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The Wise Herb Company Products November 2013
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The Wise Herb Company Products November 2013


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This is our latest new range of products ..... or for more details.

This is our latest new range of products ..... or for more details.

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  • 1. Ayurvedic Infusions & Shots Product Portfolio - 2013
  • 2. Our Story Quest to Health “ For over 20 years, I have created and launched innovative food & drink products for International FMCGs. I witnessed the health “revolution” first hand and the attempts of large companies to respond to consumer’s increasing demands for healthy products “ Dr. Ketan Joshi Founder of InnOrbit
  • 3. Vision !  Our vision was to travel the world and seek out unique Herbs and Spices that naturally help improve health and vitality. We wanted to travel to cultures that are known for their longevity despite their difficult living conditions. !  In 2008, InnOrbit was created, and thus began the quest by exploring the Ayurvedic traditional system that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. !  Ayurveda aims to integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit to help improve health and promote wellness. !  Modern science is now catching up with the old ways and research is showing that Ayurvedic tradition is gathering pace
  • 4. Journey Between 2006 and 2010 !  We spent time in the mountains of North India bordering Nepal and Tibet, observing the local people living a healthy lifestyle by using parts of Plants, Herbs and Spices for Energy, Relaxation, Hunger Suppression, Weight Management, Blood Sugar control, Memory Enhancement and General Wellbeing. !  Observations and one-to-one discussions enabled us to collect and record the way people were using Herbs and Spices as part of their daily lives.
  • 5. Journey Take an idea and make it happen! !  Working closely with local Tribes and validated by local Ayurvedic Doctors, we created proprietary blends for different functions using multiple, pure Herbs and Spices from the region. These blends were used to develop our unique Ayurvedic INFUSIONS and SHOTS. !  The Infusions were the first of our range of Ayurvedic products relaunched in 2013 using organic, hand picked herbs that are sun dried, cleaned, hand cut, blended and packed locally in India. !  Our Ayurvedic Energy Boost Shots launched in 2012 – specifically designed for Male and for Female energy requirements using Herbs and Spices from India, and bottled in Austria using a Hot Fill system.
  • 6. Ayurveda Ayurveda आय#व%ॆद The term derived from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. Ayus means ‘life’ and veda means ‘science’; hence “The Science of Life”. According to many scholars, Ayurveda originated from India more than 5,000 years ago and influenced the ancient Chinese system of medicine as well as the medical system practiced in Greece. As such, it is also known as the “Mother of Healing”. The basic principle of Ayurveda is to treat and prevent illness by using natural herbal remedies. To date Ayurvedic medicine has continued to evolve its holistic approach to health in order to cope with modern day needs. Today’s Ayurveda applications include: !  Principles of preventive healthcare for the entire family !  Promotion of self-healing and resistance to disease !  The Ayurvedic approach to diet and weight loss !  Purification and rejuvenation treatments !  Treatment of addictions !  Musculoskeletal system treatments !  Beauty and cosmetic treatments for men and women
  • 7. Business Ethics Ingredients sourced from India follow strict “Fair Trade” principles as we buy directly from small, farming families, adding value to local communities. !  InnOrbit sponsors young girls from these families from whom we source ingredients to cover their education costs through to pre-university. !  By Q4 of 2012, we had 15 girls in school! Our goal is to provide education for100 girls during 2013 / 2014. !
  • 8. Global Trends Anti Obesity Digestion Aid Well Ageing (Fat Burning) Weight Management (Hunger Suppressant) Stress & Anxiety Reduction Relax & Calming Diabetes Control Key consumer needs based on global trends (Blood Sugar Control) Stamina & Vitality (Endurance) Energy Boost (Instant Energy) Concentration & Memory Enhancement
  • 9. Products !  2011 !  !  2012 !  !  The INFUSION The SHOT 2013 and beyond !  The INFUSION Rebrand !  Ready To Drink (RTD) The STICK The SPRAY The STRIP !  !  ! 
  • 10. Branding
  • 11. Infusions Up & Go The Instant Energy Boost Slim & Fit The Hunger Suppressant and Fat Burner Young & Fun The Active Drink for all Ages Calm & Relax The Soothing Blend at Anytime
  • 12. Infusions Up & Go Helps energise the body naturally and boosts the immune system Ingredients !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  Green Tea Centella Asiatica Cinnamon Wild Mint Liquorice Ginger Hibiscus Petal Lemon Grass
