Do You See what I'm Saying?
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Do You See what I'm Saying?

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The fun and awesome of video closed captioning, now with 80% less guilt trip.

The fun and awesome of video closed captioning, now with 80% less guilt trip.

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  • 1. DO YOU SEE WHAT I’M SAYING? The Fun and Awesome of Video Closed Captioning, Now With 80% Less Guilt Trip Kerri Hicks URI 1Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 2. SO, WHY SHOULD WE DO THIS? There might be a law or something. OK, but why else should I create closed captions? 1. Online video subtitles increase video viewing by 40% Source: 2. Google will do a darned good job of translating your video’s content into dozens of languages, so people who aren’t native English speakers can understand what’s going on. 3. Up to 40% of first-page Google search results are video, and your captions make a fantastic transcript, which is indexed, and can improve your SEO. 2Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 3. Words get indexed by Google. 3Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 4. WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE DO IT? "The problem today is, creating captioned media for the web is still seen as very much a difficult hands-on process, which requires specific skills, technologies, and/or software that is complex, expensive, and intricate to work with. Because of this, creating captioned media is often out-sourced to third-party, for-profit production houses, leaving the perception that it is also an expensive proposition." -- 4Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 5. HOW DO I DO IT? Welcome to Amara ( ) Amara is composed of three main parts: A subtitle creation and viewing tool (aka the widget) A collaborative subtitling website An open protocol for subtitle search/delivery Everything Amara does is available under the open source AGPL license. 5Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 6. 6Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 7. AMARA INTERFACE 7Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 8. WHO CAPTIONS? Ideally, academic staff who have captioning experience Students -- assign one student to one class session advantage of students is they should know the material Students -- hireTAs / $30-$50 per hour lecture Faculty -- especially for lectures that will be reused across semesters Crowdsourcing! 8Thursday, October 10, 13
  • 9. INDULGE ME 9Thursday, October 10, 13