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Physical Features of Africa
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Physical Features of Africa


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. Essential Question
    • What are the major geographical features of Africa?
  • 2. Africa’s geographical features!
  • 3. Sahara
    • desert in northern Africa
    • largest desert in the world at 3,500,000 square miles
    • from Arabic word Al-Sahra
  • 4. Atlas Mountains
    • mountain range in north Africa between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert
    • extends from Morocco to Tunisia
  • 5. Sahel
    • “ Transitional Land”
    • the transitional land between desert land and savanna
    • semi arid land, which is still dry but gets more rain than the desert
  • 6. Lake Tanganyika
    • deepest lake in Africa
    • located in central Africa
    • divided between Burundi, Congo, Tanzania, and Zambia
  • 7. Savanna
    • tropical or subtropical grassland containing scattered trees
    • receives enough rain to support drought resistant undergrowth but not enough to support “forest type” vegetation
  • 8. Niger River
    • principal river in western Africa
    • runs through Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin and Nigeria
    • significant water source for the city of Timbuktu
  • 9. Congo River
    • largest river in western central Africa
    • flows through the third largest rain forest in the world
  • 10. Tropical Rainforest
    • a forest that receives more water through precipitation than is loses through evaporation
      • What are these processes?
    • more than 80 inches of rain per year
    • 1/5 of Africa is rainforest
    • Africa contains 1 of the 3 major rainforests in the world.
  • 11. Nile River
    • It’s the world’s longest river at 4,150 miles!!!
    • located in eastern Africa
    • depended upon for water
    • Flows north into the Mediterranean sea!
  • 12. Kalahari Desert
    • located in south Africa and covers Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa
    • not a “true” desert because it receives 3-10 inches of rain per year
    • because of the precipitation can sustain some animal life
  • 13. Lake Victoria
    • largest lake in Africa
    • 2 nd largest fresh water lake in the world
    • vital in supporting the millions of people that live nearby
  • 14. Zambezi River
    • southeast African river flowing through Zambia and Angola, also along many of the borders of many countries
    • empties into the Indian Ocean
    • contains Victoria Falls
  • 15. Victoria Falls
    • It’s the largest and most unique waterfall in the world!
  • 16. Mount Kilimanjaro
    • It’s the tallest free standing volcanic mountain in the world!
    • It is the highest peak in Africa at 19,340 feet!