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  1. 1. Digipak Kerry Thompson
  2. 2. Rihanna This is Rihanna’s digipak of her album ‘Loud’.
  3. 3. This is the front cover for the digipak, it is very enticing as only a few colours are used, her skin tone and a bright red to make her stand out, also giving her a seductive look possibly generating more sales. The reason for the album’s success could be due to the enigmas this cover gives off, it can cause questions as to why her eyes are closed and may suggest that the tone of the songs are slow or seductive due to the red tones in her hair and lip colour as opposed to upbeat, even though the title is called ‘Loud’ which may cause you to think twice.
  4. 4. This is the CD that is included in digipak, again it carries on the floral theme that is carried on through the rest of the digipak with a neutral skin coloured tone and a hint of red. This makes the digipak seem as if it speaks for itself, it doesn’t need many colours to sell well or to promote the cd, giving us the impression that the music on the cd is powerful. This may generate the success of Rihanna’s digipak. The flower theme throughout connotes a contrast to Rihanna’s personality through her seductive red lipstick and red hair, it may show an innocent side to her but the other provocative pictures on the rest of the digipak suggest otherwise.
  5. 5. This shows another part to the digipak, it is written by Rihanna herself on who she has made it for or what the songs mean to her personally, this is again shown with the same colour scheme as the rest and the fact that her body is shown suggests that Rihanna will represent this in her CD through the music she has produced. She is shown here to be wearing provocative clothes again portraying her less innocent and seductive side connoted by the red tones and her body as opposed to her face on display.
  6. 6. Katy Perry This shows the digipak for Katy Perrys ‘Teenage Dream’.
  7. 7. This shows Katy Perry’s digipak, here you can see pictures of her on either side of the CD and her front cover, it is clear that her theme throughout is to do with sweets as the CD has a swirly effect like a candy cane, and her front cover shows Katy Perry laying on a cloud which looks like candy floss and in the picture on the right she is wearing a crown made out of sweets. It would suggest that Katy Perry’s personality is sweet and innocent, however her provocative clothing and her not wearing anything on the front cover shows the contrast as if she is made out to seem sweet and innocent when she might not be, this also connotes that the tone of her album will have a ‘pop’ genre, as perhaps her digipak does not give a serious effect across to the audience but suggests a fun side to her personality which may be put across through the music on her CD.
  8. 8. This also shows other parts of the digipak, the ‘sweets’ theme is carried through the whole album, with the list of songs on the back with some letters replaced with sweets and the same background as that on the front cover. Her digipak can appeal to a very wide audience as maybe the innocence shown through the theme may attract younger audiences with the colours pink, blue and light tones contributing to her innocence and her revealing side is more likely to attract older audiences with the possible seductive red colours and provocative clothing attracting them.
  9. 9. This is the digipak for Kanye West’s ‘Love Lockdown’.
  10. 10. This shows Kanye West’s digipak, as you can see it holds a simple design, with the main focus on Kanye himself, making him seem powerful and dominant, this may suggest that the songs on his CD will show his personality to be powerful and in control. There is no particular genre that comes across through the look of this digipak as the design is very simple, however an audience can guess that maybe its not very upbeat or ‘pop’ like as these digipaks tend to have bright colours and a busy design. The picture of the heart connotes that the songs will be to do with love and the fact the heart has almost been screwed up may connote a song or several songs about heartbreak or sadness, we also see on Kanye a broken heart which further suggests this .