Mariners group project part 1 complete
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Mariners group project part 1 complete



SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project Part 1 MARINERS

SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project Part 1 MARINERS



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Mariners group project part 1 complete Mariners group project part 1 complete Presentation Transcript

  • Group Project Presentation - Mariners San Francisco State University – ISYS 363 Section 1
  • Our Mission • Our task is to find and test several software-based group collaboration tools that will make it possible for our team to complete a multi-stage assignment regardless of whether or not we can physically meet in person. We are expected to evaluate each tool based on knowledge we have acquired while studying business and information systems. We are looking to compare each tool’s effectiveness in helping us to combine our efforts and create a successful project as well as its ease-of-use on all of our different digital devices. Only the most effective and appropriate tools will make it through our stringent screening process • All of the members of our group have dramatically different class schedules and live scattered out all over the bay area. This means that we are never all at San Francisco State University at the same time. We also have dramatically different work schedules. This means we are not always available to be in front of our computers at the same time for a live person-to-person chat. For this reason we will have to be able to send and receive important messages to each other individually and to all members of the group as a whole. We must also be able to work collaboratively on the same document. This means we will need to find a service that provides an online location where we can take turns updating and editing the same file.
  • The Parameters of the Project • We will be researching video and audio conferencing solutions provided by Google+ Hangouts, Skype, and Viber. We will be researching messaging and bulletin-board services from Ilearn, SMS, FaceTime, Gmail, and Facebook. We will be comparing online document collaboration and storage tools from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. • Some of the software tools we are researching provide secondary services in addition to their intended purpose. Also some of them work together to provide increased effectiveness through smooth multi-tasking. We plan to take into account the increased utility provided by these certain versatile super-tools when considering which software we will choose to implement in the latter parts of the assignment. After learning everything we can about these tools and the services they provide, we will single-out the five tools that work the best for our group’s collaborative needs and briefly describe their attractive features as well as their unfortunate shortcomings. • The key leaders here are the Google products, Skype, and Facebook.
  • Google Drive • Pros: – Completely free to use up to 15 gigabyte storage limit (no trial period). – Multi-Platform including Windows, Mac, IOS Mobile, and Android Mobile. – Syncs Documents automatically as they are updated/changed. • Cons: – Requires a free Google Account (a.k.a. a Gmail Account). – Requires an Internet Connection to upload/download file changes. – Limited to 15 Gigabyte Storage capacity (not great for numerous large media files like music, video, or large-format images).
  • Facebook • Pros: – Multiplatform social media that allows user to login on any operating system and able to access through mobile phone – May create a private page for everyone to log in and post comments – Immediate notification of updates. – Chat, private message, video, and document share capabilities. • Cons: – Must create a user profile. – Excessive exposure to useless recommendations and ads. – Unnecessary newsfeed notification
  • Skype • Pros: – Can be used for free. – Is very popular already and most people have it or have at least heard of it. – Takes only five to ten minutes to download. – Is user-friendly. – Has the capability to do screen-sharing. • Cons: – Can not video conference with multiple people for free. – Video and audio quality can be unreliable and/or static-riddled, especially when using equipment other than laptops. – Sometimes requires multiple restarts to get working properly.
  • Google+ Hangout • Pros: – Can be used for free. – Allows for video conferencing with multiple people. – Allows the use of additional apps. – Calls to the U.S. are free. – For iOS, Android, and the web. • Cons: – Requires a Google account. – The more apps in use, the slower the connection. – Not as widely known and thus requires time to get to know.
  • iLearn • Pros: – Free. – We already have a private group forum. – Can be accessed on mobile devices as well as via computers. – Provides member e-mails. – Is connected to our e-mail so posts can be sent to us immediately. • Cons: – Posts can only be edited for 30 minutes after they are posted. – Easily congested with sub-forums and posts. – No other collaboration tools beside forum.
  • Winners: Google Drive & Google+ Hangout • Pros largely outweigh the cons as the cons will not affect our group as much: – Most of us already have accounts, – We are already prepared to have to be online, – We don’t expect to need anymore than 15gb of space, – And we are willing to learn.
  • References • 20 Collaboration Tools for College Students: – • Pros and Cons for Using Skype for Business Video Conference Calls: – • Overview of Google Drive: – • Viber F.A.Q.: – • Videoconferencing in the Classroom: Skype vs. Google Hangouts – • Google Launches “Hangouts” Messaging Service for iOS, Android, and Web: – • Getting Started with Teaching Online Through Ilearn: –