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    November 2012 kern tax voter guide 120914 November 2012 kern tax voter guide 120914 Presentation Transcript

    • NOVEMBER 2012 STATEWIDE BALLOT POSITIONS enforcement officers.Minor increase to state and local governments’ costs of incarcerating and supervising human trafficking offenders.KernTax Opposes Prop 30: Governor Browns Tax IncreaseIncreases state revenues over the next seven fiscal years. Estimates of the KernTax Supports Prop 36: Revises three strikes law life sentencing criteria.Therevenue increases vary—from $6.8 billion to $9 billion for 2012-13 and from $5.4 truly dangerous criminals will receive no benefits whatsoever from this reform.billion to $7.6 billion, on average, in the following five fiscal years, lesser Repeat criminals will get life in prison for serious or violent thirdamounts in 18-19.California has a $15 billion budget deficit - a result of strikecrimes.State savings related to prison and parole operations thatoverspending - $500 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, a tax and regulatory potentially range in the high tens of millions of dollars annually in the short run,climate that drives businesses away, wasteful and ineffective use of our tax possibly exceeding $100 million annually in the long run.Increased state anddollars and a broken political system. county costs in the millions to low tens of millions of dollars annually in the first few years, likely declining substantially in future years,KernTax Supports Prop 31: Government Performance and Accountability Act.Potential decrease in state program costs or increase in state revenues KernTax Opposes Prop 37: Requires strict labeling requirements for geneticallyresulting from changes in the fiscal authority of the Legislature and Governor. engineered food sold in CA. Prop 37 is a deceptive, flawed food labelingState and local costs are increased to implement new budgeting practices. scheme that will add more government bureaucracy andOver time, these costs would moderate and potentially be offset by savings taxpayer costs.Potential increase in state administrative costs of up to onefrom improved program efficiencies. million dollars annually to monitor compliance with the disclosure requirements specified in the measure. Potentially, significant new costs for the courts dueKernTax Supports Prop 32: Returns power to the voters by limiting both to litigation.corporate and union political giving. Prop 32 bans both corporate and unioncontributions to state and local candidates Bans contributions by government KernTax Opposes Prop 38: The Tax for Education and Early Childhoodcontractors to the politicians who control contracts awarded to them. Bans Programs, the Munger Tax. Increased state personal income tax revenuesautomatic paycheck deductions by corporations and labor unions, increased beginning in 2013 and ending in 2024. Estimates of the revenue increases varystate implementation and enforcement costs of up to hundreds of thousands from $10 billion to $11 billion per fiscal year beginning in 2013-14, tending toof dollars annually, potentially offset in part by revenues from fines. increase over time.Until the end of 2016-17, 70 percent of revenues would be dedicated to K-12 education and early care/education programs. In 2017-18KernTax Supports Prop 33: Auto Insurance prices based on a drivers history of and subsequent years, 85 percent would be provided to K-12 education andinsurance coverage.Prop 33 allows insurance companies to give proportional 15 percent to early care and education.discounts to drivers with some prior insurance coverage. Will allow insurancecompanies to increase cost of insurance to drivers who have not maintained KernTax Opposes Prop 39: Tax Increase for Multistate Businesses. Propositioncontinuous coverage. 39 is a massive $1 billion tax increase on California job creators that will result in the loss of thousands of middle class jobs. Californias unemployment rate isKernTax Supports Prop 34: Repeals death penalty as maximum punishment for already third worst in the country at nearly 11%.Proposition 39 is a recipe forpersons found guilty of murder and replaces it with life imprisonment without waste and corruption. Prop 39 spends up to $22 million on a new bureaucracypossibility of parole.The death penalty has already beeneffectively abolished and special interest commission. It gives Sacramento politicians a blank checkin California. California has executed only 13 people in the last 34 years and to spend billions without real accountability or taxpayer protections.none since 2006. Since 1978, the state has spent $4 billion to administer Manufacturing jobs that provide for families are vanishing. The $1 billion punishment, about $308 million for execution. A study last year 39 tax increase changes tax laws that have been in effect for more than 40concluded the state is spending $184 million to house death row prisoners years and will cost more union and non-union workers their jobs.over what it would be if they were sentenced to life in prison. Death penaltyopponents do not want anyone to be executed and have successfully broken KernTax Supports Prop 40: Referendum on State Senate Redistricting Lines. Athe system. Taxpayers should not be paying extravagantly for the death "yes" vote on Prop. 40 means that the State Senate maps drawn by the voter-penalty, when in reality it does not exist. approved independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will remain in place. California voters have voted three times in the last four years to have districtKernTax does not have a position on Prop 35: Increases criminal penalties for maps drawn by an independent Commission, not the politicians. Thesehuman trafficking.Potential one-time local government costs of up to a few redistricting reforms have put an end to political backroom deals by ensuringmillion dollars on a statewide basis, and lesser additional costs incurred each the process is transparent and open to the public.year, due to the new mandatory training requirements for certain law
    • KernTax’s PRINCIPLES and VOTER GUIDE KernTax 331 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93301-5313KernTaxevaluates all taxes and fees using the following principles:ALL TAXES/FEES MUST BE FAIR. A beneficial tax distributes the burden evenly,provides services that are useful to the general public, and is levied only topay for needed services. A bad tax splits the tax roll into high-payers and low-payers, is levied to give services to a few, and is used as an instrument ofsocial policy.ALL TAXES/FEES MUST BE UNDERSTANDABLE. A beneficial tax is visible, leviedand spent by the jurisdiction closest to the voters, would be approved by thevoters for generally desired services, and is identifiable with the services itprovides. A bad tax is hidden as a fee or assessment, is levied by a remotelevel of government, is spent on services of least local value, would berejected by voters, and is swept into a general fund where its use cannot betracked.ALL TAXES/FEES MUST BE COST EFFECTIVE. A beneficial tax pays only for thefew services that can be best provided by government and supports efficient,useful governmental programs. A bad tax pays for services that could beeffectively provided by the private sector and is wasted on programs ofminimal value.ALL TAXES/FEES MUST BE GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY. A beneficial tax pays forservices that encourage growth of the private sector, is levied onconsumption, and encourages capital formation. A bad tax discouragesbusiness development and is levied on production, savings, or investment. LOCAL BALLOT MEASURESKerntax evaluates all government expenditures using the following principles:ALL EXPENDITURES MUST BE FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. All monies from the public KernTax has no position on Measure M: McFarland Unified Schooltreasury must be spent in a way that is legallyaccountable. All government District, $25M Bondagencies must be answerable for obligations it creates. KernTax opposed Measure N: Mojave Unified School District, $42 Parcel Tax for 5 years.ALL EXPENDITURES MUST BE ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE. Economy means KernTax has no position on Measure O: Elk Hills Elementary Schoolfrugality, the prudent expenditure of money or use of resources to meet basic District, $6.2M Bondgovernment obligations. Sustainable is the ability to bear, maintain or support KernTax supports Measure P: Panama Buena Vista School District,an obligation over time. $147M Bond KernTax supports Measure Q: Standard Elementary School District,ALL EXPENDITURES MUST BE SOCIETALLY EQUITABLE. Society is a community ofpeople having common traditions, institutions, or collective interests. $11.2M BondEquitable expenditures are fair to all concerned, without prejudice, favor, or KernTax opposes Measure R: City of Maricopa, Temporary 10 year, 1rigor entailing undue hardship. percent sales tax increase.