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Tips and tricks - when dealing with the media
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Tips and tricks - when dealing with the media


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De Ketchum Pleon Academy organiseert jaarlijks zo'n 60 - 70 studiedagen, trainingen en workshops. Veel van deze trainingen zijn speciaal op maat gemaakt voor onze opdrachtgevers en worden in-huis …

De Ketchum Pleon Academy organiseert jaarlijks zo'n 60 - 70 studiedagen, trainingen en workshops. Veel van deze trainingen zijn speciaal op maat gemaakt voor onze opdrachtgevers en worden in-huis gegeven. De trainingprogramma's worden altijd in overleg met u samengesteld en kunnen bestaan uit meerdere onderdelen van verschillende trainingen. Meestal starten we met een aantal intake-gesprekken zodat we de behoefte van de cursisten nog beter kunnen bepalen. De Ketchum Pleon Academy is er voor en door professionals in management, bestuur, communicatie, public affairs en marketing.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. 1. KEY MESSAGES 2 Selection Because Facts information Importance Perspective emotion outlook 1 Recognition 3 Look Acknowledgement So 2
  • 3. 2. KEY MESSAGES:USE BRIDGING PHRASES TO GET TO YOUR POINTƒƒ“Let me explore this particular aspect…”ƒƒ“Let me illustrate…”ƒƒ“For example, our company has always...”ƒƒ“Let me explain how our company deals with this…”ƒƒ“We prepared for this issue years ago, namely by…”ƒƒ“As our key expertise is…”ƒƒ“To answer your question, please let me tell you more about our business concept…”ƒƒ“In this context, it will probably also interest you to know how we…”ƒƒ“I will go into detail here…”ƒƒ“The answer to your question becomes clear when you look at…” 3
  • 4. 3. SMART QUESTIONS – SMART ANSWERS:STRATEGIESDistracting: starting a new topicƒƒ“That’s an excellent question. In fact, this reminds me of…”ƒƒ“This reminds me of…”ƒƒ“In this context, let me tell you more about…”ƒƒ“That raises another question…”ƒƒ“I also wanted to tell you something else…”ƒƒ“This leads me to…”ƒƒ“In this context…”Admitting partsƒƒ“Under normal circumstances …, however, in this specific….”ƒƒ“This is only true if you consider the various premises. Under normal conditions, however, …”ƒƒ“This environment offers both for a foreign investor: tremendous opportunities as well as big challenges Nevertheless we are convinced that…”ƒƒ“Yes, there have been….however, please understand that I cannot go into detail at this point.” 4
  • 5. 3. SMART QUESTIONS – SMART ANSWERS:STRATEGIESNot making commitments (alternatives to “no comment”)ƒƒ“Please accept my apologies, but I am unable to comment on this matter. As we are part of a listed company, we have to respect binding rules and laws on fair disclosure.”ƒƒ“This transaction is pending. For this reason I cannot make a statement.”ƒƒ“Please understand that we have agreed to absolute confidentiality with our partner.”ƒƒ“Please understand that we are not yet at liberty to discuss the particulars. You will be given detailed information as soon as concrete decisions have been made. “ƒƒ“As you will surely understand, we cannot comment on rumors or speculations.”Reassessing the issueƒƒ“Let’s look at this from another perspective…”ƒƒ“Let’s take a step back here…”ƒƒ“Let me put this in another context…”ƒƒ“Another way to look at the situation is…”ƒƒ“In the light of recent developments, the context has become a different one…”ƒƒ“We need to pay tribute to another aspect here…” 5
  • 6. 4. SMART QUESTIONS – SMART ANSWERS:EXAMPLESInvestor-related“How high is the current total turnover generated by your company?”“In which areas are you planning future investment?”ƒƒ“No listed, international corporation is at liberty to disclose such information outside of regular publication dates. However, we would be happy to answer those questions in depth after our annual report press conference. You will probably find the information you require in our annual report.Investor-related“Are this year’s results thus far in line with the prognoses?”ƒƒ“Especially in light of the fact that we have disclosed nothing that might have influenced the markets, we can certainly say that our business is progressing to our full satisfaction.” 6
  • 7. 4. SMART QUESTIONS – SMART ANSWERS:EXAMPLESInvestor-related“How high are the company’s sales and profits in your country?”ƒƒ“The annual report contains the figures for the different sales divisions in the individual regions. Unfortunately, we can give you no additional information as we do not publish sales results for individual countries. Suffice it to say that we are very satisfied with business development so far this year.”Investor-related“You’re expecting a positive development which exceeds industry benchmarks. Really? Well, here Ibrought you an article from the FTD stating the exact opposite. How do you explain this?”“3.2 billion? Your IR department said 2.6 billion!”ƒƒ“To answer this question fully, I need to double check some figures. Please let me postpone this until later. I will take care of this right after we speak and get back to you.” 7
  • 8. 4. SMART QUESTIONS – SMART ANSWERS:EXAMPLESCustomers“What is the structural ratio of your customers?”ƒƒ“Please understand that we generally never comment on customer issues in detail. Our range of products and services is designed to meet the specific demands of professional customers...” 8
  • 9. 4. SMART QUESTIONS – SMART ANSWERS:EXAMPLESCorporate affairs“Your company saw a lot of dynamic personnel changes in the last months. Will this revolving doorcontinue turning with this speed?”ƒƒ“The company has announced all relevant information on this topic. Please understand that we therefore will not comment on it. If you have further questions, I kindly ask you to directly contact the headquarters X.”Competitors“How do you feel about the latest move by competitor X?”ƒƒ“We never comment on the business of others.” 9
  • 10. 5. GOLDEN RULES:DO’S: 10 GOLDEN RULES1 Concentrate and listen2 Look at the reporter, especially in TV situation3 Use body language to engage4 Stay tuned to the reporter’s signals5 Prepare6 Stop talking when you’ve answered the question7 Confirm the ground rules before speaking8 Be truthful and informative, prepare!9 Get to the point and keep in mind the audience’s interest10 Convey your messages and look for opportunities to bridge to key points 10
  • 11. 5. GOLDEN RULES:DON’TS: 10 GOLDEN RULES1 Frame response before listening to the entire question2 Don’t lose patience with a reporter3 Fidget or squirm, especially during difficult questions4 Create a physical barrier between you and the reporter5 Be tentative, if you sound unsure the reporter will look for another resource6 Assume the interview is over until the journalist is gone!7 Say anything you don’t want in print8 Get trapped in dangerous territory, bridge back to key messages9 Respond as “I,” but as a representative of your company10 Say “no comment” 11
  • 12. Ketchum Pleon bvAmsterdamseweg 2061182 HL AmstelveenPostbus 75537NL-1070 AM AmsterdamT: +31 (0)20 487 40 00F: +31 (0)20 669 72