Mc masker and Snizzy some rap battles


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Mc masker and Snizzy some rap battles

  1. 1. Mc Masker- Mc masker, leaving you with a task, can you keep up with the pace, cos it's getting fast, listen up cos this is a masterclass, your bars can't keep up cos they're left in the past, don't start spitting because kwame your not hard, just thought I'd drop something, like your gay card, so let's carry on with this game, you tried to quit it but I'm fucking insane, I don't stop till ive reached the highest point of fame, mc masker so this is my claim, I'm a queen whos gone and turned you insane, this is my speech cos I'm the one in reign, I enjoy the torture, you deserve the pain, making out that my words are so lame, move away from my title, I'll pay for your train.<br />Kwame-For fucks sake, bitch, the game is over, real sad, bad luck, i guess u need clover, my bars are faster than a land rover, so lay off the drink its best to stay sober. Stop pissing off the public with all this dumb shit, u may be a queen but the worlds a republic, im the president, bait and its evident that i'll react to these "bars" lk elements. Gay jks, arent they pink elephants? the tides have turned now ur stuck in the sediment, go read a book now coz ur lacking intelligence, my bars r so sick they can only degenerate. Get me Red Bull, i need to re-energate, fuck it, Relentless, my life is Pent-less, dodging the feds and the hate and the stench it dont take a mouth to tell im the bestest. Like Dev i dont sleep so im restless, ull never beat me if u blow on the best wish (bday candles, geniuses), im cleaning u out, u can call me domestic, ill exterminate u coz u r a pest, bitch.<br />Mc Masker- Publics where im at, im not ashamed, rather be out then inside playing your weird games, i aint no nintendo, so there's no end where I'm playing, bitch please I've moved up 10 levels, but your stuck on the same, your digital character can't win, ive paralysed it with pain, if I'm the one with no knowledge then quit the game, defending my title not that I need to you can't delete my name, even with a backspace, im still the one in reign, so leave the game-boy, you like them cos that's where you get joy, trying to piss me off but I'm the one who annoys. Oh so you know the police, well your cool, getting into trouble just makes you a fool, respect my authority, like you do to teachers in school, telling you to leave cos your IQ's on the floor, leaving you with these bars so I'm not keeping you poor, can't stop now all I do is give more, just like Robin hood cos my arrows left you sore, so trust me you need more than relentless, when it comes to bars your stranded, defenceless, loool you cant speak English you used the word "bestest", the only feds you know are dictionary authors, arrested, my bars in your brain?, lovey youve been infested, companys sending me money when I havnt invested, your talk about birthdays has got me all festive, you need to regenerate or you won't live, ended.<br />Kwame-I think its U who needs to end it. This hasnt been ur best battle, its obz that ur slipping and ur flows kinda off. Whats all this BS about respecting teachers and playing Game Boy? No ones seen one of them things in time and i dont even play video games anymore. In the words of JME "CD is dead, go get a day job instead" ;(<br />Mc Masker- That verse was a reply, you dont understand a rap battle, would've been fun if you tried, you mentioned how lifes a game, so my analogies are out of sight, who's lacking intelligence now?, that's right, like scorcher said so I've moved up high, saying I have no skills, but you couldn't reply, previous verse was my best one yet, guess you couldn't understand it guess you couldn't accept, I don't end the game cos I'm not one to forget, so will you continue or can't you keep up yet?, I'll give you some time, I know I've messed with your head, if you don't reply it's cool I know your braindead, but listen to me cos its the stuff that I've said, rest in peace kwames bars cos they're definitely dead, quoting JME saying my CD's dead, I havnt got one I'm clearly on facebook instead, so go get the right person before you claim they're a beg, the page has been turned cos your the book that I've read, shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but thats what gives you cred, go and rediscover music, cos other peoples words is all you have left.<br />Kwame-OK, now they were some decent bars, Kerry. I never started this war but im finishing it by admitting that u r rather gd. I cba to think up anymore, so Yung Kwezee has retired...for now.