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PPT for Module III Project - LEC
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PPT for Module III Project - LEC


PLN project

PLN project

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Moving Towards PLN’s Presented by Dr. Lisa Gonzales Director – STEAM Santa Clara COE
  • 2. Professional Learning Networks ( PLN’s )  PLN’s are informal networks that consist of teachers at learners  The intent is to have teachers purposefully connect with others around a specific topic  PLN’s come from “connectivism” research conducted by George Siemens and Stephen Downes  Learners create connections and develop a network that supports their professional development and knowledge  The learning is generally “web” based
  • 3. Why PLN’s ???  Fits with culture of district I’m supporting  New strategic plan, soon to be completed, highlights teachers and professional development in creative ways  Can be used to expand knowledge of Project Based Learning (PBL)  Can be used as a model for districts this one works with  Reinforces creative use of technology  Teachers have choices for platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn groups, Edmodo, Pinterest, blogs, YouTube, The Teaching Channel
  • 4. Current Status? • Strategic plan calls out need to focus on student learning via PBL • Teachers are accustomed to differentiated professional development • Staff loves tech but could use structure around its use, which PLN’s provide • Most teachers are eager, parents are supportive, principals are connected, Board wants to be more on the cutting edge • Union leadership is pushing this direction
  • 5. Action Plan Steps
  • 6. Evidence from Readings/Videos  Alan November’s TED Talk speaks to the use of technology to solve real world problems, which can be identified in the PBL process, the focus on the PLN project  Mitchell Kapor argued that getting info from the Internet is like drinking out of a fire hose – a focused approach of PLN’s will help teachers sift through articles and data
  • 7. Evidence from Readings/Videos  Rick DuFour’s articles referred to the research on Professional Learning Communities and Professional Learning Networks to expand teacher interactions and meaningfulness of their work  The Horizon Report referred to a 2011 KQED’s Mind/Shift research project, identifying a reliance on PLN’s by 2014/15 – this will get the district ahead of this window
  • 8. Outcomes of PLN’s  Teacher focused professional development  Individual accountability that works in conjunction with new teacher evaluation system  Focused work on implementation of PBL and advanced research/learning
  • 9. Technology (in PLN’s) can make the learning easier!