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Exceptional Leadership

Exceptional Leadership



Exceptional Leadership : Be the Uncommon Leader:

Exceptional Leadership : Be the Uncommon Leader:



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    Exceptional Leadership Exceptional Leadership Presentation Transcript

    • Exceptional LeadershipBe the Uncommon Leader! Keshav Tripathy K h Ti h
    • AgendaAre you a Boss or a Leader?Laws of Leadership and MentoringUncommon Leader TraitsSet your goals now - Build theTeamHistorical AgesSuSummaryay
    • Presentation Goals/Non-Goals P t ti G l /N G lAudience Knowledge Management ExperienceGoals Examine Key Areas of Necessary Knowledge Get Attendees to Reflect on these Areas Provide Some General RemindersNon-GoalsNon Goals Covering Technical Information
    • The BLUR in our IndustryOne more product to learn…On more language to learn… g gOne more interface to figure out…One more error to figure out… 4
    • Are you a Boss or a Leader?“You can’t move people to action until you move them with emotion. The heart comes 5 before the head.”
    • Boss or Leader ???Easier to be a Boss Easier to be a Leader Stress Vision/Perspective Burnout Balance Crisis Management Discipline Putting out Fires Control Few Crises 6
    • Laws of Leadership L fL d hiResults of Ti iR lt f Timing Wrong action / wrong time = Disaster Right action / wrong time = Resistance Wrong action / right time = Mistake Right action / right time = Success“One of the costs of leadership are your own rights. As responsibility grows, you lose the right to think about 7 yourself.”
    • How they became Leaders Natural Gifting 10% Crisis 5% Influenced by a Leader 85%“A leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire situation, and yells, ‘Wrong Jungle!”’ Stephen Covey 8
    • A Mentor’s Influence f Influence a child - influence a life Influence a parent - influence a family Influence an employee - influence a company Influence a leader - influence all that they lead Take 5 years and mentor 12 people who mentor 12 people who mentor 12 who mentor 12 who p p mentor 12 who mentor 12 and you have influenced 3 Million people!Mentor 120 in this manner and you will affect 3 9 trillion!
    • Your ideal Mentor - FYIHonest with youA model for youCommitted to youOpen and transparentA teacherBelieves in your potentialWill help y define y p you your dream & turn it to reality ySuccessful in your eyesOpen to learn from you as well as teach youWilling to stay on YOUR agenda not theirs 10
    • Ideal Protégé - FYIEasy to believe inNatural to like & spend time with pEasy to keep helping - Like familyTeachable & Self-MotivatedRespects/Admires youComfortable with and to youKnows their mentor is not perfectSomeone who will or won t make it without won’tyou 11
    • Uncommon Leader Traits: How to Really Succeed Knowledge Unselfishness Moral Courage Initiative Tact IntegrityEnthusiasm Respect Humility Loyalty L l Fortitude Self Control Physical Courage 12
    • How to Really SucceedPhysical Courage Moral CourageKnowledge g TactIntegrity Unselfishness y yLoyalty Respect pSelf Control HumilityEnthusiasm InitiativeFortitudeAsk Yourself: “What would person_xyz do in this it ti ?” thi situation?” 13
    • Integrity“Oil and t th are b d truth bound t come t th surface d to to the f at any time.” Honesty that stands the test of time A lifetime to gain and a moment to lose Business accepted or honest A short term gain for a long term loss Integrity is weighed heavier than other attributes.“Discipline yourself, and others wont need to.” 14
    • Moral C Courage “A well beaten path may not lead in the right A direction.” Standing up for what is right when it is uncomfortable to do so. Can cross friendship lines Usual indicates a failure to understand the differing feelings of another.“In the end we will not remember the words of In end, our enemies, but the silence of our friends” – 15 ML King Jr.
    • Physical C Courage“Success usually comes to those that are too busy to be looking for it.” - Henry David Thoreau Tenacity of mind and body through adversity Technology moving at a blistering pace A lack of supply in the IT industry The survivors gain more than success.“If you are going through hell keep going” - Churchill If hell, going 16
    • Self C S f Control “When a person burns with anger or When frustration; It is their cue to be silent.” The workload increases / the days are longer As h A the web bb becomes the b l fi ld the h battlefield, h stress will only increase. The team with self control will make the upcoming bend in the road.“If everything seems under control you’re just not going fast control, enough.” - Mario Andretti 17
    • Self Control -Withdrawals or Deposits WithdrawalsWithdrawal DepositDisrespect/Discourteous KindNever saying you’re sorry ApologizingCriticizing/HumiliatingC iti i i /H ili ti Loyal t th L l to those not presentNot keeping commitments Following Follo ing throughHold gr dges grudges Forgiving Forgi ing 18