<br />Mc Masker- Looks like I've silenced kwame, like our common room, hushed, not replying cos he can't keep up with the speed,feeling rushed, just cos ive won the marathon, its not my fault you've lost, holding my trophy like I should, but thats the cost, sorry I've attacked you with my lyrical spear, but metaphorically speaking I've killed you here. <br />Kwame-just to keep the fans entertained: Stack papers but i aint selfish, jews cant eat me like im shellfish, stick u up to the wall like a poster, slit ur throat leave u running like kosher. ur a sket but i still might poke ya, eat the egg whites and all the yokes. ive aced this game like a joker, all jks aside i aint a joker, ur wave gets crashed like i am the coast, ur so butterz wouldnt put u on toast. SFA Productions, (no hard feelings)<br />Mc Masker- Calling me butters when you work at flora, not being funny but you don't know the Torah, I'm supposed to be dead you claim youre a slaughterer, still alive looks like I've caught ya, moving away like a ferry from dover, your waves don't affect me cos they're smaller than a coaster, you can't decide if your funny, lemme tell you your a joker, you claim you've stuck me on the wall like a poster, I'm on the ferry not land I already told ya, this is Kerry on the mic so move over.<br />Kwame-If the worlds a bike-wheel i must be the spocks, i light up bare fags and i dont even smoke, and if u think that ur above me then i guess u must be higher than coke. Im a star and ill shoot thru ur bullet proof vest, im worse than May coz im-the-worse-test of ur life, haha, my bars r sharper than Stanley knives. Not replied direct to ur bars, know why? Coz i was taught from day notta listen to lies.<br />Mc Masker- The worlds not a bike wheel or a cars,you need to go find some decent pars, don't get happy your not the stig when it comes to bars, I find it cute that you dream of making it big like mars, you must be high cos look at your bars, I can reply quick cos I'm a Ferrari, so fast. I was taught from day 1 that I'll be put to the test, told about those liars who'll give me interest, smashed those exams cos my papers have expense, bank notes fly out to me cos they know to dispense, your bars blunter than a flinstones rock, telling you to leave your times up, kesha said tik tok, like young money cos your bars cant turn a bed rock, shocking I know that I've put you in a headlock.<br />Kwame-Ill kill the jk-thats-ur-life like a neek, im pissed off now, i need to take a leak... My bars are indecent but theyre loaded with riddles, u must be OJ coz ur takin the piddle, between two races but i aint in the middle, im on the roof of the world, no fiddle. U must take powder and u must take skittles if u think that ur smart, coz ur kids' dumber than u if u stay on the street tryna sell The Big Issue. Now uv made a mess with ur life, need tissue, just like ur mothers fat ass i cant miss u, too personal, get back to the situ-ation, bars so quick that u look station-ary, so scary, ur boy plays the ball like john terry. So Kerry, have u had enough of this shit? u aint felt my album hits, u aint on my levels, go play with the kids in reception who play in the sandpits, bitch.I dont mean what i say but my bars are meaner, filled with sex and violence just lk a scene of Clockwork Orange... shit, what rhymes with orange? Ha! My barz still strong but they never ate porridge, ur a tramp and in the bins is where u forage, must be smoking trees, must be bunning forests, sell u off, petal, call me a florist. U aint got a brain but i guess u got courage, we go sixth form but we dont go college, i mention sixth form coz ur lk chloroform, ur dry barz send me to sleep. Its 4 in da morning and this is my warning, ur barz so dead even im in mourning, aint scourning or spitting, im just dribbling the ball. Shoots. Scores! Ur body's littering the floor, tighten up ur flow theyre just loose lk whores, versing fools is such a chore i might retire, no pension, my pars aint poor. (Permanent beddy byes for u now, night night)<br />Mc Masker- I'm top of the league, premier, might be John Terry but he still accends, linear, just cos he caught your mum, then got into her, i don't think you should be angry at me, getting cold chillier? My bars sending those shivers like a fedex deliverer, time to receive these words, cos trust me I'm killing ya, you think your higher than me, your so sinister, I play with the big guys, known as the prime minister, so this is where i win with ya, the names mc masker, not the best around but definitely a permanent marker, kwame your a beginner, a foreigner to the game, selling big issue isnt what i do im into fame,leaving you behind cos trust me your plain, look your all the same, claiming your hard when your bars are gooey, a gummy bear, theyre all chewy, so this is the end of the story, look over your on the street like the local Tory, trying to sell your mix tapes, but your doing so poorly, no one listens cos your like White noise, its just stormy.