Kerry Keats - Canuck place bereavement services


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Kerry Keats - Canuck place bereavement services presentation

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Kerry Keats - Canuck place bereavement services

  1. 1. Canuck Place Bereavement Services Kerry M Keats, MSW, LCSW Bereavement Services Coordinator Canuck Place Children’s Hospice June 22, 2012
  2. 2. Bereavement Services Currently there are over 200 Bereaved Families who are a part of the Active Canuck Place Bereavement Program In 2010 there were 51 new referrals 2011- May 2012 There were 98 new referrals. 34 Of these have occurred in the past 5 months* Families are on the Active Bereaved list for aprox 4 years.
  3. 3. Where are the families FromFor the past two years: 1/3 Vancouver Coastal Health 1/3 Fraser Health 1/3 all other Health Authorities
  4. 4. Who Refers Families to us Families who’s child is on the Canuck Place Program receives bereavement as a form of continuity of care BCCH/ BC Women’s Community Hospitals, physicians, care providers Parents/family members self refer RCMP, Victim Services, Schools
  5. 5. What services are provided Consultation and support Assessment of bereavement needs of parents and sibling. Individual, Couple and Family Counseling Community Referrals
  6. 6. Bereavement Support Groups Parent Bereavement Group: Canuck Place Concurrent Sibling Support Group Abbotsford Parent Bereavement Support Begins September 2012 Kelowna Parent/Sibling Groups Provided 2x per year Groups in Vancouver are held every other Tuesday Evening. Summer once per month
  7. 7. Annual Dinner/Butterfly Release
  8. 8. Remembering Our Children
  9. 9. Bereavement Retreat/Camp Latona
  10. 10. 55 Family Members, Staff and Volunteers Attended
  11. 11. Over 50% of these families do not attend regular ongoing support groups
  12. 12. Retreat Survey “It was a unique event and it was great to spend time with other bereaved families in a setting other than a "conference" room and connect in a more relaxed and natural setting” “Thank you so much for making this retreat program happen. We had so much fun by simply going somewhere far from our daily like distance. Also meeting staff and other families is a good thing and the program gave us such opportunity. Again, thank you very much for you hard work to organize this event!”
  13. 13.  “it was emotionally and physically exhausting but in a positive way. Thank you” “We always welcome to the ideas presented to us, and we are where we are at emotionally, as a result of the amazing support we received during our childs illness” “although i have not met any of the other parents before I found a level of comfort being with families that are going through a similar situation “hope to get more retreat this summer, it is very nice experienced to our whole family, and making special stuff for our daughter who passed away. Thank you and God bless you all”
  14. 14. Recreation Activities
  15. 15. Precious Pictures
  16. 16. Summer in the CityOver 70 bereaved family members, includingsiblings will attend Summer in The City 2012
  17. 17. Thank You