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  • Dell OEM business unit is the best-kept secret about Dell!There is an abundance of resources available to you.Dell OEM doesn’t sell into the IT environment, we work exclusively with companies – like yours – to help you build your own products and solutions. My role is to work with you, in a continuous exchange, to help you easily access Dell’s resources to meet your specific needs.Because we’ve been in operation for 12 years, we have substantive experience working with >2,000 customers in more than 40 verticals. Global operations in 180 countries:Manufacturing and proven support infrastructure to meet your needs.Now we have OEM versions of most of our products – a massive benefit for customers, who get the reliability and quality of off-shelf + the customization and flexibility to make Dell products your own.Global footprint – we become your virtual infrastructure.
  • Every customer is different, but often face common issues.(Sales should query the customer here.)What are your best practices in these areas?How do you manage/handle:Product quality?Logistics?Services and support?Change management?Do you also face challenges in these areas? If you’re using an ODM or contract manufacturer, managing logistics can become a costly headache.Product quality is the reason Google came to Dell.Services and support: If you’re expanding internationally, this can be a big challenge.If working with multiple vendors, it’s hard to keep track of theirrev/new-product cycles. If you’re working with HP or IBM, they may be forcing you to pre-commit to forecasts – which could change significantly.
  • Speaking track:Our added capabilities, expertise and experience are only part of the story. Our unique delivery methodologies make us truly differentiated. For example, we automate the delivery as much as possible, whether it is using SaaS technology for asset management, an MRI for consulting, or providing online and proactive support options. We start by looking at the fundamental issues facing your business, listen to your vision of the solution, and find the most creative and integrated way to deliver that vision that meets the needs of all your stakeholders and stays within your budget. We call it the WADI (Workshop, Assessment, Design, Implementation) methodology. A step-by-step, collaborative approach to developing the right customized solution for each organization, helping you restructure the way your company does business.Our OEM Solutions team is made up of experts across the OEM value chain, including program-management, technology, and business-process experts.
  • This is our OEM Services capabilities portfolio through the customer lens. These services are aligned to the customer’s process:Installation Configuration Fulfillment To boil down Dell’s services capabilities for OEM: design, manufacture, support.We have custom installation services. Application services came with a ton of capabilities from the Perot acquisition.Testing/validation services – exist today but more investment to build those out going forward.Cloud services – how to deliver SW via the cloud; our customers are still in the mode of how we do it and in what direction.Engineering services – heard from many customers that want access to Dell’s engineering expertise on our own products and how they incorporate into your product/solution.
  • For today’s discussion, we will discuss all the customization services outside of PG customization. (Review slide details and emphasize with talking points below.)Our customization services brings together Dell’s expertise in software and hardware customization as well as image and asset management services. Throughout the deployment process, Configuration Services offers a range of solutions from the simple to the highly complex. We help OEM customers reduce costs and streamline process, freeing up resources for innovation and competitive advantage.Customer “pain points” to listen for: Image Management: “It’s time-consuming and costly to create and maintain images.”Application Services: “It’s difficult to deploy, install and uninstall applications.”Hardware Customization: “I wish our systems arrived with all the configuration needs pre-installed.”Benefits:High margin servicesClose to the boxReduce customer costMake deployment easierImage Services include: ImageDirect, Image Factory Load, Image Consulting.Application Services include: Inventory and Rationalize, Application Compatibility, Remediate/Application Packaging.Hardware customization includes: Custom HW/SW integration, Asset Tagging, supply chain/procurement (3rd-party hardware, recommended vendors, consigned components), custom CFI process, controls, component installations, custom configurations, parts replacement program, and customized, fully configured racks).
  • CSE Facilities4500 sq. ft. in world-class lab space that is shared with a few other solutions development groups. CSE's lab contains a 225 sq. ft. conference/demo area that is equipped with a projector, KVM access to servers in our datacenter, and several desktop PCs. We also have Internet provisions so that a customer can retrieve email or VPN to their office.How involved is CSE?CSE was involved in nearly $500M of Dell Server and Storage wins in 2007.How does a CSE engagement work?Most CSE solutions provide a 30-day custom support agreement. Support details are outlined in the Statement of Work that is sent to the account team before the project begins. It is the responsibility of the account team to explain the support agreement to the customer. If the customer requires more than a 30-day support agreement, CSE will work with you and the customer to work out a mutual support agreement. This needs to be done prior to any engineering work. If an agreement can't be reached, CSE will decline the opportunity.Each CSE engagement is custom to that customer and cannot be shared with any other customers.