<br />Kwame-Fedex, love u got the wrong order, u aint on my levels time to grow a bit taller, barz so dry u need to use water, so dumb that u oughta go back up them stairs where u fell like the autumn (prom night). U must take white stuff and i dont mean salt, uh, let me think all about this slaughter, a minger and a ginger guess ur the daughter, im Fulham FC with my loyal supporters. I duuno what harris must of taught ya but where i come from ull need a porter, to wheel u around in the hospital after my mandem have chased and caught ya. Ive jacked ur soul and i aint even bought ya, Niger-boy Ju-Ju's what i thought of, to rid myself of my ghosts and sent em to your house to haunt ya. Coz im from the town of my enemy's ghosts (West Norwood aka Ghost Town), politics and racing im First Past The Post, too peak, now its time to get pushed off of the coast, slap u to Calais so u wont need a boat.<br />Mc Masker- Knock knock, it's mc masker, your not opening up cos you know I've got a parcel, ordering me about cos you think your a rascal, I'm telling you your not anything special, like arsenal, yeah my shoe came off at the last prom, I put it back on my foot, walked on, guess you knew cos you follow my act around , not like fulham cos they always just let you down, get out of town, telling me yours has ghosts, haha you clown, join zippos cos your large, elephant man, I'm not tall enough, OH NO I must be a fucking miracle, damn, Harris cant teach I'll give you that, but I've left you braindead with my inherited facts, my dads not Ginger and I'm not claiming he's black, but its not about race, who fucking does that?<br />‎ Kwame- (yawn) Ur getting beat lk a pornstar, coming at me with ur poor barz, spice them up with some sauce, ah, thats better now ur getting cursed by a sorcerer. Deep lk the ocean lk Scorcher, not Devlin but my Brainwash is torture, i won't lighten up lk a torch, ya, im cracking a whip and a Por-che. Wont talk bout race, lets talk about class, fuck getting by coz im pushing past, but i share my wealth lk Socialism, 'politic's dry, what da fuck r u spitting?' im spitting the truth so hop out the booth, coz its bait that u prefer dribble. Quit dribbling on, im gone, im lk Arsenal, yh im repping the Guns, oops i mean Gunners, ill end ur movements and i wont need a stunner. Ur butterz but ur moms a stunner, barz send u sprinting faster than a runner.<br />Mc Masker- Imagining me as a porn star, please stop, I know you've been infected with my words,non stop, comparing yourself to an ocean, but here's a compass, don't mention eminem or devlin cos they're nauseas, too sick for you to even scale with, trust me you can't rap, you've never nailed it, my arms are tired but I'll keep hammering, some say I'm a maverick, kinda true cos I never quit, injecting you with a poison, deadliness, my bars so hot, cos they're like volcano spits, melting you down cos your just a used candle bitch, please move out my way not that your stopping it, I'm constantly climbing using you my harness, topping it, you'll see me in the booth discovering heights, not messing here, this is my message so clear that I'm at the top, even though I've had to end up leaving you totally mind fucked.<br />Kwame-Ur butterz so please put on an MC Masker, ur face hit lk Japan with its natural disasters, my words cut lk swords, run to mommy, get a plaster, ur mind's slow, use steroids to think faster. Ur insults r cheap and chavy lk the casta Shameless, while ur seeking fame, im already famous, ur tryna make a name so heres one, Nameless, i am a sniper scope while ur lifes quite aimless. Ur pars need a walking stick, they're so lame, bitch, blah blah blah, ur using the same diss, i mean disses, already beaten the Game, never gave her any kisses, i know that when im gone she's still gonna miss us, but i probably won't coz Success is my mistress.<br />Mc Masker- The only insult you use is butterz, trying to be different but you act like the others, claiming you have swords but theyre made out of rubber, you can say im slow but leave out my mother, my insults like shameless what a great contrast, yours like tellitubbies belong in the play park, cant mess around cos my bars are after dark, im like a tsunami cos now youve got the aftermath, im blameless, you think youve got music recognition, but youll never be famous, im contagious, like swine flu ive infected your face look ,cant keep up cos you cant afford a pair of trainers, not to mention these comments on your facebook , now thats shameless, youve got no women cos your full of gayness, pahaha you like it up mens anus, so you cant hit on me with your arrow, cant tell me I'M aimless.