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This is a presentation about Basic Adverting concepts and functions

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Advertising Ppt

  1. 1. advertising is paid non personal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience Advertising funda
  2. 2. The ADS. should satisfy the consumer’s objectives by engaging them and delivering a relevant message Advertising funda
  3. 3. (9) major types of advertising: Advertising Funda
  4. 4. Retail or Local advertising focuses on the store where a variety of products can be purchased or where a service is offered
  5. 5. Brand advertising focuses on the development of a long-term brand identity and image
  6. 6. Political Advertising using advertising to persuade people to vote for politicians .
  7. 7. Directory Advertising - - people refer to it to find out how to buy a product or service such as Yellow Pages advertising
  8. 8. Direct-Response Advertising can use any medium it tries to stimulate a direct sale.
  9. 9. Business-to-Business Advertising messages directed at retailers, wholesalers, and distributors
  10. 10. Institutional Advertising (corporate advertising messages focus on establishing a corporate identity or on winning the public to the organization’ point of view .
  11. 11. Public Service Advertising Social messages Mass education,Developmental communication
  12. 12. Interactive Advertising delivered to individual consumers who have access to a computer and the Internet
  13. 13. Roles of Advertising ). The Marketing Role -- Marketing is the process a business uses to satisfy consumer needs and wants through goods and services. A target market is the particular set of consumers that the company chooses to direct its marketing effort towards
  14. 14. The Communication Role transmits different types of market information to match buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Advertising informs and transforms.
  15. 15. ). The Economic Role - - The market power model considers advertising to be a means of persuasion that increases product differentiation and decreases consumers’ willingness to substitute competing alternatives. The model based on the economics of information theory assumes that price ). The Economic Role --
  16. 16. Advertising Announces products that are available. Stimulates store traffic. Tries to create a distinctive image for the store
  17. 17. The Societal Role Informs us about new and improved products. Teaches us how to use these innovations. Helps us to compare products and features and make informed decisions It mirrors fashion and design trends and adds to our aesthetic sense
  18. 18. Functions of Advertising Product and Brand Information — this is the main function of advertising Incentive to Take Action -. -provides consumers with reasons to switch brands by presenting reasons through copy or graphics. Reminder and Reinforcement — advertising must be constantly reminding the consumer about the name of the brand or its benefits
  19. 19. The Five Players of Advertising The advertiser. The advertising agency. The media. The vendor. The audience.
  20. 20. Advertising making process Ideas,discussions,brain storming sessions,Briefs,story board,design,copy Production
  21. 21. Advertising budget Cost of TV production
  22. 22. Advertising concept Tool of Marketing
  23. 23. Advertising concept Tool of Marketing