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Private Radio channels will soon be allowed to broadcast news. What are the basic principles rules norms & practices …

Private Radio channels will soon be allowed to broadcast news. What are the basic principles rules norms & practices
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  • 1. News broadcast On Private Radio channels in India Principles & practices By-Dr. Keshav Sathaye
  • 2. News broadcast codes does not permit . Criticism of friendly countries; Attack on religions or communities; Anything obscene or defamatory;
  • 3. News broadcast codes disallow Incitement to violence or anything against maintenance of law & order . Anything amounting to contempt of court; Aspersions against the integrity of the President, Governors and the Judiciary.
  • 4. News broadcast codes restrict Attack on a political party by name; Hostile criticism of any State or the Center; Anything showing disrespect to the Constitution or advocating change in the Constitution by violence; but advocating changes in a constitutional way should not be debarred
  • 5. News broadcast codes resisit Appeal for funds except for the Prime minster’s National Relief Fund, at a time of External Emergency or if the Country is faced with a natural calamity such a floods, earthquake or cyclone.
  • 6. News broadcast codes reject Direct publicity for or on behalf of an individual or organization which is likely to benefit only that individual or organization
  • 7. News broadcast codes does not permit Trade names in broadcasts which amount to advertising directly (except in Commercial Services).
  • 8. News broadcast norms trustees of public , seek the truth and to report it fairly
  • 9. News broadcast norms stand fully accountable for actions.
  • 10. News broadcast norms adhering to high standards of journalism
  • 11. News broadcast norms because the most potent influence on public opinion
  • 12. News broadcast norms do not select news for the purpose of either promoting or hindering either side of any controversial public issue
  • 13. News broadcast norms News shall not be selected or designed to promote any particular belief, opinion or desires of any interest group.
  • 14. News broadcast norms purpose of dissemination of news in a democracy is to educate and inform the people of the happenings in the country
  • 15. News broadcast norms ensure a full and fair presentation , presenting all points of view , selection of items of news shall also be governed by public interest
  • 16. News broadcast principles Impartiality and objectivity Accuracy is at the heart of the news
  • 17. News broadcast principles Avoid defamatory or Libelous contents and Ensuring neutrality: .
  • 18. News broadcast principles Reporting on crime and safeguards to ensure crime and violence are not glorified:
  • 19. News broadcast principles No Depiction of violence or intimidation against women and children:
  • 20. News broadcast principles must not intrude on private lives, unless clearly established larger and identifiable public interest for such a broadcast.
  • 21. News broadcast principles Refraining from advocating or encouraging superstition and occultism :
  • 22. News broadcast principles significant mistakes made in the broadcast is acknowledged and corrected on air immediately
  • 23. News broadcast principles All radio News Channels will on their website, create provision to receive listeners’ feedback
  • 24. News broadcast principles Quick, correct & complete
  • 25. Compiled & Edited by Dr. Keshav Sathaye