Trust and Credibility Building for Nonprofit Organizations: The Case of Limbs for U

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An exploratory study on the role of trust and credibility in garnering funds for nonprofit organizations …

An exploratory study on the role of trust and credibility in garnering funds for nonprofit organizations

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  • 1. Trust and Credibility Building forNonprofit Organizations: The Case of Limbs for UAn exploratory study on the role of trust and credibility in garnering funds for nonprofit organizations Project-in-Lieu-of-Thesis LaKeshia Murphy
  • 2. Problem: Crowded Market for Nonprofits in the United StatesFrom 1998 to 2008• Number of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) rose over 30%: 1.1 million to 1.5 million• Private foundations increased 60%: from 70,000 to 115,000 (Kanter and Fine, 2010) – Because of their large numbers donors scrutinize before giving donation – “First impressions” crucial, especially for new or lesser known organizations (physical and digital)
  • 3. Successful Website Characteristics• NPOs appeal to familiar and unfamiliar audiences (surfers and searchers) and must clearly communicate mission to both• Studies illustrate importance of structural features and their ability to guide users to relevant information for their visit (navigation, presentation)• Importance of communicating believability and trustworthiness of organization (source) and its published information• Attractiveness, Believability, Trustworthiness = Credibility
  • 4. CredibilityCredibility Evaluation• Researchers agree that most website users or visitors are trying to figure out if the website is trustworthy and believable• Some consider, in addition, the “attractiveness” of the page design and color scheme used in information presentation, special attention to homepage/landing page
  • 5. AttractivenessTable 1 Element Includes ReferencesAttractiveness Color appropriate for subject matter; Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, bright and warm colors 2010; Kensicki, 2003 Photographs and Graphics good quality, minimal Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, pixilation; appropriate for 2010; Kensicki, 2003; Rains & subject matter; logo Karmikel, 2009; Wisniewski 2008 Layout and Navigation appropriate layout for subject Freeman & Spyridakis, 2004; matter; contains menu bar; Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, clear and concise description 2010; Persaud, Madill, & of linked information; familiar Rubaj, 2009; Rains & Karmikel, language 2009; Wisniewski 2008
  • 6. BelievabilityTable 2 Element Includes ReferencesBelievability Contact Information (for publishing owner or entity name; street address; Freeman & Spyridakis, 2004; Guido, entity) phone number; physical address; Prete, & Sammarco, 2010; Persaud, email address Madill, & Rubaj, 2009; Rains & Karmikel, 2009; Wisniewski 2008 Links (visible – suggested affiliation) website contains relevant subject Freeman & Spyridakis, 2004; Guido, matter; established charity or Prete, & Sammarco, 2010; Rains & corporation; preferably well-known in Karmikel, 2009; Sargeant & Jay, 2002 given industry Up-to-date/Timely Information visible date(s) of last update on Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, 2010; homepage, on updated page(s); Persaud, Madill, & Rubaj, 2009; Rains announcements on upcoming & Karmikel, 2009; Wisniewski 2008 activities/events; information from passed activities/events; Citations and References ( re- listed with re-published information; Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, 2010; published information) originating author and/or organization Poorisat, Detenber, Viswanathan & listed Vofrina, 2009; Rains & Karmikel, 2009 Call for User Feedback or Contact visible inquiry/suggestion Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, 2010; Information Persaud, Madill, & Rubaj, 2009; Digital Donation Platform secure means of making monetary Persaud, Madill, & Rubaj, 2009 donation
  • 7. TrustworthinessTable 3 Element Includes ReferencesTrustworthiness Verifiable Association sponsorship; partnership; Freeman & Spyridakis, 2004; stakeholders; donors Persaud, Madill, & Rubaj, 2009; Sargeant & Jay, 2002 Privacy and Security policies; statements; logos Freeman & Spyridakis, 2004; Persaud, Madill, & Rubaj, 2009 Trustworthy Media Promotion trusted media source; proof Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, of promotion (cited excerpt, 2010; Long and Chiagouri, clip, etc.); link to feature 2006 Credibility Seals/Logos visible approval: method of Long and Chiagouri, 2006; monetary collection, Persaud, Madill, & Rubaj, information security 2009; Testimonials and well known industry, person, Guido, Prete, & Sammarco, Endorsements or entity: crediting site or 2010; Long and Chiagouri , practice of site; praising 2006 organization or member of organization; commenting on organizational effort; expressed approval of an action
  • 8. Website AnalysisPages Reviewed: “Homepage”, “About Us”,“Contact Us”, “Donate Now!”, “Links toPartners” and “Events”• Gave Special attention to home/landing page• Compared Limbs For U with other organizations
  • 9. Organizations InterviewedALTSO (A Leg To Stand On, New York, NY) – Gabriella Mueller, Executive DirectorBowman Limb Bank Foundation (Weatherford, TX) – Dana Bowman, FounderLimbs for Life Foundation (Oklahoma City, OK) – Pam Timmons, Director of DevelopmentF.I.G.H.T. (Fight Injustice and Global Human Trafficking,Gainesville, FL) – Joyce Liu, Vice PresidentHarvest of Hope Foundation (Gainesville, FL) – Phil Kellerman, Founder and President
  • 10. Current HomePage
  • 11. Target
  • 12. Recommendation
  • 13. New Home Page
  • 14. About Us: Current
  • 15. About Us: Target
  • 16. Recommendations for About Us• Add concise but complete description of mission• Pictures of recipients• Pictures of prosthetic manufacturing• Literature on achievements• Literature on overseas partners
  • 17. Contact Us: Current
  • 18. Contact Us: Target
  • 19. Recommendations for Contact Us• Embed contact from so user will not have to leave webpage• Add statement on user information security
  • 20. Donate Now: Current
  • 21. Donate Now: Target
  • 22. Recommendations For Donate Now• Security of received information should be indicated• Explanation of donation process (taken to new site, steps involved, confirming donation, appearance on bank statement)• Picture of recipient on page• If information on current mission is listed, it should be regularly updated
  • 23. Links to Partners: Current
  • 24. Links: Target
  • 25. Recommendations for Links• Links should be clickable/verifiable, updated accordingly• Maximize space (less scrolling)• Listed in menu bar for direct page access• Statement on how interested companies/individuals can get involved
  • 26. Events: Current
  • 27. Events: Target
  • 28. Recommendations for Events• Update Regularly• List specific event sponsors (when necessary)• Individual event contact• Display pictures and/or linked to social networks that to• Utilize for event invitations and registrations• List as option on menu bar
  • 29. Summary RecommendationsFor Garnering Physical and Digital Credibility• Direct those interested to website• Update website with regularity and frequently• Display the mission in action on website and social networks (even efforts in between missions)• Utilize partnerships/sponsorships by linking pages• Publish financial updates (annual reports, letters, etc.)
  • 30. Contact InformationLaKeshia Murphy Gmail: UFL: Murphyl@ufl.eduLinkedIn: Http:// murphy/4a/310/92