Creating A Great Book Trailer On A Budget


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Creating A Great Book Trailer On A Budget

  1. 1. Creating A GreatBook Trailer onA BudgetBy Will Kesling Pennwriters 2013
  2. 2. #pennwriters @willkeslingHello!My StoryBudgetsIs this even a good idea?
  3. 3. #pennwriters @willkeslingWhat can we do with what we have?How do we do it?How do we promote it?How do we measure our results?What did we learn?What will we do next?
  4. 4. #pennwriters @willkeslingMy Goal.– Is to give everyone a better understanding ofwhat a book trailer is and what it is not.– I want to provide links and resources– I want to talk realistically about book trailers– I want to talk about using a Lean process– I want to talk about going beyond theTupperware circle.
  5. 5. #pennwriters @willkeslingQ. What on earth is a book trailer?
  6. 6. #pennwriters @willkeslingHint:It’s not the the back of a semi truck makingdeliveries to Barnes & Noble.
  7. 7. #pennwriters @willkeslingA book trailer is a video advertisement for a bookwhich employs techniques similar to those ofmovie trailers to promote books and encouragereaders to buy the book.
  8. 8. #pennwriters @willkeslingNo, Really. What is it?
  9. 9. #pennwriters @willkesling–It’s the well designed label that compels you tobuy a bottle of wine you’ve never had before.
  10. 10. #pennwriters @willkesling–It’s the hidden jungle path that sets yourcuriosity into overdrive.
  11. 11. #pennwriters @willkesling–It’s the atomic wings that your friends dare youto try.
  12. 12. #pennwriters @willkeslingA book trailer is NOT...
  13. 13. #pennwriters @willkeslingA book trailer is NOT...a magic bullet
  14. 14. #pennwriters @willkeslingA book trailer is NOT...a secret formula to success
  15. 15. #pennwriters @willkeslingA book trailer is NOT...a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket
  16. 16. #pennwriters @willkesling“Tell me more about thismagical book trailer thatwill make me famously rich!”
  17. 17. #pennwriters @willkeslingThey don’t exist.A book trailer is a tool. How you use that tool canmake all the difference.
  18. 18. #pennwriters @willkeslingWell hell, how do I dothat?
  19. 19. #pennwriters @willkeslingStep One: Write a great book.
  20. 20. #pennwriters @willkeslingI know it sounds obvious but even ifyou have an enormous budget youcan still...
  21. 21. #pennwriters @willkeslingWater World the bed!
  22. 22. #pennwriters @willkeslingStep Two:Software. video editingFor Mac: ( free )–Apple iMovie–Avidemux–Blender–ZS4 Video Editor–HyperEngine-AV PC: ( free )-Windows Movie Maker Windows Movie Maker 2.6- Virtual Dub VirtualDub-Zs4 Video Editor T@b ZS4 Video Editor-Wax Wax
  23. 23. #pennwriters @willkeslingStep Three:Software. sound editingFor Mac: ( free )–Audacity–Wavosaur–Wavepad Wavepad Sound Editor–Dj Audio Editor–Power Sound Editor Power Sound Editor FreeFor PC: ( free )–Waveshop–Acoustica Basic Edtion–MP3 Gain–MP3 Quality Modifier
  24. 24. #pennwriters @willkeslingSpeaking of Sounds!Where can I get music, ambient backgrounds, andeffects?–Audio Jungle–Free Stock Music–Free Public Music
  25. 25. #pennwriters @willkeslingNow that we have video and sound editingsoftware we need to answer some questions.What kind of trailer our we making?Are we shooting our own video?Will the video(s) be stock?Are we just using moving pictures?Do we have the equipment to shoot our own video?What is our budget?Is this a D.I.Y or are we paying professionals?What is the average cost of a trailer?Should I even do this?
  26. 26. #pennwriters @willkeslingAnswering those questions is easier when youhave the end goal in mind.What is the goal of your trailer?Usually it’s to drive awareness and sales.How are we measuring success and what doessuccess look like?
  27. 27. #pennwriters @willkeslingHow do we tell acompelling story in only60 seconds or less?
  28. 28. #pennwriters @willkeslingIn order to make a good trailer for your book youhave to take your book apart. Break it down intosome basic blocks.What is the core story?Who is/are the important character(s)How can we visually tell this without giving toomuch away?Think of the trailer as it’s own story. Independentfrom the book.
  29. 29. #pennwriters @willkeslingAfter you have your story broken down intopieces....
  30. 30. #pennwriters @willkeslingEdit, edit, edit....
  31. 31. #pennwriters @willkeslingIf each block gets 5seconds then you onlyhave 12 blocks.
  32. 32. #pennwriters @willkesling1.title and author2. BlockA3. BlockB4. BlockC5. BlockC6. BlockD7. BlockE8. BlockF9. BlockG10. BlockH11. Block H12 title and author
  33. 33. #pennwriters @willkeslingThere aren’t any rules but youshould probably at least have thetitle of the book, the author and acall to action.Then with the remaining time, sellyour story.Make the user feel something.
  34. 34. #pennwriters @willkeslingOnce you have your basic idea inmind. Pick some music that fits intothe time.In your head image the sequencethat match music. This will changeyour sequence order and lengths.It is much easier to storyboard withmusic then it is to hire a composer orfind music to match afterwards
  35. 35. #pennwriters @willkeslingMake a proof of concept. You don’tneed an expensive camera. Mostsmart phones will give you a prettydecent video to test.
  36. 36. #pennwriters @willkeslingThe idea is to get a prototype videoout and to test it with readers. Gettheir feedback and iterate on thevideo.The bigger the time loop between thestart and finish, the bigger thechance fro failure. Fail often and failfast.
  37. 37. #pennwriters @willkeslingOnce you have a video that is gettinggood response, then we can thinkabout spending money to promote it.
  38. 38. #pennwriters @willkeslingGoogle add wordsGoogle Ad NetworkFacebook Fan PageTwitter FollowersYoutubeVimeosites for submitting your trailer