  • Go to Market FasterStreamlined Customization: Provided by the OEM-Ready platforms, customization comes in the form of a nonbranded server (absent of exposed Dell branding) which allows a customer to rapidly create brand on the platform. Proven Dell Hardware: OEM-ready platforms are based on standard Dell solutions and leverage the thousands of engineers, hundreds of hours of testing and QA, support resources, and supply-chain expertise that come with all Dell hardware platforms. Simplified Regulatory Process: Dell performs all the required regulatory certifications on the OEM-ready hardware platforms for most markets, so even after some branding work by the customer, the platforms will not require any additional regulatory approvals in most markets. Run Your Operations BetterAward-Winning Global Supply Chain: Dell’s supply chain is well known throughout the world and recognized by many as one of the best. We control every aspect of every part we use in our platforms, from design to manufacturing to testing, and we expect every component and assembly to meet our strict standard for performance, quality and reliability. We also monitor and improve the inventory and delivery of all components and assemblies used in our systems to ensure on-time delivery at the lowest possible costs to the customer. Trusted Global Service Organization: With a global footprint for post-sales service and support, Dell can ensure an OEM customer’s solution is up and running for years to come. Grow Your Business SmarterReduce Resource Requirements: With Dell providing a complete hardware solution and most post-sales support services, an OEM can reduce their hardware development and support infrastructure and focus resources on developing their software and solutions.Effectively Manage Cost: Dell’s hardware and support are well-defined costs which can be managed through the relationship, and no unexpected surprises are likely to suddenly impact business for an OEM. Dell manages the costs of components, parts and services and the scale with which Dell does that reduces the impact on individual solutions almost completely. Focus on Core Business: When the OEM customer is not concerned about hardware design, quality, supply chain, or support, they can focus instead on the solution they are selling, marketing, inventing and producing the products their customers want to buy.Improve Customer Loyalty: Dell’s consistent supply chain, high quality and reliable platforms, and post-sales support all lead to happy end customers who recognize the quality, consistency and uptime of the solutions they are buying from the OEM customer.
  • CSE Facilities4500 sq. ft. in world-class lab space that is shared with a few other solutions development groups. CSE's lab contains a 225 sq. ft. conference/demo area that is equipped with a projector, KVM access to servers in our datacenter, and several desktop PCs. We also have Internet provisions so that a customer can retrieve email or VPN to their office.How involved is CSE?CSE was involved in nearly $500M of Dell Server and Storage wins in 2007.How does a CSE engagement work?Most CSE solutions provide a 30-day custom support agreement. Support details are outlined in the Statement of Work that is sent to the account team before the project begins. It is the responsibility of the account team to explain the support agreement to the customer. If the customer requires more than a 30-day support agreement, CSE will work with you and the customer to work out a mutual support agreement. This needs to be done prior to any engineering work. If an agreement can't be reached, CSE will decline the opportunity.Each CSE engagement is custom to that customer and cannot be shared with any other customers.
  • All XL products will have a defined lifecycle; this lifecycle may vary by product but in general we’re planning to allow customer 12 months from the next-generation products intro or RTS date to make the move. So in the case of the R710 XL w/Westmere, it will EOL at the R720 RTS date plus 12 months. There are three categories or classes of components that we’re including in this program. Class 1 components are critical and will be locked down for the life of the XL product. Class 1 components may vary slightly by product but will usually include things like chipsets, processors and system boards.Class 2 components are also important and need to be managed. We will do our best to lock down these components as well but if we must make a change we will inform our customers at least six months prior to the change. The components included in the class are proc and chipset steppings, on-board NICs, memory technology, etc.Class 3 monitored components are items that are not usually critical and will follow the Dell standard refresh cycle.