    • Enthusiasm“One person with Enthusiasm makes the One majority.” Often the difference between the success and failure of a team. Paint a picture that the team desperately p p y desires to achieve. Leaders understand what motivates each individual f h i di id l of the team.“I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers.” - Thomas Watson, IBM Chairman ‘43 19
    • Enthusiastic Meetings:Key is to Refine Meetings Invite only the people necessary for the meeting Purpose / Agenda Preparation Remain Focused on Goals Clarify Actions(Who/When) Timeliness (Start/End on Time) Time Limits Schedule meetings at convenient times Schedule meetings with enough lead time Someone responsible for meeting Sleep
    • Refine Meetings - KeysStatistics Average 7-10 meetings per week Many do not know why attending 50% unproductive 25% do not apply to attendeesDetermine the cost of your meetings What is the cost? Are you getting the return expected?
    • Tact “If you haven’t any enemies to forgive, pardon a few of your friends.” A professional manner No longer a over-supply of people to abuse Less tactful leaders generally lose p p in g y people a tight market“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” Some others go - Oscar Wilde 22
    • Tact - Traits to put onHeart of Compassion - Selfless caringKindness - Treating everyone as important g y pHumility - Putting your interests secondGentleness - Tenderness based on realstrengthPatience - Endure tough times joyfullyForbearance - E d i misuse & makingF b Enduring i kiallowancesForgiveness - Dropping others’ offenses othersThankfulness - Appreciation 23
    • KnowledgeWe are heading into the Knowledge Age Training of p g personnel becomes crucial to survival. Time/Budget must be allocated for education. “C makes i easy to shoot yourself i the f k it h lf in h foot; C C++ makes it harder, but when you do, you blow away your whole leg ” Bjarne Stroustrup leg. 24
    • Knowledge & Learning g gRetention Statistics 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we hear and see 70% of what we say 90% of what we say and do I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand
    • Initiative “When is the last time you tried to punch a hole When in the sky?” Taking the lead means making sacrifices that don’t pay off as well. Seems like nobody i noticing S lik b d is ti i Then one day someone notices… Pro-active vs. Re-active P ti R ti“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” - Walt Disney Di 26
    • Respect “Talk is cheap but like other cheap things it is Talk liable to prove expensive in the end” Respect should b automatic R t h ld be t ti Respect for authority is earned over time There are an infinite amount of personalities that are different from our own. Those differences are the pieces of the puzzle that make a perfect team.“The l t f“Th real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right ti i t l t th i ht thi t th i ht time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” 27
    • Types of Listening fEmpathic Listening - Feel what the speaker feels.Really get inside the person.Attentive ListeningSelective ListeningPretend ListeningIgnoringInterruptions prolong a conversationRemember that you can’t learn what you can’thear. 28
    • Refine Your Communication MethodCommunication is two wayEffective listening is critical to communicationFace to Face Communication The words that are spoken (7%) How the words are spoken (38%) Body Language ( y g g (55%) )2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 mouth
    • Affliction & the EffectAffliction = Intense Pressure (Greek) ( )The causes and results of stress areStress and life changing units (LCU) candetermine your stress levelA score of 100 in a year is a major stress level y jA score of 200 - 299 in a year causes yourpprobability of suffering illness in the next 2 y gyears to be 50%.A score of over 300 increase it to 80% 30
    • Life Changing Units - FYIEvent LCUDeath of spouse 100Divorce 73MaritalM it l separation ti 65Detention in jail or other 63Death of close family friend 63Major injury or illness 53Marriage 50Being Fired 47Marital reconciliation 45Retirement 45Health/behavior hH lth/b h i change - f il family 44Pregnancy 40 31
    • Life Changing Units - FYIEvent LCUGaining new family member 39Death of close friend 37Child l leaving h i home 29In-law troubles 29Boss troubles 23Change in working hours/conditions 20Change in residence 20Change to new school 20Vacation 13Christmas 12 32Minor traffic violations 11
    • Loyalty “Loyalty is working toward something y y y g g you believe in” Loyalty vs. “Show me the Money” Shorter average length at a job means greater costs for re-training. Re-awaken through a common person and by exercising unselfishness“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out ” out. 33