<br />Kwame-True say, i might of over-used butterz, but u aint buff, bitch, its clear ur a slut, er, cut ur throat like ribbon, but i aint William, and i aint got a Kate but i aint in the Middleton. No sense of humour, suprised coz ur a jk, that gay shit's just banter coz no man id ever poke. Saturated like fat my bars will get u soaked, and it seems like good shit so where'd u get that coke? That allows u to dream that ur on my levels, ur world is still a bike but ive robbed u of the pedals, i might be like the rest coz i talk about the metal coz where im from thats how all the beef gets settled. Crystal Palace, living in ur cozy palace, u live in Wonderland like ur name is Alice, boyz need the Holy Grail and drink from the chalice coz thats the only way they wont die of the malice. Ur a sket like a mallet, u beat on anyting, but content with a life of washing dishes in a sink. Think. Ur barz r kinda smart, get a job, quit being such a tart, while im at the finish line ur still the start, bitch coz this is an attack and ur "pars" are at the heart.<br />Mc Masker-:S wouldnt wanna be on your levels, low, im so high that you'll never defeat this flo, not taking drugs and im really not a hoe, try and stop me rapping, you best try a little mo', dont live in palace, raised in brixton you know, you mustve got the wrong person, shouldve backed up your info,seriously though, your bars are slacking, too much chocolate and now your bars cant hack it, trying to breathe but theyre turning asthmatic, thanks for the compliment, i know im problematic, had a job but i prefer classic, rapping, put your hands together cos you should be, clapping, a woman mc whos doing your back in, see a physiologist cos soon youll be snapping, forget saturated fat youll be tic-tacking, your levels so low you need a lift, so stop rapping, but ill be nice and give you my gift wrapping, for the suitcase that you mustve been packing.<br />Kwame-Ur bars so fucking air i should call them pnuematic, bars strike like lightning so watch out for the static, ur bars are single-shot while mine spray automatic, bars like the Odyessy, they're just so damn classic. I aint got asthma but i still spray a pump, dont take me for a camel coz i aint got the hump, but i'll still give ur bars a lump in the eye, always in the booth coz the Truth never lies. Six feet under in a coffin, thats how u lie when u chat so much shit that ur best friends are flies,yo u are high but u still need a plane to touch the sky, no G6 just Ryanair thats how ur getting by. Life's just a ride im the Island, Coney. See me on the big, flat screen, Sony. Fuck ur TV and being PC, id rather steal the laptop and call u a freak.<br />Mc Masker- Thought i was underground, then you say im high, that dont make sense cos how can i be in the sky, confusing yourself and you dont know why, trying to put on a show when they all tell you bye, go,cos you definately cant keep up with the flo, thought you were a guy, but look at your camel-toe, thats the only reason why your on TV you know, had to tell you, but your always the last to know, ending, cos ive just cannonballed you and now your flights, descending, not to mention the friend requests that youve had, pending, saying mine are flies, just shows you need mending, you should just stop giving me your bars, sending, cos youll run out of money, unlike mine cos its never ending, like a fairytale infinite regress, pushing you down lower than critisicm will ever get, nearly poked my eye out, still i didnt fret, bored of your insults like "bitch your a sket", my standards are high and you just havnt met.<br />‎ Kwame- (SKN) I stay frosty like Montana, so u can call me Tony, and if im the Master then how is it that u own me? Ive beat u, now ur name is Toby, taken in chains and away from ur home, see. Sobered up? Well you'd better, so-be careful when ur talking high coz ur so below me. Six feet under? Ur Down Under, move like lightening, (shhh) no thunder, bars faster than the speed of Sund, er, i mean Sound. Ill rob ur bank then throw u a pound, u feel buried, no ground, wind me up now uv bn un-wound, im still chilled while ur overwhelmed. Bullet-proof top now u need a helm-et. Oh shet. Constipated. The Hardest Shit is what i spit, every day and every night, because Life is a bitch but Success is my Wife.<br />Mc Masker- Pahaha your so funny, your so cold but I'm hot and sunny, you've got frostbite so you can't run to mummy, frozen, left you on the spot, think your the master but I own the whole lot, left you in my freezer, thats why im chilling, next to my Bacardi breezer, cos thats what I end up spilling, telling me not to drink, but I'm the one winning, it's good Friday but trust me I won't be sinning,the games over, so eat up cos this is the Passover, the bread and the wine won't keep you sober, you'll be dead in the grave, and you won't rise, it's over, so defrost like an unplugged freezer, I'm the one who's hot giving you a fever, not stopping these bars? Me neither, so stop and go, cos your a leaver.