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Kerry Rego regularly speaks as a keynote presenter on how to use social media and social networking tools to enhance your online reputation. Her book "What You Don't Know About Social Media CAN Hurt You: Take Control of Your Online Reputation" (to be released in paperback November 2012) is a full length description and plan for action.

If you would like to have Kerry Rego come to your location to speak on this subject, please contact her at 707-520-4572 to arrange her services.

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Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management:The Tools to Help You Protect Your Name Kerry Rego Consulting
  2. 2. What Happens in Vegas……doesn’t stay there, thanks to social media.
  3. 3. In a 2010 study by Microsoft & Cross Tab MarketResearch, 70% of U.S. recruiters have rejectedcandidates based on their online reputation thoughonly 7% of Americans believe their online reputationaffects their job search.
  4. 4. First Page of Search Results 85% never get off the first page! Internet Reputation Management Data by Compete, Jacob Nielsen, Optify Image courtesy
  5. 5. 4 out of 5Consumers changed their minds about arecommended purchase based solely on negativeinformation they found online.- 2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker
  6. 6. Have you everGoogle’d yourself?
  7. 7. Web Items That Can Be Damaging•Your photo•Spelling•Damaging info•Duplicate names
  8. 8. Monitoring Tools • Google Alerts • Social Mention • Klout • Hootsuite • Grader • Twitter Search • Hyper Alerts
  9. 9. Own Your misspellings with a middle initial, if necessary
  10. 10. Own a Business? Map It
  11. 11. Negative Posts• How do you deal with it normally?• Listen, respond, react• Provide customer service & survey• Collect reviews on the spot• Don’t erase negative posts!• Control is an illusion
  12. 12. 83% of companies will face a crisis that will negativelyimpact their share price between 20 and 30%, during thenext five years. (Oxford-Metrica)
  13. 13. Set up a Crisis Plan •Plan procedure •Document •Mock exercise •Train
  14. 14. Update Communication Policy • Add internet tools • Communicate with staff • Train for best practices • Update legal wording
  15. 15. High Ranking Social Media • Facebook Pages • LinkedIn Personal Profiles • Twitter • Google Local/Places • Manta (directories) • Blogs • Pinterest • Slideshare • YouTube
  16. 16. Early Nov 2012
  17. 17. THANK YOU! Kerry Rego Consulting 707.520.4572
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