The Benefits and Obstacles of Strategic Social Media Planning


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Kerry Rego presented "The Benefits and Obstacles of Strategic Social Media Planning" to the Professional Services Marketing Group-North Bay on July 17, 2012. She introduced concepts for reputation management, strategies for developing and delivering content, and utilizing specific tools to streamline the time investment. You can contact Kerry to schedule an in person presentation or webinar for your team or organization. 707-520-4572

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  • The Benefits and Obstacles of Strategic Social Media Planning

    1. 1. Professional Services Marketing Group – North Bay Kerry Rego Consulting July 17, 2012
    2. 2. First Page of Search Results 85% never get off the first page! -Internet Reputation Management Data by Compete, Jacob Nielsen, Optify Image courtesy
    3. 3. QuattrocchiSmith Dollar PC Kwok Architects1. Website 1. Website2. LinkedIn 2. Press Release3. LinkedIn attorneys 3. Press Release4. Facebook Page 4. Case Study5. Map on FB Page 5. Reed Const (listing)6. CitySearch (listing) 6. ArchDaily (listing)7. YellowPages (listing) 7. Foursquare8. Twitter 8. Facebook Page9. Manta (listing) 9. Yelp10.Legal Marketing 10.Archinet (listing) (network/listing)Own - 4 Own - 4Can Take Control - 4+ Can Take Control - 3
    4. 4. Action Items to Manage Your Brand Reputation • Perform a vanity search • Own every variation of your domain • Post original content (blogs are best) • Use social media that is audience and product appropriate • Set up a schedule to monitor Read more at
    5. 5. Why is Social Media Important? •Facebook 901m users •Twitter 400m tweets/day •YouTube 4b+ views/day •LinkedIn 161m users •Google+ 150m users •Tumblr 16b pg/vws Logos courtesy of Aquaticus
    6. 6. Social Media Avg. Daily Use Infographic compiled and designed by Fav resource for behavior is ComScore & Pew Internet
    7. 7. Benefits & Relevance of Using Social Media Marketing1. Enhance Branding & Awareness2. Protect Your Reputation3. Enhance Public Relations4. Build Community5. Enhance Customer Service6. Facilitate Research & Development7. Drive Sales & Leads
    8. 8. Where Do You Start? • Goal • Audience Mockup • Tools • Routine • Measure • Adjust • Persist
    9. 9. Market Research• WHO is the audience?• WHAT is their preference?• WHEN do they want to hear?• WHERE are they?• WHY are you there?
    10. 10. Don’t Forget:Event ServicesMobile/LocationDoc ShareBookmark
    11. 11. Marketing Editorial Calendar
    12. 12. Tools for Streamlining• Set routine for “dashboarding” content• Blog in batches, time release, autopost• Feedburner, TwitterFeed,• Facebook scheduler• Hootsuite, TweetdeckAutoposting blog to other channels gets you 50% more leads!Scheduling gets you 3x more leads! – Hubspot
    13. 13. Optimum Times to Tweet/FB Infographic compiled and designed by Buddy Media
    14. 14. Obstacles• Lack of Time• Lack of Manpower/Resources• Lack of Training & Knowledge• Can’t Measure• Decision Makers don’t get it• Blank Page Syndrome• Negativity
    15. 15. Solutions1. Time 1. Batch Create & Schedule2. Manpower 2. Routine3. Training 3. Hire Experts, YouTube, follow rockstars & pros4. Measure Boss Onboard 4. Build custom metric6. Writer’s Block report based on goals7. Negativity 5. 1. 2.
    16. 16. Social Media = Telephone
    17. 17. QUESTIONS?