<br />Kwame-Can't rise from the Dead coz I'll never die, don't roll with a stick but i can still turn the tide, u can sacrifice a sheep but there's still nowhere to hide, to make sure that ur dead ill stab u in the side. Its Easter time so fuck it, ive rapped u like an egg, hung u on a cross lk a coat to a peg, ur insults r lame lk they haven't got a leg-to stand on. Hopping out my bed and got my swag on, my middle name's George so i guess ur's is Dragon, repping England, bitch u know i got my flag on-my shoulders like the world, soz, dont mean to brag on. Got my Easter bunnies so i guess i got my slags on, u look lk a boy so i guess u got ur drag on, running these streets lk the endz r a marathon, ur High lk School but this aint a sing-a-long.<br />Mc Masker- Thinking your jesus, but you claiming things is nothing new, can't compare to him cos your not even close to being a Jew, I'll show you up again but that's always just what I do, leaving you with nothing yeah your bars are becoming few, now listen sonny, you won't be getting eggs from any Easter, bunny, you don't have swag cos your dressed just like, mummy, telling me I'm in drag is just so damn funny, your rhymes are whick whack, in other words runny, I really don't care cos, running a marathon doesn't make you my hunny.<br />‎ Kwame- (slipping) Ur un-cool, like ur mom's brother, get it? U might be homeless but please dont beg it, ur bars r a jk, dont make me dead it, ur bars r poor so i wont give credit. Bars faster than sound but u know ive said it, and dont kill urself until uve read it, they make u Scream like the movie so ud better dread it, too late to bring u back, no need to call a medic. Ur a dog, quit barking, far from parring ur bars r quite jarring, ur retarded but i still stole ur parking-space. I can never lose, already rigged this race, open coffin up, put ur bars in place, court's now dismissed, now i rest my case, ur wasting oxygen, ur better off in space.<br />Mc Masker- I dont like dogs, but you can call me a bitch, giving you a walk, so go fetch the stick, your bars like puppy love making me sick,abandoning you, bit by bit, now your barking foolishly, making you scream, and im in the fourth movie, I shouldn't have to rap in order to prove me, you should back down, cos trust you don't know me, so separate, leaving you distilled like a science, experiment, calling me disabled when my brother is,relevant, where's my camera, cos now you look big like an elephant, spitting shouldn't be about placing labels, for the hell of it, I've left you starved,empty plate, your bottom of the table, now relegate, so go back and recalculate, your bars need work, start over, cos I'm finished mate.<br />Mc- Masker- A new challenge, so let's start, sports days over but you best be fast, mc masker, a new kinda task, try and battle me but you're already last,don't have to reply and I'm not gonna ask, but you big yourself up so i'll listen and laugh, not academic but I'll still get you parred, even though im young I'll end up with the stars, so let's battle, my spit has more venom than that of a rattle, call me a player but I still manage to tackle, hard to break out when I've bound you to shackles, ... stuck, lost for words so I'll give you good luck, try and break free, but you'll still be in the muck.<br />Snizzy- what the fuck have i just suffered through?some mediocre bars Kerry Thompson what is up with you?act like I'm possessed by the demonsyou a rap failure only thing your good at is tasting my semen.<br />Mc Masker- Mediocre, but re read your words, not sure whether you replied, it's hardly a verse, don't get angry cos it's not like I gave you a curse, i didn't disrespect any beliefs, not sure what you've heard, I'm not your hoe and I'm not your bird, so don't tell me that I'm trashy and dirt, find a new hobby cos there's one thing I've learnt, savion you cant rap and it's you that I've burnt, can't handle the fire but you lit the flame, try and plead innocent well you're still insane, you don't get my analogies?, then leave the game, no point in joining in if you can't even play, so should we end it here cos your verses are plain, my trophy is up and so I'll maintain, looks like you're my bitch cos I'm the one in reign. :)<br />Snizzy- too many bars kerry this shit is mad longmake it breif sis, half short, twice stronggo head kerry thomson, I'll even make a sponserso you can go and run home to valerie like Mark RonsonI make a rap out of every syllable of your name:The K is to kill your reign, the E is to eat this gameThe two Rs mean this is my house like Rev RunI smack the God out of you with my hand lead you to depressionThe Y says 'why I should really disrespect you'I fucked your real mum, we ran away and left youI should step on you with my spiked boot for saying im 'pleasing innocent'But it's true me and your mum have more history than Mr Biddiscombe.