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C:\Users\Kerfi\Documents\Question 7

  1. 1. Looking back at you preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? For my preliminary task I worked in the same group as I have done for my final. For this basic task we had to film some one walking into a room and having a conversation. To do this we were just not given the cameras straight away we had to do make some preparations such as create a story board and a script, so we knew what we were doing. During this I experimented with different camera angles, shot sizes and movement. After filming my group member Adem done the editing. We had difficulties to have continuity in certain areas. In comparison to this exercise I undertook a far more detailed approach for our thriller production in both planning and the production process of the thriller. I began by analysing the start of actual thriller to find conventions which Ramin typed up, this lead me to research into my original production role(cameraman). We then created a survey as a group, which Tarric analysed the results of. I then created a synopsis which I developed over and over again until the final draft. From this I researched in to the subject matter(metal disorders and child kidnappings). I then created detailed characterisations for the casting after much consideration I discovered the only child I was able to use was my younger brother and the other actor was me. I then found props costumes and locations that would be suitable for our production. I also created fake blood as I thought It would be a asset to our film. The reason that our thriller production is of a much higher standard than our exercise is due to the preparations we made, as we also got many influences from movies such as; dawn of the dead, seven, fight club, saw and hostel. As we got to create our own story line, I was a lot more anxious for this task. We also had practice from the preliminary task, so I knew my strengths and weaknesses.
  2. 2. For the preliminary task I used a wide variety of camera shots, angles, and movement such as low angles, POV shots, shot reverse shots, action match shots etc. however this contrast with our final production as I was subjected to mainly using close ups and extreme close ups, how ever I did make an effort to mix it up a little where possible which was mainly o the park, I use tracking shots to track his feet when he was skipping, panning when he was on the swing and pov shot when going down the slide I also attempted to use as many long shots here as possible as it would contrast with the close ups of the torture sequence. I also improved on my framing as I began to think intensively about the rule of thirds, and as I learnt how to adjust the aperture I was able to change the depth of field with the manual focus which is something I was unable to do in the preliminary, as I became more comfortable with the camera I became more steady which allowed me to have better camera movement. For our preliminary task we only used diegetic sounds, this is because we didn’t know how to add non-diegetic sound. For our thriller I attempted to use diegetic sounds as much as possible with the drill, screams and evil laugh. However I added non-diegetic sounds such as the sound track that we chose as a group.During my research I found video clips of news and parents weeping for there children, I used the sound as a voiceover, I also used a TV noise effect in appropriate parts. All in all I attempted to use mainly use diegetic sounds to give a more authentic feel making it seem more like reality. The editing is where I believe to have the most improvement, as I didn’t know how to do any thing not even log and capture. So my editing skills have improved immensely, as I have done all the editing. Our thriller is a montage so most of the transitions are rough cuts, however I have shown that I am able to produce continuity editing when he is skipping and swinging on the swings. I have mainly used jump cuts and elliptical editing, at it almost as if it is no continuity in the torture sequence. I also discovered how to use video transitions such as dissolves and fade in and outs. I also discovered how to adjust the time frame to have slow motion. I also discovered how to use video filters such as the bad TV, to add distortion, I desaturated clips to make them black and white. I discovered how to adjust the lighting and remove colour to create a darker atmosphere. I learnt how to use after effect to create lettering and use effect, however I used the effect on final cut pro for our title, as I was
  3. 3. able to use the wire frame to scatter the text and over lay them to give a flickering effect. For the mise-en-scene, firstly the acting improved as we were able to choose our own actors, but also as we were able to chose our own locations. We researched locations that would be appropriate, and I created the sets as I adjusted the lighting. The acting this time was on point however I often had an issue of the actor vaspan looking into the camera so I would have had to re shoot the scene. As the production designer I was able to find suitable locations which fit our storyline well and was also easy to access as it was my shed and the local park. The set was created and designed to look like a dark basement, which was achieved very well. The costumes were very simple as I told my brother to wear jeans, trainers and a hooded zip-through, which then change to a over sized blood stained t-shirt. This contrasts greatly to our preliminary task where we didn’t even think about the costumes so there isn’t even continuity in that. We used very conventional props, a old wooden chair and rope to reflect the child is being held captive. However I don’t believe that the use of a power tool such as the drill was as conventional, like the gun in the preliminary task. I also created fake blood which was a good effect making it more gory engaging the audience, we didn’t go through as much trouble with the preliminary. The lighting was created with three point lighting I done this with the use of two reheads and one lilliput. Lighting was very important as without it I would not have been able to create shadows, the lighting also had to be consistent or it would break the continuity. This contrasts greatly with our preliminary as we did not have the light to use so have to use them and use it well was difficult especially to create the shadows as I would often come in the shot. I would say that the colour scheme would be red an black as it is very dark and gory. A colour scheme wouldn’t have even crossed our minds for the preliminary task.
  4. 4. Now that I have created a production, feel a lot more comfortable and confident, with the camera, construction of the mise-en-scene, and editing, so much to the point that I could produce a short film on my own as I basically create this on my own with only aid with one other group member Ramin. The orginisation of the group began well with the preliminary task, however shortly went down hill as fellow members were not putting in the effort. Much of the work was dropped on my shoulders however I was able to cope as I was assisted by Ramin. I believe that I had a very fast paced work rate, as I would often stay many hours in my own time, As member consistently let me down I had to catch up what the should have done. On the other had we did work well as a team when were all in during class time. In comparison to professionals I almost believe that I have done more then most would do as I had to take control of every role apart from the producer, due to poor team members which would never happen in a professional environment. I believe that the end product was shockingly good as we were able to meet the demands of the audience. I also believe that our final production is near the same standard as professional products, taking into consideration, that there was a huge contrast with the quality of the equipment, we also didn’t have the financial support, technologies to create shots desired (steady cam), and the time frame they have. Taking all these points into account I believe that our thriller is very thoughtful and on point from the mese-en-scene construction, to the editing to the camera to the story line.