Tech tools for classified leaders


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  • 75 min presentation
  • Devin“storage in the cloud”free site that downloads a folder on your computer also a smart-phone and tablet appThe first 2 GB of space is free, but as you share with others and refer them to Dropbox, you increase your “free” space.
  • LisaToday’s Meet is a great site to use as a back-channel or side conversation during instruction, meetings, or even with huge crowds during a conference. The livestream conversation can be used with as small as a handful and as large as 400. The audience can use Today’s Meet to share resources, ask questions, and deepen the discussion. Keep in mind that if you are presenting with a powerpoint on a projector, you will need an additional screen, computer, and projector for maximum capabilities to enhance your presentation and discussion. If presenting as a team, we suggest having one person monitor the Today’s Meet while others are presenting.
  • LisaMost popular and secure online sharing site of filesFREE – use the free versionHave about a week to download itEmail confirming file was sentAny format can be sentFolders to save your files, record of what has been sentCan sinc with all mobile devices
  • DevinAsana is like a task list combined with a social networking sitea fantastic way to organize the busy, ever-changing “to do” items for teams and groupsnot only can tasks be generated and checked-off when they are completed, but participants can comment, upload files, add other participants as followers, and track progress on tasks that have been delegatedweb-based resources (that also has slick apps for phone access) is free for teams of up to 30 people
  • LisaLnkedIn has always been marketed to the non-educational, “business” world growing expanse of groups and connectivity, more education leaders are using itthink social networking for professionalshas 164 million users and that number grows significantly dailywe recommend you use it, not to connect with others, but to access information, resources, and support from a national and international audience. GROUPS areaGreat for HR folks in districts
  • Lisadownload videos directly from YouTube and embed them into presentationsor run them from your laptop. How simple is it? Just paste in the video’s url/link, allow it access to your computer, and download it as an MP4 to your desktopThe best part about downloading the video and embedding it into a presentation is that you no longer need to worry about having access to the internet or during a presentation to run a video
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  • Tech tools for classified leaders

    1. 1. Tech Tools forClassified Leaders Dr. Lisa Gonzales, Coordinator TICAL Leadership Cadre ACSA Tech Leader 2013 Classified Education Leader Institute Emeryville, CA
    2. 2. Connecting the Dots We live in the “mashable” age Uploads to one platform can migrate to others