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Growth hacking and viral distribution sxsw
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Growth hacking and viral distribution sxsw


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Typo on slide 11: the word is 'acquisition'.
    Sounds to me like 'Growth Hacking' is 'Marcom + Social + Viral Distribution'. Nice explanation but 'viral distribution' sounds like an automated process, when in reality it's 100% dependent on a user click.
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  • 1. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns Growth Hacking and Viral Distribution Ken Zi Wang Founder/CEO @kenziwang
  • 2. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns - Started first eCommerce startup at 19 - Channel: Google Adwords
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  • 4. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns Who is a Growth Hacker? Characterics: 1. Creative 2. Analytical 3. Product Driven
  • 5. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns Why do we need Growth Hacking? (Growth Hacking vs Traditional Marketing) vs
  • 6. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns Why do we need Growth Hacking? (Growth Hacking vs Traditional Marketing) vs 1. Startups iterate fast 2. Designed for astronomical growth 3. Has to be resource efficient 4. Distribution channels come and go
  • 7. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns How do we do Growth Hacking? (Growth Hacking vs Traditional Marketing) vs Viral loop (Dropbox) Platform (FB pages, FB connect) Content Marketing (Pinterest) Email Marketing (Twitter) Dead Simple Onboarding (Instagram) Viral Campaign (Dropbox ) ... TV Radio Billboards Mailing Banner Ads...
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  • 9. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns Get a friend to join both of you get 100 MB for free DROPBOX
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  • 11. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns 5 lessions from top growth experts 1. Retention > Acquision 2. ABCD - Always Be Customer Developing 3. True Growth CANNOT be hacked (focus on human motive) 4. Focus on 1 metric only for a while 5. Language is everything
  • 12. Crowdsourcing Viral Campaigns Where do you get more resources on distribution? Andrew Chen’s blog Sean Ellis’ Blog
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