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Why does Mayo Clinic engage in Social Media
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Why does Mayo Clinic engage in Social Media


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Presentation for Doctors 2.0 and You conference in Paris, June 2011 - Presented by Victor Montori (@vmontori), medical director of Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (#MCCSM)

Presentation for Doctors 2.0 and You conference in Paris, June 2011 - Presented by Victor Montori (@vmontori), medical director of Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (#MCCSM)

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  • Christakis
  • Compared to the top 20 hospitals in the US, Mayo Clinic has 1/3 of all facebook fans, 40% of all youtube traffic, and ¾ of all twitter followers
  • Transcript

    • 1. On being socialA 100-year-old Mayo Clinic 2.0 commitment
      Victor Montori, MD
      Medical Director
      Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
      Rochester, Minnesota, USA
      @vmontori |
    • 2. Outline
      New research: social networks and their impact on people
      Old facts: the rise of the Mayo Clinic
      Enduring values
      What now?
      Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
      Social Media Health Network
    • 3. Social Networks and Homo
      The experience of the individual depends on the position of the individual on the network, the structure of the network, and what flows through it.
      What flows thru networks must be good
      Good requires networks in order to flow
      Each node contributes to the network – those most connected contribute the most.
    • 4.
    • 5.
    • 6.
    • 7. Mayo ClinicLocations
    • 8. Primary value of the Mayo Clinic
      The needs of the patient come first.
    • 9. Mayo Clinic and Word of Mouth
      91 percent of patients surveyed say they have said “good things” to an average of 40 people after a Mayo visit
      85 percent say they recommended Mayo to a friend
      Advised an average of 16 to come
      5 actually came
    • 10. Sources of Information Influencing Preference for Mayo Clinic
    • 11. UT split tear
      Expertise, generosity
      Less than 24 hours after my initial appointment, I not only had a new diagnosis - a UT split tear - but had surgery to correct the problem. As I write this, my right arm is in a festive green, but otherwise annoying cast. The short-term hassle, however, should be more than worth the long-term gain - the potential for a future without chronic wrist pain. A future, that without Twitter and those in the medical community willing to experiment with new communications tools, might not exist for me.
    • 12. Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
      Scale up the existing social network
      Deal with challenges re: speed + reach
      Professionalism and Mayo Culture
      Listen to patients as co-creators
    • 13. SIGNAL
    • 14. Enhancing the signal
      Must look inside
      Stories to convey values, authentically
      Setting knowledge free
      Giving voice to patients
      Must always learn
      Social Media Health Network
    • 15. Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
      9 full time (7 Minnesota, 1 Florida, 1 Arizona)
      Maintain enterprise-wide content
      Engage Mayo staff
      Internal consulting
      Social media training
    • 16.
    • 17. Social Media Health Network
      Purpose: to learn, to share, to experience together
      Extend the network based on patient-centeredness, generosity, and integrity
      Open access model
      Support for a commons
      Promote health, fight disease, improve healthcare
      74 members from four continents
      1 Israel
      1 Netherlands
      1 Australia
      3 Canada
      68 U.S.A
    • 18. What do members get?
      Resources to speed adoption of social media
      Curriculum/Training materials
      Guidelines/Policies/Job Descriptions
      Technical services and support
      Conferences, webinars, member meetings
      Community, blogging platform options
      Member site for sharing, learning
    • 19. Conclusions
      Engage, cultivate, and grow your social networks – your experience (and the experience of your patients and those in the network) depends on this work.
      Be explicit about your values and purpose: for patient? For profit? Authentic? Spin?
      Listen, try, err, learn, share, and do it togetherwith each other, with patients
    • 20. Network with us
      Curriculum: Google Lee Aase or SMUG U
      Director: Lee Aase
      Twitter: @leeaase
    • 21. Social Media Health Network Events
      Summit/Network Member
      Rochester Oct. 17-19 2011
      Other Events
      Social Media Grand Rounds
    • 22. Why are we in social media?
      Its our tradition to network,
      and itis in the patient’s best interest.