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Eex service learning
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Eex service learning


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The Power Point show cases my service learning.

The Power Point show cases my service learning.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. After School Program
    Kerri Bradley
    April 23rd, 2010
    EEX 4242-10Spring_OW61
  • 2. Early Perceptions
    Going into this project I was unaware how much time it was going to take.
    I hoped not to have any problems with students or technical problems.
    I could not have access to the students IEP information but, I knew I would have students with learning disabilities.
  • 3. Introduction to the Setting
    Belleview Middle School
    Belleview, Florida
    Computer Lab for students who did poor on the previous year’s FCAT this includes regular students and with learning disabilities
  • 4. Site/Community Demographics
    Students while playing basketball during PE part of the program
    Student with a coach
    *** I was unable to take pictures during computer lab time.*****
    Students waiting to go to the next class.
    Student playing basketball during PE
  • 5. Personal Demographics
    I am 23 years old and I live in Ocala, Florida.
    I am a Social Science Education major.
    I work as a Para-Professional at Belleview Middle School.
    At my job I work in an inclusion classroom with the students who need extra help.
    I would love to teach 11th or 12th grade American History or Economics/American Government.
    I enjoy my job and love working with students with special needs.
  • 6. Engagement Activities
    Making corrections to seating charts
    Reviewing assessments
    Making notes of students I need to see about assessments. ***Don’t know why my face looks mad.
    All my paper work for one day only.
  • 7. Engagement Activities Cont.
    Working hard to get everything ready for the next day.
    Making a word list for math and reading.
    Reading guide lines for the After School Program.
  • 8. Engagement Activities Cont.
    I work at Belleview Middle School and when offered the ability to help the students with FCAT I jumped at the chance.
    I spent many hours planning and review the students scores to see were they needed to improve.
    I worked with another Para-Professional in the computer labs. We worked together to inspire the students to do well.
    The students with disabilities were pointed out so we could spend the time we needed to with those students.
  • 9. Participant Demographics
    About 5% of my student’s first language was not English.
    About 20% of the students had learning disabilities which ranged from Emotional disorders, ADHD, cognitive development delay, social delay, and possible more these were the only disorders that I was able to find out.
  • 10. Reflection of my Experience
    I have taken more than anything that students wills are amazing. Many of these students could be sad but, they came in with a happy attitude.
    I feel working with two students (with special needs) how they would not stop they kept going no matter how upset and frustrated they were.
    This experience has effected me by my drive is more than every before. The students who have major disabilities are able to push through and do well in the program.
    I will implement many things in my class that I learn through this experience.
  • 11. Reflections Cont.
    I will never get frustrated while teaching. I learned that these students get up set with themselves more than you ever could. Your job is to be supporter and I take that more seriously now.
    I will approach teaching as more than just a career it is shaping the future of our country/state/cities.
    I have learned that people with special needs are great to have in a classroom. I enjoyed their want to learn and their unstoppable courage.
    During this time I learned that students need more encouragement than when I was in school. I would go in and never hear how well I was doing and some of these kids need that encouragement to do well.
    I will have activities in my class that allows students to be hands on and express their thoughts in different ways than pen and paper.
    I have grown greatly from thinking about what is good to me but, what is good for the students and my class.
    I am so happy to have the experience that I have gain from this project.