Lady gaga website analysis


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website analysis for lady gaga.

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Lady gaga website analysis

  1. 1. Website analysis. Lady gaga.
  2. 2. Images• The front page of the website is dedicated to images of lady gaga. It contains five images of her: one main image and four smaller image. Each image represents an album or book or tour information. There is rollover effect on all the pictures, If the mouse is hovered around each pictures it comes up with information of the book or the album the tour.• Background.• At the top of the front page, it has a tool bar that you click on to enter the main website. The main website also contains a big image of her as the back ground, all this is done to promote the artist as we see a lot of different pictures of her with different concept, this allows us the audience to see her versatility.
  3. 3. Background/colour/layout• The background of the website is dark and has red and white writing on it. Overall, it`s dark and this anchors the meaning behind all the dark images and the concept behind it.• The website is layed out easily and is quite similar to a blog. You are able to scroll up and down to view the different post. The simplicity of the website make it easy for the audience to navigate through different post.
  4. 4. Banner/ logo• The banner is placed predictably in the top left corner beside the menu bar. The banner of the website is her name “lady gaga” in bold font, and capital letter. Hence promoting the artist.
  5. 5. Font style/ size/ colour• The site has a consistent font colour of white black and red, which are the main colours of advertising.• It is in contrast with the main black ground colour. The sites use a ‘Times New Roman’ font style for News link on the menu bar that shows a timeline of what the artist is, has and will be up to, whether there on tour or creating a new album etc.• this font style is very formal, which is unusual from what you`ll expect from this type of artist considering her genre.
  6. 6. Menu Bar• The menu bar is intuitive so the audience are able to navigate the website easily, and it never changes shape or mores to another spot on the page, so the audience are never left stranded on the page to get frustrated because they can’t get to where they want to go. The menu bars also has a simple rollover effect that highlights the link of whatever the audience seems to be hovering over, so the audience knows what options they are about the use.
  7. 7. Hyperlinks• This website provides links to ITunes and Amazon so that the audience can purchase her single, album, books etc. It also provides links to websites that a related to her and some of her fan based website like.• This site allows the audience to purchase merchandise like clothes, bags and perfumes. It also provides links to adverts that she is featured in.
  8. 8. • This website provides links to ITunes and Amazon so that the audience can purchase their music. Also provides links to other website related to the killers such as ‘ uk/shop/killers/’, this site allows the audience to purchase merchandise like clothes, bags and perfumes. It also provides links to adverts that she is featured in.
  9. 9. VideoThe website feature different music videos. Some are of her in chat shows and some her of her performing live.
  10. 10. Suitable URLThe URL is a key convention of a website and usuallyhas the band name or record label in it. It allows theaudience to first get on to the website. If the audiencedidn't already know the URL then they couldGoogle it by searching the killers or variation of thisand a link to the website would come up, however ifthe URL is completely different and the audience wouldfind it harder to find the website.If this URL was already taken then the recording artistwould have to pay to get and use it.URL:
  11. 11. Connectivity.• On lady gagas websites. There various ways that fans can connect with her. For example. There are links to her:• Twitter page:• Face book page:• Fans are able to subscribe to her news letter through email via the website.• Fans are able to take part in a live chat via the website.• Fans can register as a member of the website: The audience have the opportunity to register to become members where they will get, private message boards and chat, exclusive content like video and photos, victims profile page, and pre-sale ticketing opportunities. This makes the audience feel apart of the band, because there getting content related to there favourite to them that un-members cant get.
  12. 12. Marketing.