<br />Mc Masker- Loooooool savion you're too funny, spell out my name cos you know it's worth money,playing your mind games like Matilda with miss honey, you got adopted with a bribe of some money, just cos your mums mr kennings bum chummy, don't change the story even though it's pretty funny, spell my name right cos it's Thompson hunny, oh well, you can just call me mc masker, wanna rap using syllables? then try a lot harder, get me in a depression, but i still be a laugher, when I'm done with you you'll need more than a plaster, don't disrespect cos I believe in the father, call me Amy Winehouse, but you've had too many largers, I'm the one with stars so follow my trail of stardust, cos at the end of the day your cusses just got re cussed.<br />Snizzy- First Kerry I'm warning you that you shouldn't push meI pulled out a steak from eating your mum's pussyYour rap 'career' is going down like hourglass sandBecause your bars are worth less than Kwame's lifespanYou say you're mc masker, I call you mc bastardyou just a statue, lyrically I cut your head off like a craftsmanIf you're amy wine that mean your drugs overtake youI burn you call it arson not even the Father could save youNow kerry, here's a little something I explain to yacome to my house, I demonstrate the real hulkamania ;)It's too hot over here stop trying to give me tha shiversSomeone needs to put you in a box floating down the fucking river...<br />Mc Masker- Savions warning me?, listen up, i dont care if you take it personally, say anything , go on and chat about my family, but when it comes down to rapping youre just a catastrophe, trying to be new, but your lines are all muddled, Is this kwame?, cos I'm defo seeing double, all these Jesus stories, mayn this is too biblical, wanna find out more?, then stop being so cynical, accept my views and stop being so critical, wanna get mean?, then I'll get fucking analytical, may be on dope but I'm still selling records though, calling me bastard man then 'get in my belly' yo, cos Austin powers is a wicked film ya know, looks like I do music, films whats next tv shows?, so my careers not the one drained down the plug hole, can't get any pussy, except from your mums bum hole, all happening at your house and now I get your mojo, looks like your end has come, look behind your sofa, kwames in your home, looking for you to stop being solo, left on your own, do a duo with him cos you're in the same zone, at least you'll be hobos on the street, and your words unknown, but watch out cos when I walk past I might spit on you like a dog to a bone.<br />Snizzy- kerry you think you're all that check this shit out:I am what I am, you either like it or love itYou just ticked me off let me expose you to the publicYou call me kwame well you remind me of katy price:a stuck up bitch who tries to hit at men to boost their lifeYou dont sell records all you sell is your fucking fannyfucking so much men your pussy shrink like an old nannyAnd you can keep kwame, you know you like gay menI slay that battyman and you back to da past tenseall your yipping and yapping at me like Mr Tgirl your half my size work on your height and your pigeon feetand my wizardry is making this your miseryyou swimming with the sharks, your lyrics are moving like fish to meand no you be getting critical and I be getting analyticalcos after this, you can suck the sweetness off my genitalsplus your fat so can I offer you vitamins and minerals :)secretly you know my rhymes are tight, everyone loves usinside you know that your burning up like the Jonas Brothersand ima end this tonight, just like the Jonas BrothersKerry Thompson your need to cover that fat stomachof that baby that we made<br />Mc Masker- No one even likes you, they all hate like marmite, talk about kwame but you sleep with him every night, no more nice miss T cos youre not acting right, thought you were kinda decent, turns out youre not nice, being rude doesnt get you anywhere it just leaves you despised, wizardry youre telling me, but you couldnt hurt a fly, speaking of jonas brothers i met one of them guys, nick jonas and me holding hands cos he knew that kerry's I, oh my god another one who mentions my height, looking at you but your face is too high, probably best cos your not the best looking of guys, call me fat one more time and ill consume you alright?. If im a fish then your just a plant, plenty more fish in the sea, but not sharks, my razor sharp teeth will chew up your heart, dont get me angry, ill leave more than a mark, so get out the pen and go back to the start, cos youre in the past and my futures in sight, call me the doctor ill go anywhere in time, just saw 17 years of your life wasted gone by.