  • Can be modified for any product.
  • Mitigate product transition and custom components risk through effective inventory management and planning:Optimize your global supply chain to lower costsManage your products’ lifecycleMaintain quality and sustainabilitySuccessfully launch products:Simplify your design, manufacturing and fulfillment processesCoordinate schedules and rollouts to shorten your time-to- marketScale staffing resources for global launchesLaunch multiple, parallel productsMinimize process and issues escalationsEffectively manage your planning and inventory:Manage your unique parts inventory and planningMitigate product transition and custom components risk
  • Project management professionals leveraging industry-standard PMI knowledge base and Dell’s proven Phase Review Process for quality product launch.The PRP is Dell’s worldwide process that outlines the processes for defining, planning, designing, validating, deploying and sustaining Dell’s product and solution offerings.Define Phase: Document project requirements and scope; leverage any existing/past projects’ learnings; create project charter and Milestones.Plan Phase: Establish responses to the program requirements and scope; build the detailed project schedule and document all key commitments to complete the Project Plan.Develop Phase: Implement core team functional plans in support of the documented project plan.Launch Phase: Complete project pilot; complete training; and ensure a successful market launch.Sustain/Close Phase: Assure project solution ongoing quality and sustainment; transition to sustaining contacts if appropriate; document, close and disengage formally. Dell’s Project Management Office leverages PMI practices throughout every phase of the project.Dell has hundreds of trained, certified and experienced project and program managers on staff – customers can access this expertise.Project management standardization summary:Process: Global standardization of project management processes and PM tools with alignment to PMI standards.People: 100% of Dell project and program managers are PMI-trained.
  • Snapshot of the OEM development process and players involved:Multiple groups, handoffs and moving parts.Operations is the one group, other than sales, that touches each team involved in the overall solution.Representation of the relationships that the OEM PMO covers:We govern all pieces for the customer.Different components/functional teams accountable for their piece.We own the timelines for product launch.Simplify with one point of contact with overall program/product manager so that all the teams work together to stay on schedule.Support/escalation for sustaining.
  • Number of customized projects completed equals combined CFI, PG, CFS custom projects.
  • Standard Support:Basic project coordination and process guidanceOrder managementStandard reportingImageWatch on boardingInternational shipping/purchasing assistanceManufacturing backlog supportBulk tag transfer assistanceEmbedded OS order reporting and complianceProject/Operations Management:Dedicated project management Solution consultation and designProject launch supportSupply-chain adviceDell standard customizationAccount on-boardingCross-functional project coordinationFirst article review – key to help with faster time-to-market, right-first-time review processProgram Management:Dedicated program management Non-Dell standard customizationGlobal product launch coordinationFirst article reviewDemand planning and supply-chain managementProcurement and inventory management/planning, including third-party vendorsProduct and component transition planningOrder fulfillment and deliveryQuarterly account reviews
  • Managing procurement, planning, launch timelines, multiple vendors, etc. – in other words, many complex functions and processes are managed by Dell’s OEM PMO, making it simpler and cheaper for the OEM customer.
  • CSE Facilities4500 sq. ft. in world-class lab space that is shared with a few other solutions development groups. CSE's lab contains a 225 sq. ft. conference/demo area that is equipped with a projector, KVM access to servers in our datacenter, and several desktop PCs. We also have Internet provisions so that a customer can retrieve email or VPN to their office.How involved is CSE?CSE was involved in nearly $500M of Dell Server and Storage wins in 2007.How does a CSE engagement work?Most CSE solutions provide a 30-day custom support agreement. Support details are outlined in the Statement of Work that is sent to the account team before the project begins. It is the responsibility of the account team to explain the support agreement to the customer. If the customer requires more than a 30-day support agreement, CSE will work with you and the customer to work out a mutual support agreement. This needs to be done prior to any engineering work. If an agreement can't be reached, CSE will decline the opportunity.Each CSE engagement is custom to that customer and cannot be shared with any other customers.Rack servers Industry-leading performance and efficiencyTower servers Flexibility and high availabilityBlade servers Most manageable, flexible, energy-efficient blade system availableOptiplex desktops Model of efficiencyPrecision workstations Work without limitsLatitude notebooks More security, less complexityPowerVault, Dell/EMC and EquaLogic Direct-attached Network storage Object storagePowerConnect, infiniBand and Fibre Managed switches Fibre channel interconnects Network interface cards
  • There are a lot of options. We can do a simple re-badge or create a completely customized look and feel to the product. We’re starting to provide the ability to co-brand and we’re also doing much more in-depth customization, where we make engineering changes to a product to meet the need of a specific customer. Let’s take a look at all of these in a little more detail.
  • Dell oem capabilities

    1. 1. Dell OEM capabilities presentation Presenter name Title
    2. 2. OEM Solutions2 Dedicated resources and capacity • Dedicated OEM engineers • 250 custom projects annually • 250+ sales/support team Deep, broad experience • 40+ industry verticals • 12-year track record • 2,000 OEM customers OEM-capable products • Standards-based products • Access to full Dell portfolio • Leverage Dell’s buying power Flexible services • In-factory customization • Online parts dispatch • Mission-critical support Global reach • Owned support in 180 countries • Worldwide fulfillment model • Country-specific regulatory expertise
    3. 3. OEM Solutions Continuous change management Growing support and services demands Product quality Complex logistics Innovation 3
    4. 4. OEM Solutions Support Engage Fulfill Assess • Solution design • Long/extended-life • Custom branding • Hardware and software engineering • Configuration control • Advanced solutions consulting • Global OEM support services • Worldwide parts depots • Remote management • Installation deployment • Lifecycle/change management • Mission-critical/NBD • Procurement/supply chain • Order management • Global logistics/3PL • Manufacturing • Inventory management • E-Dell/B2B • Needs analysis • Evaluation units • Engineering • Regulatory • Test/develop • TCO analysis • Platform generational planning How we work together 4 Product Operations Engineering Services
    5. 5. OEM Solutions 20 500M 120K 1st 40 40M 1.6M 1st Interactions online with customers annually PCs shipped per day, on average, in Q4 2010 And only computer company to offer free consumer computer recycling worldwide Tons of CO2 emissions avoided by Dell Desktop Solutions customers Registered users on Dell community Product design honors and awards to Dell in 2009 IT company to introduce an 80 PLUS gold-certified power supply for servers Dell, Inc. by the numbers Of the world’s top super- computers run on Dell Preferred client provider in U.S. and Europe 5
    6. 6. OEM Solutions Sameer Garde Vice president, General manager Dell OEM solutions Executive leadership Brad R. Anderson Senior vice president Enterprise product group Jeffrey W. Clarke Vice chairman Operations and technology Ronald G. Garriques President Communication solutions David L. Johnson Senior vice president Corporate strategy Steve H. Price Senior vice president Human resources Stephen F. Schuckenbrock President Large enterprise Peter A. Altabef President Dell services Stephen J. Felice President Consumer, small and medium business Brian T. Gladden Senior vice president Chief financial officer Lawrence P. Tu Senior vice president General legal counsel Michael S. Dell Chairman of the Board Chief Executive Officer Paul D. Bell President Public Karen Quintos Senior vice president Chief marketing officer 6
    7. 7. OEM Solutions7 The Dell OEM Solutions story 1984 Dell founded 1998 Dell OEM founded 2002 first OEM-ready platform 2004 Dell OEM revenue $200M 2006 Dell OEM designs first custom chassis for Google server 2010 Dell OEM revenue $1.5B+ 2010 Dell Extended life program launched 2010 launch of OptiXE 2009 Dell opens APJ office Long Life Precision workstation launch 2008 Dell OEM launches CR100 (1st OEM platform) Dell OEM opens EMEA office
    8. 8. OEM Solutions Dell OEM Solutions customers 8
    9. 9. OEM Solutions The best of all worlds Specialized OEM knowledge Supply-chain efficiency Other tier one White box System integrator 9 Global presence
    10. 10. Services
    11. 11. OEM Solutions OEM Solutions locations • 12.8M desktops/notebooks supported • 1.4M servers/storage systems supported • 2.5M desktops managed OEM Solutions: Global services and support footprint • 41,000+ team members across 47 nations • $8B services and support revenue • 60 tech support centers • 7 global command centers • Multiple industry-leading knowledge- and domain- based services • #1 in IT services for healthcare providers worldwide (Gartner) 11 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    12. 12. OEM Solutions Our global standard WADI methodology is a step-by-step, collaborative approach to developing the right customized solution for you • Workshop • Assessment • Design • Implementation • Manage/support Our approach to services is similar to how we revolutionized the hardware market through innovation and unique delivery models • Tailored solutions delivered by industry experts • Automated services delivery to speed results • Remote delivery where possible • Global solutions delivery We customize your solution to what is best for you and your business 12 EngineeringProductOperationsServices
