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Obiee 11g  report scheduler
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Obiee 11g report scheduler


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scheduling reports in obiee 11g and exporting it to userdefined formats in pdf, ppt

scheduling reports in obiee 11g and exporting it to userdefined formats in pdf, ppt

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Report SchedulerObiee 11g gives us the facility to create the report scheduler. This doc is the demonstrationhow to create the scheduler and deploy the scheduler.STEP 1:First we have to form the SMTP server, in our case we are using the who providesfree SMTP server as after the login into the that you will need your own’s mail id for that you have to just go on and make the new profile.Go to the link the and then just sign Up in it. It will create your mail id in this case my mail id, this will used for the SMTP server mail id and the username.STEP 2:Open the BI EM 11gFusion middle ware and refer the snap.Reports Scheduler Page 1
  • 2. Report SchedulerYour scheduler tag will contain this data. We do not have to change the data in these fields.Here you just have to check the details.STEP 3:Configure the SMTP by the gmx mail idThe sanp shows the default configuration. We have to change it as belowReports Scheduler Page 2
  • 3. Report SchedulerSTEP 4:By clicking the lock and edit the configuration, do this changes in the fieldsSMTP Server – SMTP server of your email (e.g.• Port – Port of the SMTP server (e.g. 25)• Display name of sender – Any name(e.g.Oracle Business Intelligence)• Email address of sender – Sender’s email address (e.g.• Username – Same as the sender’s email (e.g.• Password – password of your email• Confirm password – confirm the same password as above• Number of retries upon failure – any number• Maximum recipients• Addressing method To, Blind Copy Recipient (Bcc) – if you want to receive a BCC, select it.After changing you have to Apply and Activate ChangesThen after go the Overview and Restart all changes.Reports Scheduler Page 3
  • 4. Report SchedulerSTEP 5:Creating the Agent to send the mailNow put the OBI EM open and now go to the OBIEE Answers sign in and now go to theNEW/AGENTBy clicking on that you will find the area where you can create your own new agent.Reports Scheduler Page 4
  • 5. Report SchedulerNext step is to see the priority and can modify it.Go to the Scheduler tag in the agentReports Scheduler Page 5
  • 6. Report SchedulerBy changing the frequency none -> once you can edit the time of the schedulerReports Scheduler Page 6
  • 7. Report SchedulerDelivery content will contain the content that you wants to send the person.It would be either1-Analysis2- Dashboard3- Briefing bookReports Scheduler Page 7
  • 8. Report SchedulerBy clicking on browse you can select the file from the browse windowFor example here we select the gauge from the files.Reports Scheduler Page 8
  • 9. Report SchedulerThen make the Format that you want in this case I preferred the PDFYou can select anything and also you can select how you want to send it like in theattachment or other. Here we selected the deliver as attachment.Reports Scheduler Page 9
  • 10. Report SchedulerName the RecipientsWeblogic will be there default, you have to put the mail id there by clicking the mail symbolWhom you want to send the mail.Reports Scheduler Page 10
  • 11. Report SchedulerIn the destination tag check on the specific device and check the Email. Save the agentAfter save the symbol for run the agent will open.Run button.Reports Scheduler Page 11
  • 12. Report SchedulerAgent runssuccessfully.By clicking on the alert button the window will openReports Scheduler Page 12
  • 13. Report SchedulerNow go to the mail id that you had provided in the recipient. You will see the mail in theinbox or in the spam Just like that you will get the attachment in the pdf format and you can make the scheduleto send the reports any time.By the reference of Scheduler Page 13