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  • 1. Presented By: Kathleen Pickens-French Public Services Librarian, Miami University Hamilton
  • 2. Assessing the Diversity Climate on your CampusSurvey Summarize
  • 3. Going Outside the Library•Related University Faculty & Staff Committees•Relevant Offices•Marketing Personnel•Student Organizations•Resident Advisors•Community Resources
  • 4. Familiarity with your Collection
  • 5. • 67% of foster care youth who enter college drop out before graduation• Less than 2% of foster care alumni complete a bachelor’s degree, compared with 20% of the general population
  • 6. Rentschler Library, MUH StatisticsBlog70, 498 hits in 20109,439 just in April 2011Website11,675 Unique Visitors in past year33,860 visits last year (avg. 92.51/day)Facebook413 “Likes”NewsletterPublished 2 x’s /semester
  • 7. Catching Current Events … While they are CurrentCurrent Event Diversity Issue1/2010: Haiti Earthquake Latin America & The Caribbean4/2010: Arizona Immigration Law Human Rights, Immigrants, Discrimination9/2010: Tyler Clementi’s suicide GLBTQI2/2011: Alan Gribben replaces “n-word” Language & Racewith “slave” in revised version ofHuckleberry Finn
  • 8. Know Your Purpose•What do you hope to achieve?•How would you describe it?•Who is your primary audience?DiscussionINTERDISCLIPLINARY issuescultural HISTORIC semantics SlaveryPop culture Rap Music Censorshipopinions Slippery Slope freedom MarkTwain “n-word” other ethnic/racial slurs Otherwriters who use the vernacular AmericanClassic Racism
  • 9. Traditional Strategies
  • 10. “Nontraditional “Strategies
  • 11. Katheen, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate on the panel yesterday. It was truly enlightening andwonderful experience. I firmly believe there needs to be more opportunities to engage in dialogue and discussion such asyesterday. Wow I am impressed with the local coverage we received. KarenHi KathleenThank you so much for inviting me. Last night, Tom and I were talking and he was like "wow, Kathleen did such a great jobputting that together!" I could not believe that turn out. I think that the discussion could have continued to go on and on.Cheers to a great event!KatieKathleenThanks so much for inviting me to participate. I thought it went very well, and kudos to you for coming up with the idea. Itwas really a great thing to bring to fruition.I love it when the community takes an interest in what we do at the university.Thanks again.Best, Oleta
  • 12. ove it when the community takes an interest in what we do at the university.anks again.st, Oleta Hi Kathleen, It was a very interesting discussion. I learned a lot. I kept thinking of the uproar that an NAACP discussion about Agatha Christie’s play “Ten Little Indians,” Originally titled “Ten Little N’s” caused a few years ago. There was a fierce backlash against the head of the local NAACP. Thank you for putting this together, Cheers, John