    13. 13. OEM Solutions Globally owned 24/7 support infrastructure Dell online parts dispatch Service delivery manager Mission-critical support Same day, 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr Custom fulfillment and installation Asset management Order consolidation and staging OEM-centric customization Hardware bezel and chassis, BIOS, packaging, documentation, labeling/tagging Dell OEM services capabilities portfolio Application and image management services Supply-chain consulting Design Manufacture and fulfillment Global support 13 Business process reengineering Organizational change management Testing and validation services – proof-of- concept labs Cloud services Engineering services Custom design, configuration and integration, complex engineering outsourcing EngineeringProductOperationsServices
    14. 14. OEM Solutions14 Configuration and fulfillment services Inventory management • Finished goods warehousing • Shipment-on-demand Image services • ImageDirect – online image management • Image factory load • BIOS freeze Hardware customization • Custom HW and SW integration (third party) • Custom branding services • Asset tagging A portfolio of make-ready services that simplify manufacturing and deployment. These services minimize the time you spend on predeployment activities by bringing these tasks into our facilities. Production/ fulfillment • Consolidation, staging • HW and SW integration, connectivity, testing • Rack-and-stack construction • Laser etching/custom labeling EngineeringProductOperationsServices
    15. 15. OEM Solutions15 Tailor the right support services for your business with our flexible options for OEMs Asset visibility and reporting Designated service delivery manager On-boarding support assessments Comprehensive planning Incident and trend reporting Monthly reporting Collaborative support on hardware and software Warranty tracking and expiration notifications 24/7x365 expert center phone and online support (senior-level certified technicians) Optional customer self-replacement parts – field technician dispatch at no additional cost Hardware monitoring and alerting Global command centers Automated diagnostics Out-of-region phone support Business hours warranty repair Customer self replaceable (CSR) parts No collaborative support 90-day warranty extension Available on OEM-ready HW only Next bus. day ltd onsite/return services In-region phone support Speed of response and mission-critical options (same day, 2 hr, 4 hr, mission critical, next business day) Global Dell online self dispatch (not available on basic warranty in EMEA) Collaborative support on hardware ProSupport for IT with enterprise-wide contract ProSupport ProSupport for OEM Basic warranty EngineeringProductOperationsServices
    16. 16. OEM Solutions16 Customizable OEM engineering services • We offer customers multiple access points to engineering services and support based on the complexity and coverage needed • Engineering services range from custom design of Dell hardware to complex, hardware-agnostic engineering outsourcing Complexity Coverage Dell HW HW Agnostic On-demand Custom configuration design Platform-agnostic engineering outsourcing Eng-to-eng OEM PG eng Engineering outsourcing (eServ) OS/SW/MW EngineeringProductOperationsServices
    17. 17. OEM Solutions17 Dell OEM services: Part of every thing we do for you Manufacture SupportDesign FulfillEngineer Dell Services EngineeringProductOperationsServices
    18. 18. OEM Solutions Engineering
    19. 19. OEM Solutions Testing, validat ion and certification • Add parts/increase capacity • Ruggedization • CAD reviews • QA/post-launch support • Modify hard drives • Custom small boards • Add-in card design • Bezel design • USB custom connectors Mechanical 19 Engineering competencies Enable custom integration of hardware and software • Power measurements • Schematic capture/board level layout reviews • Power LED displays on appliances or bezels • Thermal airflow testing • Adjust power-button placement • EMC testing • Cable design and routing Electrical Custom OS/software • Shock and vibe • Long-life reliability • Stress tests • QA • Regulatory updates • Thermal waivers • Performance tuning/optimizations • Qualify non-standard components • SW usability • BIOS customization/support • GPU support • Multiyear postproduction support • Driver modifications • Legacy software/driver support ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    20. 20. OEM Solutions Design approach • Investment sizing • Develop an engineering schedule • Scope NRE requirements • Provide scenario planning options for customer evaluation • Solution design and launch trade-off analysis • Vendor/component recommendations • Develop statement of work • Detailed solution design (electrical and mechanical) • Proof of concept • Lifecycle management and consultation • Custom industrial design • BIOS, board customization, develop new boards • Regulatory certification • Leverage Dell quality processes • Leverage Dell supply-chain excellence • Engineer-to-engineer launch support • Project management • Performance tuning • Customer communication/status updates ServicesEngineeringProductOperations 20
