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Forecasts of the future created by our robot - Athena.

Get instant, extracted prospective on your interest topics.

Now try this
​Search FORECASTS on a topic of your choice then click the Summary and Export to get a fast overview and all the detail on its future.

Now 'prioritize' it. Ask your associates to 'prioritize' the same one too.

Regular, collaborative scanning, forecasting, planning, discussion and structured intelligence analysis yields far better and earlier understanding of what's coming, bringing clarity to decision-making on which issues to focus on and which to avoid or drop.

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Shaping Tomorrow - Forecasts

  1. 1. 1 The system creates instant and automatic ‘Forecasts' about probable and possible future world conditions and turns these into: A high-level, fast overview ‘Summary’ of the future A listing of the key drivers of change automatically A word ‘Cloud’ of other connections and drivers of change A ‘Timeline’ of scan hits to project the direction of travel of the change and offers An advanced ‘Refine capability to narrow your search An ‘Export’ capability to use with other software and to conduct full literature reviews A ‘Help’ facility for you to get the best out of the service With this system members can create professional foresight reports and presentations in less than half a day on any topic of their choice compared with many days or weeks from traditional methods. Get instant, extracted prospective on your interest topics
  2. 2. 22 This market-leading service removes all the drudgery from scanning the horizon for change Our robot, Athena, automatically extracts meta data and FORECASTS from Insights You can search for a topic from the home page or site search box to obtain an instant listing of FORECASTS Or, you can visit FORECASTS in the left-hand navigation bar to see the content from latest added to the beginning of time Then click the center panel icons to view: - A high-level ‘Summary ‘ of the topic - A ‘Cloud’ of keywords related to your topic - A timeline indicating the future direction of your topic - An advanced search ‘Refine’ dialogue form - An ‘Export’ capability to an Excel spreadsheet - A ‘Help’ button to learn how to use the service 2
  3. 3. 33 Always ask yourself: Timeframe: when will a mainstream impact begin to appear? Scope: how widely will the trend be accepted and/or adopted? Impact: how strong will the impact of this trend be? Likelihood: how quickly might this trend have an impact on the organization? Urgency: what is the required speed of response by the organization to the trend? etc. ... You can do this on your own, or in collaboration with colleagues, by clicking the THINK button below each Alert and then | Prioritize | and | Importance |. You can then compare your rankings to others you have made or review yours versus your colleagues views. 3
  4. 4. 44 ATHENA is Shaping Tomorrow's robot scanner and your personal assistant She uses artificial intelligence to automatically find, extract and interpret the implications drawn from articles, reports and PowerPoints on the web She also is increasingly helping you, our members, clients and partners with advice and help as you work We are striving to make her perfect but we know she makes interpretative mistakes. That's why Shaping Tomorrow still needs editors to clean up the FORECASTS and Implications after she has done her work. But tests have shown that she works 100 times faster than the old human methods. So, please cut her some slack if what she tell you is good enough for you to use and let us know if you see how we could improve her service to you 4 More about me here:
  5. 5. 55 First, they search on their interest topic, using the ‘Refine’ button to home in on their focus They maybe add more manual Insights from which the robot will add more extracted FORECASTS automatically Next they run the ‘Summary’ and transfer to a Word doc or PPT and edit it into a desired format. Then they Export the spreadsheet and add more of the listing to their Word doc or PPT. Lastly, they add pictures, format the document and PPT and publish usually in less than four hours That’s what we do too when we publish our weekly Trend Alerts. They take just one hour to prepare from a standing start; five times faster than the old, manual method Impress your bosses and associates with your future knowledge and ability to prepare research at pace 5
  6. 6. 66 Apart from producing Trend Alerts we use FORECASTS too: Do instant literature reviews in client workshops saving huge amounts of time Use our PLAN and ACT tools based on the FORECASTS to develop robust answers to client questions Develop professional Briefings and Gists for private clients Spot newly emerging Key Drivers of change of which we were previously unaware Alert our private clients to new issues and ideas that we know are of interest to them Automatically update our global ‘Challenges’ available to all from the front page You can too if you are our client or a Pay-As- You-Go member! 6
  7. 7. 77 Each week either our robot, Athena, or guest writers create a short Trend Alert on a key emerging issue that is sent to our 12,000 members Or, ask us for a customised, Trend Alert or more detailed GIST report, or full Briefing on any other topic of interest to you Use these as fire-starters with your executives and managers to get their juices flowing on how these might affect your organization and what to do next You can use our Question methods under PLAN to prompt their responses 7 You can do this too on any subject you like using the Forecasts search box on the front page of the site and then clicking Summary button when presented with the results (payment required).
  8. 8. 88 We have set up a number of instant and partial summary FORECAST reports covering: Global challenges | Sector changes | Risks & Opportunities | Year-by-year | G20 Watch | PESTLEC predictions * | Generational differences You can view these weekly updates for free and access the full FORECASTs for a fee, Plan your response to any issues that may affect you and ask us to set up your own custom forecasts 8
  9. 9. 99 Begin exploring the service Consult the other detailed help ‘START’ guides here Contact us if you have any difficulties or would like up to 30 minutes free, online training We are here to help. Feel free to contact us +44 (0) 1273 832221 Skype: shapingtomorrow Or use Live Chat when we are available online “We are here to help you make better decisions today, faster and cheaper than ever before”