    • Unselfishness f “Life is only worth living if you live it for others ” Life others. - Albert Einstein Caring C i enough about th h b t those around you d enough to share the praise … Blue chip companies are implementing stock option plans more often lately. You will usually be pushed to success by y p y those around you.“What“Wh t you k keep i lif di with you…what you in life dies ith h t give away lives forever” 34
    • Humility “We do it because we love you Sir” We Sir Rated #1 among all Fortune 500 CEOs Take a dose … it’s not as bad as you think Respect will follow... Change will follow… don’t want another don t dose“Don’t be so humble, you are not that great Don t humble great” - Golda Meir 35
    • Fortitude“Strength of mind that allows you to endure St e gt o d t at a o s e du e pain or adversity with courage and character” Probably the best measure of our p g progression in life. Only a few opportunities a year to measure Often a painful reminder of how difficult it is to attain. 36
    • “Your Character is Your Destiny” y“Not“N t everything th t can be counted counts, and not thi that b t d t d t everything that counts can be counted.” - Albert Einstein 37
    • Set your Goals Now! “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” A deadline“Never underestimate your power to change y yourself. Never overestimate your p y power to change others.” 38
    • Set S your Goals Now! G“If a quality of character comes t seem so i lit f h t to important t tthat one identifies one’s self-respect with having it, onewill get it.” it -- Brand Blanshard, 20th-century philosopherMake it personalGreat thoughts --> Great opinion --> Great g paction --> Great HabitsWho would you emulate? 39
    • How to acquireleadershipl d hi traits? a s Then a miracle occurs...
    • Goals for Success & Happiness: 1. _________________________________ 2. _________________________________ 3. _________________________________ 4. _________________________________ 5. _________________________________ 6. _________________________________“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this - decide what you want.” 41
    • Steps to Reach those Goals: 1. _________________________________ 2. _________________________________ 3. _________________________________ 4. _________________________________ 5. _________________________________ 6. _________________________________“People seldom see the halting and painful steps by p g p p y which the most significant success is achieved.” 42
    • Qualities I need to Pursue Goals: 1. _______________________________ 2. _______________________________ 3. _______________________________ 4. _______________________________ 5. _______________________________“Good habits are as easy to form as bad ones.” 43
    • Qualities I am Deficient in: 1. ______________________________ 2. _______________________________ 3. _______________________________ 4. _______________________________“There is no recipe for success, but there are ingredients.. ingredients..” 44
    • Embrace Change, it is Constant Change is scary, e citing & re arding scar exciting rewarding Change is risky, evaluate the benefit vs. risk Make M k sure you educate others on changes d t th h Reason for Change Reason why changing Detail the short term and long term benefits b fit“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and disaster.” HG Wells
    • Build a Successful TeamMakeM k each t h team member f l responsible b feel ibl for the success of the projectMakeM k each t h team member accountable b t blShare the Success with all team membersAttributes of a Successful TeamRespect Loyalty TrustCommon Goal Communication FlexibilityHonestyH t Unselfishness U lfi h Support S tUnderstanding Positive Attitude Leadership
    • Build a Successful TeamAttributes f SAtt ib t of a Successful Team f lT Respect Loyalty Trust Common Goal Communication Flexibility Unselfishness U lfi h Support Understanding g Positive Attitude Leadership
    • Realizing your Goals Think positively about all things - especially p y g p y you. Expect the best and do your best. Focus on goals and visually them happening Look forward - Tomorrow is gone gone. Pay the price to reach goals Believe in yourself - Humans are built for the impossible!“FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!” - Gene Kranz 48
    • “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the f b h k b b h moments that take our breath away.” y --George Carlin
    • References fThe Traits of the Uncommon Leader; U.S. Marine Corps Manual p60 Minute Manager - Joe Trezzo, TUSCUncommon Leaders; TUSC, 1989What’s next for IT?; Larry Geisel, Netscape ; y , pThe Miracle of Motivation; George ShinnThe Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, Peter SengeGod sGod’s little devotional book for leaders7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Steven CoveyOnce and Future King; T.H.WhiteTaking the Lead - Ron JensonThe Laws of Leadership - John MaxwellMentoring - Bobb BiehlThe making of a leader - Frank DamazioBullet Proof Manager Seminars, Krestcom Productions, Inc.www.motivateus.com; www.cs.virginia.edu/~robins/quotes.html
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