    21. 21. OEM Solutions21 Global field engineering OEM has access to 5,000+ Dell engineers across all product lines OEM customer engineering pre – and post-sales support team Sustain Design ServicesEngineeringProductOperations • 40+ global field-based sales engineers • OEM design consulting • Complex configuration assistance • Platform selection • Exclusive, long-range view of product roadmaps • Access to 5,000+ Dell engineers WW Customer development cycle • Lifecycle management consulting • Access to Dell SW and tools • Tech support escalation assistance • Interface to key technology partners • Bridge from customer to Dell engineering • Access to 5,000 + Dell engineers WW
    22. 22. OEM Solutions22 Lifecycle management Extended-life versions of Dell’s largest-selling OEM ready platforms developed to help OEM customers transition to the next-generation processor and chipset solution at their own pace • Deployment • Systems management • Systems engineering • Software development Engineering Services • Comprehensive lifecycle management • Proactive notification of changes • Managed transitions with lengthy overlaps • Extended component availability ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    23. 23. OEM Solutions23 Performance testing/quality assurance ServicesEngineeringProductOperations Power Thermal airflow QA Reliability Performance testing Supplier management/audit ISO-certified manufacturing processes Copy-exact worldwide Dell OEM manages the regulatory certs for you Inventory forecasting and staging per your requirements
    24. 24. OEM Solutions24 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations Engineering Hardware Software Mechanical Electrical
    25. 25. OEM Solutions Operations
    26. 26. OEM Solutions We simplify your development and manufacturing processes through our globally standardized program governance so that you can reduce costs, improve productivity and deliver consistent quality to your customers. 26 Global business operations for OEM Solutions Fulfill- ment Planning Transition management Inventory management SolutionsProgram Simplification Customization Optimization Product launches Process engineering Governance ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    27. 27. OEM Solutions Optimize your global supply chain to lower costs Successfully launch products • Simplify your design, manufacturing and fulfillment processes • Coordinate schedules and rollouts to shorten your time-to-market • Scale staffing resources for global launches • Launch multiple, parallel products • Minimize process and issues escalations 27 Our OEM Program Management Office (PMO) can help you ServicesEngineeringProductOperations Manage your products’ lifecycle Maintain quality and sustainability Effectively manage your planning and inventory • Manage unique parts inventory and planning • Mitigate product transition and custom components risk
    28. 28. OEM Solutions28 Project management methodology Global standard approach to project management Project Management Institute (PMI) standards Proprietary Dell knowledge Dell OEM Solutions project management framework Phase Review Process (PRP) Define Plan Develop Launch Sustain Highest industry and proprietary standards ensure crisp execution for every project ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    29. 29. OEM Solutions OEM project development and manufacturing process – a differentiating approach Your dedicated PMO coordinates engagement and development with OEM Solutions experts across Dell so you benefit from: • Extensive knowledge of internal Dell operations • Solution guidance and architecture • Effective planning and inventory management • Cross-functional support experts • Simplified program operations • Repeatable, sustainable and high-quality OEM Solutions 29 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations Program management office Product group Sales support Order fulfillment Fulfillment services Production and sustaining Development