<br />Snizzy- Your rhymes probably took you another hour to write downDespite the fact you're persistant you should get off the mic right nowcalling me a fucking plant but you just trod on my thornsI kick you back through your mums pussy, back where you was bornthere is no way you can reach my level, im too ahead of youyou dont even have dress sense, even your clothes are fed up of youyes you're fat WHAT your belly look like it's gonna pop like a blisterI hope you don't mind me fucking your mum, you've always wanted another shoulda seen her when she went home she was all scruffed upjust like your face, and your rap career is fucked up'cos he knew that kerry's I' what the fuck are those bars???you've messed up i get a needle sew together your arseand then keep feeding you, and feeding you, and feeding youuntil your bladder starts leaking aint no shoulder you can lean on tooI call my brudda Robert Kerr and let him feed on youyou're a joke lemme COME tonight and get a feel on youand make you CUM bitch.<br />Mc Masker- Wow You're pretty psychopathic, should probably get a therapist, my bars are automatic, your rhymes are making me laugh , im turning asthmatic, can't help your obsession with my mum, but it's problematic, well I find the Human centipeide funny, not traumatic, so you can carry on if you like but you're a bit dramatic, it's tragic, tell me I take long to reply, I'll tell you again to annoy that kerry's I, I don't need grammar to get my marks high, cos this is an explanation of why your flo's dry!, claiming youre ahead, but you're just so damn high, I'll get rob with me hit you with his chicken bone thigh, so just leave, mc masker on the mic but my face deceives, looking innocent but then all my raps achieve, savion you think you've won but you're just so naive, sit back and enjoy as my words are retreived.<br />Snizzy- well your so psychopahtic, the outcome is dramatic I could destroy you using mathematics, you read my bars like italic, you get the message, I read your passage and I'm like your career is static, you try to hurt me with errors well I am systematic, cos If I stoped rapping my mind just grows bigger, rougher and tougher like arnold schwarzenegger, got my finger on the trigger and im about to blow your white arse out of this picture kerry you a monster malacia you was strong at a point but now you're crapper than a pair of wooden scissors<br />Mc Masker- You're smart but you've got the wrong logistics, wanna come at me with your facts and statistics, I'm not the psychopath but I'm pretty ballistic, but please you'll never defeat me with a bit of arhythmics, so stop, Id quite like to see your head explode, pop, you're so big headed, go join the big top, cos if circus needs anyone it'll be a bepot, forget fame youll be forever at bus stops, Arnold Schwarzenegger not savion, lost the plot, guess you shouldve ended when you had the chance, full stop.<br />Snizzy- Exclamation mark, I leave marks to make you lose your motivation, and my facts sharp, slice your skin off: exfoliation. You're a fool trying to interpolate the fuel of lyrics I initiate from my mind as my words conglomerate and integrate to destroy you AND YOUR FUCKING're losing it kerry your rhymes are getting recklessmy head exploded and im still fucking your mum while i'm headlessbitch, get back in the kitchen cook me breakfastcos you know you're worth less than a carbon steel necklace.<br />Mc Masker- You can't destroy my faith, especially not through your verses, look back over what you wrote and maybe rehearse them, getting angry at me cos you're the one who's hurting, so change the verse, cos fucking my mum is just too overheard, headless but your heads on the plate that I've served, in the kitchen preparing you like a piece of shit, dirt, cos thats the only thing to compare your worth, telling me I'm nothing, but that's all Ive heard, so restart, cos you've crashed down bad, sorry for not caring, but burning in hell isn't so sad, especially if it's you and the thought makes me glad, think I'm harsh, but you're too fucking mad, might as well stop cos you're the worst Ive heard rap, heads come off but here's your fucking heart attack, cussing me cos I'm white, but you're hardly even black, use my race against me but I'll still do rap, the only dick you have is on your sharply sliced head, that's what scares kwame when you're naked in bed, just a flap like pans labyrinths, after the grapes you were fed, if I'm just some useless carbon then you're a piece of snapped led.