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Another SCA proyect

Another SCA proyect

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  • 1. The mobile campaign idea
    Alex Moore
    Carolina Torres
  • 2. What are Carsberg doing now?
  • 3. They have 2 iPhone apps at the moment
  • 4. One is called “CatNAV”
  • 5. Which allows you to write your own comedy routine
  • 6. And the other is called
    “Probably the best night in”
  • 7. Which helps you sets up a brilliant night in with your mates
  • 8. So what do we want to do?
  • 9. Carlsberg is the a beer that encourages friends to get together and have fun
  • 10. and whether you’ve decided to start a secret career in comedy,
  • 11. or you’ve missed that romantic dinner with the missus to watch the game at your pal’s house
  • 12. You’re always going to need an excuse when you get home.
  • 13. Carlsberg don’t make excuses.
    If we did, they would probably be the best excuses in the world.
  • 14. How will it work?
  • 15. We start with a social media campaign that asks people to submit weird and wonderful excuses
  • 16. The ‘What’s the craziest excuse you’ve ever used?’ campaign will provide us with huge database of user generated excuse.
  • 17. These excused are catalogued, tagged, and become the content for our Carlsberg app
    “What Time Do
    You Call This?!?”
  • 18. The app lets you choose from a series of contextual options (who, where, when)
  • 19. And then calculates from that information which excuses fit best with your situation
  • 20. Which you can then ‘share’ using appropriate social networks.
  • 21. How can we take it to market?
  • 22. Advertise the app on the bottles, cans and at point of sale with a QR code
  • 23. We send a text to Blyk customers asking
    “Ever fallen asleep on the night bus?”
    Replies receive a crate of Carlsberg and a link to download the app.
  • 24. Why will it work?
  • 25. Rise in use of social media on mobile with 18-55 year olds
    (so we can be confident that the content will be engaging)
  • 26. Rise on use of iPhone apps
    Effectiveness of SMS
    Cheap to produce, interactive, entertaining, and sharable.