What SEO's Can Learn From Football


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The outtakes from my BlueGlass London presentation - what SEOs can learn from Football. Here's the original, which was hopefully a bit more insightful! http://www.slideshare.net/kevgibbo/the-state-of-content-marketing-seo-in-the-uk

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What SEO's Can Learn From Football

  1. What SEO’s can learn fromfootball Kevin Gibbons uk.blueglass.com @kevgibbo
  2. The game is changing…
  3. Old tactics hold an uncertain future...
  4. More commonly experiencing disappointing results…
  5. All while the forward-thinkers are taking a lead…
  6. Celebrating very successful results…
  7. Old tactics used to work very well…
  8. But it’s Now a Game for Forward Thinkers…
  9. You’ll still get results with traditional tactics Typical Stoke City Goal
  10. But it will only take you so far…
  11. Be ahead of the curve – and you’ll get rewarded Typical Barcelona Goal
  12. It’s ok –we’re almost halfway!
  13. Have a clear gameplan…
  14. It’s not about quick wins… Get to know the officials!
  15. It takes time – build up slowly
  16. Be prepared to fail along the way
  17. Just don’t make thesame mistake twice!
  18. Start to build up your own audience
  19. But leverage wider audiences too
  20. And connect with your fans
  21. Make someone responsible for pulling the team togetherhttp://www.seomoz.org/blog/inbound-marketing-is-taking-off
  22. The big fish in a small pond rarely wins
  23. Surround yourself with talent
  24. Have a mix of skills
  25. Get good value from your star players!
  26. All Content Is a Marketing ChannelAnd get to know the officials! http://www.seomoz.org/blog/inbound-marketing-is-taking-off
  27. Then join me for a post-match beer! Kevin Gibbons kgibbons@blueglass.com @kevgibbo uk.blueglass.com