Streamlining Social Media


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This was a brief 10 minute presentation to members of the local Chamber of Commerce who had absolutely no idea where to begin with social media for their business. This was intended to give them some understanding, and the very basic steps of how to get started. For most people this is way too simplified, but for the audience it was built for, simple was necessary.

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Streamlining Social Media

  1. 1. Streamlining Social MediaMonitoring your socialmedia presence in only10 minutes a day@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  2. 2. Whats Inside● Trivia● Introduction● Social Media Benchmarks● Goal Setting● Making a Routine● What to Monitor● Streamline the Process● Your 10 Minute Schedule● More Trivia@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  3. 3. IntroductionWhat have you heard aboutsocial media for business? Isit the magic formula, or thesilver bullet? Not at all.Social media is not magic, itis hard work and it requiresan investment of time ormoney, sometimes a mix ofboth.@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  4. 4. Social Media BenchmarksWhy social media is good for your business@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  5. 5. Social Media Benchmarks% of companies using social media that are generating qualified leads on social media@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  6. 6. Goal SettingWhen you have made the choice to usesocial media properly for your business,you need to set a goal.What are you trying to accomplish? Do youwant more traffic to your website? Moreleads, sales, buzz?Select one or two goals and target yourefforts to specifically reach those goals.@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  7. 7. Making a Routine● Make sure you have signed up for all thesocial networks you want to target● The more social networks you use thebetter● If you only want to start with a few, focuson the most popular networks likeFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn● When setting up your networks alwaysinclude a photo and/or logo, links back toyour website, info about you or yourcompany@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  8. 8. What to Monitor on Facebook● WALL POSTS are where users canpost content to your wall. These couldbe good or bad, feedback about anexperience, or even pictures● COMMENTS are where you and yourfans can react to a wall post. Its a miniconversation about the wall post● LIKES are a virtual thumbs up, a signthat people agree with or like the wallpost● RECOMMENDATIONS are anopportunity for users to recommendyour business to their friends.@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  9. 9. What to Monitor on Twitter● COMPANY QUESTIONS: If somebody tweetsabout the difference of your product comparedto your competitors, you should be responding● INDUSTRY QUESTIONS: Being helpful is agreat way to boost credibility with people whodont know you or your business● SUPPORT: If people are asking for your helpon Twitter, a quick response is great for longterm customer satisfaction● COMPLAINTS: It is important to respond tothese in a timely manner● PRAISE: When people say good things,retweet it, thank them, enjoy it● COMPETITORS: It is a good idea to monitormentions of your competitors to gain valuableindustry insights@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  10. 10. What to Monitor on LinkedIn● ANSWERS: Many users use this section topost questions. It is a great opportunity for youto showcase your expertise and build credibilitybeyond your real life network. This is also agood place to link to your website if you have arelevant blog post on the subject.● GROUP DISCUSSIONS: These are topicfocused discussions that offer you theopportunity to answer, comment and link toyour resources when it adds value to thecommunity.@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  11. 11. Streamline the ProcessWondering how the heck you are supposedto monitor all those things? The good newsis, you dont need to go through the painfulprocess of logging into multiple websitesand monitoring each account separately .There are many great social mediaproductivity tools that allow you to see adashboard overview of all your socialnetworks at a glance. This helps youreduce the time you spend on social mediawithout compromising effectiveness.One great tool that is free for up to 5 socialaccounts is HootSuite.@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  12. 12. Your 10 Minute Schedule● 3 Minutes – Check Twitterfor talk about your companyand competitors● 4 Minutes – Filter and flagrelevant industry relatedquestions on LinkedIn● 3 Minutes – Check yourFacebook wall for commentsor messages@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  13. 13. Got More Time?You are off to a great start now, butthats just the tip of the iceberg. Themore time you can invest, thegreater the payoffs.Consider blogging to create greatcontent to share on social media.Consider analytics to measure yourresults.@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing
  14. 14. The EndActually the end is now.Any questions?@ChamberCR @KervinMarketing