  • 13. The Story ….. Up & Go Whilst in the Mountains, we encountered Sancha carrying a heavy basket of vegetables up a steep mountain path that had us wheezing for breath because of the altitude. Sancha had a 20Km walk to the nearest village and we were impressed by her energy. Whilst we were chatting, she crushed a handful of different leaves from her apron and began to chew. She told us that this kept her going throughout the day and helped cope with bringing up her children. She gave us a handful of her chewing mix as we parted. Our Ayurvedic Up & Go blend is based on Sancha s hand-picked mix of local herbs and plants - which her mother had given her ever since she was a little girl .. Up & Go
  • 14. Infusions Slim & Fit Hunger Suppressant & Metabolic Booster which burns fat and promotes weight loss Ingredients !  !  !  !  !  !  Green Tea Ginger Lemon Grass Garcinia Caralluma Fimbriata Fennel !  !  !  !  !  !  Amla Berry Cinnamon Nut Grass Hibiscus Petal Liquorice Wild Mint
  • 15. The Story ….. Slim & Fit We encountered Jhotan whilst enjoying our lunch on a long walk between villages. He took a break from his relentless ploughing as curiosity got the better of him. We offered him some of our chapatti and dahl but he politely refused. He pulled out a bag of herbal mixture and said that his mix was all he needed to sustain him through the day – which was a staggering 12 full hours of heavy work with a buffalo plough. He smiled 'namaste' and handed us a handful of his mixture - miming that we would be marching with increased vigour after drinking it. On our return to Delhi we were amazed to find the mixture included the little known Garcinia which is now being researched for its apparent ability to reduce appetite as well as Caralluma which helps to burn fat and increase the metabolic Rate. Slim & Fit
  • 16. Infusions Young & Fun Supports normal brain activity, enhances Memory, promotes Concentration and reduces learning time Ingredients !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  Green Tea Centella Asiatica Liquorice Wild Mint Holy Basil Cardamom Lemon Grass Hibiscus Petal
  • 17. The Story ….. Young & Fun Whilst walking between villages we came across a small river that we were struggling to cross. From a nearby house a villager sprang across the fields, nimbly dropped into the river and helped us across. I looked into his lined face and sparkling eyes and asked how old he was. Arkhan amazed me by saying he was 76 years old. We were invited in for tea and Arkhan let us into one of his secrets - a recipe that he said left him sharp and full of vigor. When we analysed the ingredients later, it did not surprise us to find they were packed with anti-oxidants, minerals and other micronutrients .. Young & Fun
  • 18. Infusions Calm & Relax Helps relieve anxiety and stress – supports Natural Sleep & Calms the Nervous System Ingredients !  !  !  !  !  Green Tea Holy Basil Fennel Wild Mint Centella Asiatica !  !  !  !  !  !  Ginger Hibiscus Petal Lemon Grass Neem Amla Berry Liquorice
  • 19. The Story ….. Calm & Relax We stayed with Duruga and he had a lot to be anxious about. The harvest had to be gathered in quickly before the rains came and he was already behind schedule because his wife was pregnant and though helping, could not work as hard as last year. He would work at night, but there was no moon and there was a danger of bears and other wild animals. He sat and chatted in the light of his kerosene lamp and boiled us a cup of his special tea. I can t afford to drink alcohol, but this is my tipple he laughed. Within minutes of sipping this delicious brew we began to relax with him and felt its warm waves overcome our own anxieties as he related a tale of a bear that had attacked his flimsy hut only last month in search of food. We brought back his recipe which we feel is ideal for relieving the stresses of modern life .. Calm & Relax
  • 20. Gift / Catering Pack 24 triangular bags in individual mini pillows in an attractive Black Box ideal for Gifts, Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers, Spas and Sports Centers Refill boxes contain 24 individual mini pillow packs per variant
  • 21. The SHOTS Two SHOTS – Designed for the Energy needs of Males and Females ! Same Herbs and Spices – Different Blends and Different Concentration for the two variants Natural without the Crash !! All in a single 60ml Shot The Shots are free of Sugar, Caffeine and Preservative, based on the Natural Herbs and Spices shown below: Centella Asiatica Cinnamon Wild Mint Liquorice Ginger Hibiscus Petal Lemon Grass
  • 22. Contact Dr Ketan Joshi InnOrbit Ltd 12 Dewe Lane Burghfield Reading RG30 3SU England InnOrbit Sarl Chemin des Melampyres 12 CH-1805 Jongny Switzerland (UK) +44 787 55 44 558 (CH) +41 77 404 54 31
  • 23. Ayurvedic Infusions & Shots Product Portfolio - 2013