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Caporex Oy ja Benjamin Biomedical ovat tehneet yhteistyösopimuksen joka käsittää pahakokäsikappaleiden, endoskooppien, kameroiden, skalpereiden korjauksen.

Caporex Oy ja Benjamin Biomedical ovat tehneet yhteistyösopimuksen joka käsittää pahakokäsikappaleiden, endoskooppien, kameroiden, skalpereiden korjauksen.

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  • 1. Endoscopic Video Cameras
  • 2. Introduction Endoscopic video cameras are used most often with rigid scopes; occasionally with flexible scopes for less invasive procedures. Each camera head contains a video chip (CCD) that converts the image in view into an electronic signal.
  • 3. Introduction Signals are received at the console from the camera, through the cable. The console processes the image and forwards the video signal to the monitor. Most cameras work only with consoles of the same manufacturer. The camera is attached to the eyepiece of the scope by a coupler.
  • 4. Introduction Set-up; Scope-coupler-camera cable-light source- console-monitor
  • 5. Introduction, OEM’s Stryker  Medical Concepts Storz  Wolf Dyonics  Baxter Linvatech  MP video Circon/ACMI  Weck Olympus  Solos 90% market
  • 7. Introduction Cameras come in single video chip (CCD) and 3 chip configurations. The newer, more popular models are 3 chip. Examples : 3 chip Stryker 882,888,988,1088, 1188, 1288 Dyonics D3, ED3, 470H, 560
  • 8. Introduction Storz Tricams, Image 1 S1,S3, A1, A3, P3, and HD. Linvatech 9010, Circon Olympus OTV-SX, SX2Examples 1 chip :Stryker 596, Circon MV-9690, StorzTelecam, Image 1 S1, Linvatech 8160,8171, 8172 Dyonics D1Olympus OTV-S4, S5, S6, S7
  • 9. Introduction There are over 70 different models of cameras in existence. Our repair services cover approximately 75% of these models, but 98% of the most popular models in use. On June 5th, 2008, We expanded through acquisition and spent the recent months raising the quality and service level to our standards…ISO, FDA, CE.
  • 11. Selling Camera RepairCameras are found in use in surgery;orthopedic, urology, obgyn, & general in hospitals, outpatient and free standingsurgery centers.Many facilities are unaware that analternative to the manufacturer exists forrepair.
  • 12. Selling Camera Repair OEM’s do their best to convince the customer that they alone are qualified to repair their cameras. OEM’s, such as Stryker , do not manufacturer all the electrical and cable components for their cameras. They purchase pre-manufactured components and assemble them into their cameras. Ex : 1188 cable
  • 13. Selling Camera Repair Your historic relationship with customers and the quality repair service you have provided them on other instruments, is the best starting place. Benjamin enables you to offer significant savings, reduced turn times, and the highest possible repair quality process.
  • 14. Selling Camera Repair We utilize original OEM components where available and all our components and materials are manufactured to match those of the OEM. Each of our repairs receives new cable, new connector assembly, and new seals. All of our polymers, adhesives and seals are approved to withstand cleaning solutions and processes in use.
  • 16. Selling Camera Repair Each repair is leak tested, tested for electrical safety, tested for image quality and undergoes a rigorous total quality examination process. A visual report of the image is available to the customer with the repair.
  • 18. Selling Camera Repairs Our turn time on camera repairs will be 3 to 5 days or less and repair exchanges as they are available. Our warranty on components and workmanship is 90 days.
  • 19. Selling Camera Repairs Common complaints : Visual damage; hole or cut in cable. Video noise. Cloudy/foggy image, color blotches. Won’t white balance.
  • 20. Selling Camera Repair These problems are caused by breakage or disconnects at the connector assembly most often. Fluid invasion or CCD circuit failure are also seen. Connector breakage occurs as a result of repeatedly bending/twisting the cable where it connects to the camera.
  • 21. Selling Camera Repair Fluid invades the camera through cuts/holes in the cable, through worn/damaged seals (repeated sterilization) or by simply forgetting to apply the soak cap prior to cleaning. CCD circuits may fail over time but are historically very dependable and represent about 15% of problems.
  • 22. Selling Camera Repair It is not uncommon to have the pigtail (cable extension) stretched to the point of damaging cable components and connectors. Damage naturally occurs from frequent use, handling and cleaning.
  • 23. Selling camera Repair Questions to ask : What is the make/model of the camera ? What is the complaint ? Who registered the complaint ? Are you sending just the camera ? coupler, pigtail ? How old is the camera ?
  • 24. Selling camera repair Questions continued : Does the camera work when couplers are changed ? Is the camera making a buzzing noise ?
  • 25. Selling Camera Repair Common responses : I have no idea…it doesn’t work. The picture is bad. It’s making noise.
  • 26. Initial Camera Repairs Beginning in April 2006 we initiated repairs on the Stryker line of cameras. We now are a full service camera repair company, which includes cameras, processors, light sources, couplers and pigtails. Our current warranty rate is 3.9%, a number that is under constant review.
  • 27. Initial Camera Repairs We will grow our service capabilities as new cameras come onto the market. Presently we are examining the Dyonics 560 and Dyonics 470H autoclave prism replacement, and awaiting the Stryker 1288, all of which will enter R&D as soon as possible.
  • 28. Reference Pictures
  • 29. BENJAMIN BIOMEDICAL CAMERA REPAIRCamera Repair descriptions are for all makes and models of cameras. Minor Repair may include: Replace button cover, button pad, button board or all three, replace damaged lens, replace front section of camera head, replace soak cap, replace front seal.
  • 30. Standard RepairMinor repairs plus; replace cable, replaceconnector assembly, replace strain relief,replace flexible printed circuit board,vacuum fluid removal, realign prism CCD,replace IR filter, replace complete camerahousing, replace seals, replace housing nut.
  • 31. Major RepairsMinor repairs plus, Standard repairs, plusrepair/replace CCD electronics,align/replace imager, and replace prism.
  • 32. Extensive Repairs Stryker 1188, Storz Image One, and Olympus OTV Series. Standard repairs plus, replace connector edge card, clean and repair switch assembly, replace paddle-card, replace paddle-card housing, repair or replace beam-splitter, replace headboard, repair internal coupler, realign or replace prism.
  • 33. Coupler RepairMake necessary mechanical adjustmentssuch as lock and release, repair or replacetension springs, tighten or replace set andlock screws, repair focus ring, replace focusO-ring, replace seals, repair coupler zoom,repair scope mount, replace lens.
  • 34. Repair Facts 60% of all our repairs are because of cable damage 30% is video damage (prism/CCD electronics) 10% is minor and coupler repairs
  • 35. Stryker Issues Strain reliefs coming off Cable jackets coming loose Moisture in connectors from loose soak caps. (Some are even missing o-ring) Camera was autoclaved
  • 36. Dyonics/Smith & Nephew Damaged cables at camera head end. Cracked IR filter. (lens) Damaged camera heads. (plastic) Remote damaged; button functions.
  • 37. Olympus Cable damage; thin cable on OTV-S7 90 degree model. (Most popular model) Paddle cards damaged. (Plastic) Optics fogged; usually requiring disassembly and cleaning.
  • 38. Karl Storz Image 1 newest and most popular model. Moisture intrusion; Coupler damaged These cameras require extra attention to detail and workmanship. These cameras must be cut into to fix the coupler. Coupler has tiny ball bearings that must be assembled accurately.
  • 39. Questions?