (you will not be chargedagain!). Application is sent to UCAS.From October2013 Track your progress via ‘Apply’. Offers (usually conditional, based on ‘A’ Level results) are made. Some institutions require interviews but an increasing number do not. If you a student is called for interview, the Attendance Officer at Kennicottneeds to be advised of this. It is possible to organise a practice interviewwith Mr Waistnidge if a student feels this of use.
    24. 24. Student FinanceLaura Kendrick
    25. 25. TheMary LidstoneTrustKate Mason
    26. 26. The Mary Lidstone TrustWho is eligible to apply?Priority 1• Child in Care• Care Leaver• Young Person in receipt of income support• Young person in receipt of Employment Support andDisability Living AllowancePriority 2• Receiving Free School Meals
    27. 27. The Mary Lidstone TrustWho is eligible to apply?Priority 3Family in receipt of at least one of the following• Income Support• Income-based Jobseekers’ Allowance• Employment Support Allowance (Income Related)Supportunder Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999• Guaranteed Element of Pension Credit• The maximum level of Working Tax Credit (WTC)• Child Tax Credit (if it is the only benefit received andwhere annual income, as assessed by the Inland Revenue,does not exceed £16,190)
    28. 28. What happens next?Jane Richardson
    29. 29. Opportunity forQ&AsJane Richardson
    30. 30. CloseJane Richardson