<br />Some random girl- kerry so you think you got bars ?well let me and savion show you some of ours on the mic hes a pro so i fink you better go and leave your shitty little flonow, i aint claiming to be the best but after this your gonna need to take a rest as i can see you hype on the mic but when im through with you, you'll just wanna crymy bars will sting you , ya stupid little dyke my venom flowing through you ; you'll just wanna die .your bars are so stupid like WTF i suggest you stop you silly little stut your fanny like a bucket every man wanna fuck it your legs i suggest you shut 'em as you can see i dont waste no time aquainted or not you'll get lyrically shot my bars are hot and yours are just notso stick to wat you do best : being a SLUT (btw these are just barss not nessesarily truee no meaning to them )<br />Mc Masker- Oh no, another one to all me a hoe, all cos you can't handle the pace of my flo, you don't even know me so I think it's time to go,embarrassing for you cos I'm a christian ya know, bitch please, you couldn't infect anyone with a swine flu sneeze, your bars are so whack I'd pay you to leave, degrading rap through your verse is just peak, time to close your mouth or should I say beak, two of you now but I'll still complete, funny how soon you'll be rubbing my feet, my rap battles will get me far, so call it defeat,you munch on pussy's cos its the only thing you eat, so depart, cos these are words that come straight from the heart, ive just jumped on the mic so I'm afraid it's the start, think you can rap cos you're a lesbian tart, bullseye, I've just hit you with a lyrical dart, turn on the music channels, cos soon I'll be in the charts, I could be a slut but I'd rather this work of art, hilarious, your jokes so weird making me delirious, did you just back up savion?, now that really is mysterious, how much did he pay you to be his slutty mistress, it's now clear to me I left him distressed with my business, I leave all those mc's on the floor, heads messed, I speak so much wisdom, demons end up feeling blessed, some say savions good, but theyre clearly just possessed, tired yet?, I'll keep working you like a fucking bench press, cos this is a girl you don't wanna mess with, both mc's demolished, this present is so festive, thought I was ok at this, but now I know I'm gifted, you don't mean what you say but this is your arrest bitch, didn't ask for such joy, but it's better than my wish list.<br />Some random girl-ima keep this short.embarrasing for me ah hell no , i dnt care bour your religion so to hell i'll go. listen im the true bad bitch so i'll burn you with out a glitch. no matter how you think you can spit your game every par you come out with it is wack and lame ther is no way your bars will lead you to fame. see you on the music channels you say? yeah no doubt as one of the hoes they pay. savions misstress ?? oh please, i kno insest for you is okay but have some dignty please. i'll never rub your feet ; idont like cheese.if you must live can you do so in silence, if you dont agree i may resort to violence. you say you chat wisdom well i say you chat crap it smells so bad i should give you a slap. really i cosiderd burning my eyes cos i was readin so many lies. you question savions talent well ask escape youth cos they'll tell you the truth. unlike your pussy my parr game is tight so i'll cuss you morning noon and night i didnt wanna go there i ddnt wanna have to fight but you had to be persistant and you had to feel my might. i bet you kno that your face is a disgrace you look like a disabled donkey i think eeyore is the name. you wanna talk about bench press well i can lift two of you so i suggest you run now with your tail between your legs cos bitch you aint safe when my words are on the loose. your mouth smells of dik so u shud shut it, you jumped up little bitch you dont want this , i got muscles people woud pay to kiss , you aint on it. if you like the way your face looks you shud jog on cos right about now im gonna pop off. im ranked in this world you aint nothing, chosen cos of my talents you? you aint wanted. you cuddnt pay anyone to sign you they dont want their rep pulled down cos nah nah nah nah nah they aint lovin it.<br />Mc Masker- Not being funny but your English is disgraceful, thought you were a threat, but it's clear you're just playful, calling me ugly, who smashed your face on a table?, call me eeyore but your the one disabled, wanna meet my brother, you'd see the fucking label, cos it ain't funny and your apology would be enabled, HAHA , youre not ranked anywhere, whats your name I forgot?,but mine ascends everywhere ,top of the league table, and so I'm known as premier, platinum, I know that I rap at the maximum, your words so dry I can't finish reading em, try to damage me, but only my ears are bleeding hun, tell me where you're from, I'll show you I'm from Brixton, try and rap at me but I'll finish you, on addition, start threatening me and you'll see the competition, slaying mc's has become a mere tradition, everything you say is just a contradiction, defeated you lyrically, and here's your affliction, your so ugly, tell me do you have a fish mum?, incest ain't for me but for you it's non fiction, pissed on, a tramp who asked for bum fun, for you it's the normality, but don't tell me it's yum yum, cos your so butters, it's clear your mum works in flora's dungeons, I'll give you a peice of my work, got hundreds and millions, sprinkle me about, cos I'll add value, brilliance.<br />