How to make WordPress your friend


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Your developer just left and you don't know how to do some simple things like, add a hyperlink, image or video. This presentation -- with screen shots -- will help. Especially for nonprofits but anybody can get help here.

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  • Universal Resource LocatorJust like it sounds. The permanent link to a specific page within your site. Use it to send people exactly where you want them to go.Internet cache improve how fast data is opened each time a web page is opened, it is sent to your browser's temporary cache on your hard drive. If that page is accessed again and has not been modified, the browser will open the page from your cache instead of downloading the page again. can also help save the web page owner on bandwidth.
  • Self hosted: your domain registration (costs about $10/year) +annual hosting fee ($100/year)
  • This is the title slide
  • Lossless (png and GIF) but JPG uses LOSSY.. So each time you reduce it, the quality suffers
  • How to make WordPress your friend

    1. 1. Words you may not know • URL: Universal Resource Locator | The “street address” of a web page • Permalinks: The permanent link to a specific page within your site. Use it to send people exactly where you want them to go. • Cache: Improves how fast a site is opened by saving a copy somewhere…
    2. 2. How to make WordPress your friend Kerch McConlogue GiveCamp Baltimore, October 19, 2013
    3. 3. The difference between and Self hosted on your own domain … there are some costs Hosted at … but free Read this:
    4. 4. • RSS:  Rich Site Summary  Really Simple Syndication Automatically delivers new content from your website to people who want to see it
    5. 5. Choosing a theme WordPress is not just for blogging anymore. Someplace between 12% and 20% of the internet runs on WordPress! Google results for Free WordPress Themes About 112,000,000 results (0.15 seconds) They aren’t all the same! • Some don’t work • Some come along with malware
    6. 6. Security • Remove the “admin” user login • Pick a good password which is NOT “Password” • Keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date. • BACK UP YOUR SITE REGULARLY!! (wp-db-backup) • Use export function before you back up. (Tools | Export)
    7. 7. Spend money on • GravityForms ( ($39 single site license) • Akismet plugin ( ($5/month) • ($89/year)
    8. 8. Removing “admin” user 1. Login as “admin” 2. Create a “new user” with administration permissions 3. Log out as “admin” 4. Log in as that “new user” 5. Delete the “admin” user
    9. 9. The difference between a Page and a Post Posts are arranged in a Pages tend to be more specific order and a specific hierarchy • Posts show up in archive pages by month or category Good uses: • News updates • Traditional blog pieces static. • Do not show in archive pages Good uses: • • • • • Home page Contact page About us Products Services
    10. 10. SEO: Search Engine Optimization • Make sure your site is set to be accessible to search engines! • Use keywords in the title, in headings, in bold • Use HEADINGS, not just inline formatting • Use “alt” tags for images • Plugin by Joast:
    11. 11. Adding Hyperlinks
    12. 12. Use the WHOLE URL… including the http://
    13. 13. Screen Options
    14. 14. Screen Options for Admin User
    15. 15. Options for editors
    16. 16. Adding images
    17. 17. Insert Media
    18. 18. Select file from your computer or an online image (URL) or from the media library
    19. 19. Choose image from computer
    20. 20. Image has been uploaded
    21. 21. Aligning images
    22. 22. Adjustments to be made
    23. 23.
    24. 24. Make changes to an already attached image
    25. 25. Image floats right
    26. 26. Image floats left
    27. 27. Text wrapping: none
    28. 28. How to add video
    29. 29. Other Traps • UnModerated comments – Settings | Discussion
    30. 30. Format mess-ups DO NOT COPY AND PASTE DIRECTLY FROM WORD • WP is getting better about importing directly from Word • But if you’re not totally up to date…. It either keeps the original formatting or strips it all • So FORMAT in WordPress!
    31. 31. Other Notes • | Need I really say more? Videos and other tutorials • | Everything about WordPress. • | For decreasing the amount of mail you SEE by rolling into one email what ever subscriptions you get regularly, or not so regularly
    32. 32. • Irfanview Free image editor • | See what your site looks like on different devices • How to make PDFs smaller |
    33. 33. Summary of Roles • Super Admin – somebody with access to the site network administration features and all other features. See the Create a Network article. • Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site. • Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users. • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts. • Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them. • Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile. • Upon installing WordPress, an Administrator account is automatically created. From
    34. 34. • Twitter: @kerchmcc • Email: • Slides: