"Using LinkedIn & Facebook to Advance" for Women in Cable Telecommunications WICT


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Women in Cable Telecommunications WICT Southern California hosts the Wednesday Webinar Series and July 11, 2012 was "Using LinkedIn and Facebook to Advance" by Kerry Rego. She talked about consumer use of search engines, reputation management, social media marketing strategy, tools available, personal branding, professional use, and action items for leveraging social media.

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  • "Using LinkedIn & Facebook to Advance" for Women in Cable Telecommunications WICT

    1. 1. WICT Southern CaliforniaWednesday Webinar Series Presented by Kerry Rego July 11, 2012
    2. 2. First Page of Search Results 85% never get off the first page! -Internet Reputation Management Data by Compete, Jacob Nielsen, Optify Image courtesy InternetReputationManagement.com
    3. 3. Image courtesy of Reply MCIn a 2010 study by Microsoft & Cross Tab MarketResearch, 70% of U.S. recruiters have rejectedcandidates based on their online reputation though only7% of Americans believe their online reputation affectstheir job search.
    4. 4. Why is Social Media Important? •Facebook 901m users •Twitter 400m tweets/day •YouTube 4b+ views/day •LinkedIn 161m users •Google+ 100m users •Tumblr 16b pg/vws Logos courtesy of Aquaticus
    5. 5. Social Media Daily Use Infographic compiled and designed by Go-Gulf.com
    6. 6. 7 Ways to Advance BusinessUsing Social Media Marketing1. Enhance Branding & Awareness2. Protect Your Reputation3. Enhance Public Relations4. Build Community5. Enhance Customer Service6. Facilitate Research & Development7. Drive Sales & Leads
    7. 7. Where Do You Start? • Goal • Tools, Research • Routine • Measure • Adjust • Persist
    8. 8. What ToolsSupport Your Goal?
    9. 9. GOAL
    10. 10. Market Research• WHO is the audience?• WHAT is their preference?• WHEN do they want to hear?• WHERE are they?• WHY are you there?
    11. 11. Social Media = Telephone
    12. 12. Leveraging Facebook Edison Research & Arbitron found 80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands through FacebookImage by Hubspot 27% of their time is spent on the News Feed!
    13. 13. Using Facebook for Business1. Post frequently, once per day2. Optimize Your Timeline as Storyboard3. Ask Questions4. Use Humor5. PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES6. Encourage Interactivity7. Use Contests with Care8. Use Calls to Action
    14. 14. How Do They Do It?• Listens to customers Encourages interactivity• Creates a brand story Creative & fun
    15. 15. Facebook for Personal Brands1. Understand your privacy settings2. Once it’s out, it’s OUT there3. Use different tools for different purposes4. Encourage boundaries (redirection)5. Turn on subscriptions6. Interest Lists7. NOTHING IS PRIVATE
    16. 16. Using LinkedIn for Business1. Company Profiles -products & services with recomm. -status updates -career opportunities -network connections to company -multimedia7. Post Events8. Advertising9. Analytics
    17. 17. LinkedIn for Personal Brands • Status Update • Show Volunteer Positions • Display Your Portfolio of Work, Apps • Recommendations • Advanced Search Functions • Group Networking • Answer Section • Jobs Section • Gather intel on Companies • LinkedIn Today
    18. 18. Action Items to Advance Your Personal Brand• Perform a vanity search• Own your own domain• Post original content (blogs)• Use social media appropriate for you• Set up a schedule to monitor• Complete your LinkedIn profile! Read more at http://bit.ly/StartRepMng
    19. 19. QUESTIONS? KerryRegoConsulting.com Kerry@KerryRegoConsulting.comFacebook.com/KerryRegoConsulting