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Writing Speech

  1. 1. THE SCHOOL TALES   JOB ADVERT: Researcher and writer required to write history of local school for the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the school. Members of staff and students, past and present, will be available for interviews. You will have access to previously unseen records and recently discovered logbooks, which record some of the school events in our long and successful history. Discretion will be required. Apply in writing to Mr. Lock.  
  2. 2. There is a lot of gossip going around. Some believe the school is haunted! S o how is the re s e arch for the s chool his tory g oing ? There have been som e strange th students hav ings that e told m ab e out a fe room in the eling in a ce school and t rtain cold patches hat there are in som plac e definite alm st as if o es around th som thing… e e school… not… I m an som one is e e I don’s t ee howit there but isn’possible t could be so… ...is it? it
  3. 3. There are som peo e say that th ple w o h is school on an anc w s built a ient burial there are site and those peo say that th ple w o h ere w s a a horri accident y fic ears ago w ll you m e and that . ight have .. rum urs a heard the o nd the tale s. S o w hat’s the true s tory that the y don’t w ant y ou to know I w onde r?
  4. 4. Imagine you are talking to a friend about the gossip you just heard. You KNOW the true story. The school was built on an ancient burial site. In the middle of your page write down the first thing you say.Now draw a speech bubble around it. Hey! M Dad told m the real story. y e How does your friend reply? Write it down and draw a speech bubble around it. Really, w did he say? hat
  5. 5. Write a short reply to that question. Draw a speech bubble around it. How does your friend reply? Write it down and draw a speech bubble around it.
  6. 6. Each time someone else speaks you need a new speech bubble. When you write speech in a story, instead of a new speech bubble you need to start on a new line. Now look at your first speech bubble Write it down on your next empty line. Hey! M Dad told m the real story. y e I yelled excitedly. On the next line write your friend’s reply. ( the same words that you put in the second speech bubble) Really, w did he say? hat Rory questioned. Place the words in speech marks Now add an ending to show who is speaking and how the words are spoken.
  7. 7. Do the same with the next 2 speech bubbles that you have in your book.
  8. 8. PUNCTUATION… When you write something in a speech bubble you would put all the punctuation inside the bubble. It’s only a SO think of speech marks a bit like the speech rumour. bubble- all the punctuation goes inside them. All speech bubbles will start with a capital letter. SO every time someone speaks make sure it starts with a capital letter. Your task is to use your writing skills to finish this conversation.