    30. 30. OEM Solutions30 Global business operations for OEM: Who we are – by the numbers Average annual statistics Program/project management Americas Europe Asia Global Number of dedicated OEM PMs >17 >18 >13 >54 Number of locations/ countries where PMs are located 2/United States, Panama 9/UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland 4/China, Japan, Malaysia, India Global PMI trained >80% Combined years of OEM/PM experience >270 years Dell Business Process improvement certification >20 OEM project managers certified Number of customized projects completed >580 >510 >230 >1,300 Fulfillment/supply chain Number of custom components >283 >182 >9 >474 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    31. 31. OEM Solutions We scale our service levels to your unique business needs 31 OEM business operations services tiers Project coordination and process guidance comes standard on all OEM orders Operations support Project management (includes operations support items) Program management (includes operations and project management items) Value-added, dedicated project management support for standard product customization Value-added, dedicated program management support for complex, non- standard product customization ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    32. 32. OEM Solutions32 Global business operations for OEM Solutions make the complex simple and affordable WithWithout Cost Cost ServicesEngineeringProductOperations Source Test/Verify Support/ Lifecycle Mgmt Logistics Ship Warranty Fulfill Innovation Manufacture
    33. 33. OEM Solutions Product
    34. 34. OEM Solutions34 Rack servers Tower servers Blade servers PowerVault, Del l/EMC and EquaLogic PowerConnect, infiniBand and Fibre Dell PowerEdge servers Client portfolio Software and peripherals OS Printers Third-party software Displays and monitors Cables and cards Dell’s entire catalog of third- party products ServicesEngineeringProductOperations Optiplex desktops Precision workstations Latitude notebooks Dell storage and networking Dell products
    35. 35. OEM Solutions • Industrial PC – Premier offering from tier-one manufacturer • Small and thin-client – Small-form-factor products work as dumb terminals and digital signage • Performance – Solve extreme compute or storage challenges • Mobile – Tablets, netbooks and mobile workstations • Rugged – If your customers use your products in challenging environments, rugged systems with unique mounting solutions can help Client portfolio 35 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    36. 36. OEM Solutions • Designed for performance-Intensive applications – Find the tower, rack or blade servers that best suit your needs • Versatile – Server portfolio offers increased memory capacity and I/O rates, for intense applications in demanding environments • Manageable, scalable and flexible – Range of options with easy configuration, powerful open-standard systems management, scalable storage, and flexible services PowerEdge portfolio 36 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    37. 37. OEM Solutions • Comprehensive – Storage portfolio includes the EqualLogic™, Dell/EMC and PowerVault product lines to meet your needs • Smaller footprint – Advanced backup and optimization techniques such as deduplication and thin-client provisioning • Efficient – Improve data protection while cost-effectively meeting data availability, retention and recovery requirements • Streamlined – Minimize complex tasks to enable fast and flexible storage allocation Storage portfolio 37 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    38. 38. OEM Solutions OEM cosmetic customization capabilities Painted Custom Skinned Dell badge Custom badge Generic badge 38 OEM-ready Bezel designs Co-branded ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    39. 39. OEM Solutions Product countdown Product end-of-life RTS 12 months before RTS Planning Testing Product forecasting 3 months before RTS Roadmaps created Marcom Sales forecasting Product transitions overview Begin customer transition ImageWatch online tool • Six-month roadmap outlook of product changes, platform, peripheral, softw are and OS • Proactive communication • Classifies image impact of upcoming changes Dell team • Account team shares roadmap information consistently • Plan for transition NPI and end-of-life demand 90 – 120 day transition period Launch of new transition product 39 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    40. 40. OEM Solutions40 Your roadmap is our roadmap Blue = Dell product Yellow = Customer product “Crystal” “Galaxy” “Intelligence” Your Solution Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 LM40 OptiXE X400 (continued) X270 (continued) 3000 (continued) X50 X280 4000 4000 Gap? LV420 Opti780 Opti780 Opti790 Precision XYZ PE R710 PE R710 XL PE R710 II R610 R620 PE R720 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    41. 41. Do what you do best. Innovation 41 ServicesEngineeringProductOperations
    42. 42. Let’s talk. today.