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Design cycle

  1. 1. The Design Cycle By: Kent Sy
  2. 2. Design Cycle.. Design CycleHere Ill teach you how to make a design cycle, by making one. The project Ill be focusing on is the making of an infograph about going to mass.
  3. 3. INVESTIGATE.. INVESTIGATE Choose the problem you want to fix, and try to fix it. Research!For my project, I chose to solve the problem of kids not goingto Mass, and made forgiveness and gratitude a way to so that.
  4. 4. DESIGN.. DESIGN How do you want it to look? Think about its appearance.For my project, realizing that it was an infographic, I had to add in lots of pictures, as well as lots of words.
  5. 5. PLAN.. PLAN Plan everything out. Think when and how will I do it?For my project, I ordered it all out. When to start, when to finish. Did all of that in my ipad.
  6. 6. CREATE.. CREATEDo what you planned!
  7. 7. EVALUATE.. EVALUATE After finishing, allow criticism. Evaluate your project!For my project, I asked my friends to evaluate it for me. After receiving criticism, I fixed it up, then I submitted it!
  8. 8. The Holy Mass Going to Mass. Going to mass is something the youth have taken for granted. Lets take a look at why we should go to mass regularly. By: Kent Sy and Lenard Cheng Jesus gave up his life for us. Mass Song When we fight, or commit sin to others, we need to ask for forgiveness. Oh, lord. Oh, lord! Fill our hearts with gratefulness. Oh, lord. Oh, Lord! Forgiveness During Mass, Fill our hearts with graciousness. allows us to we are given repair our the opportunity Oh lord, my God! relationships, to repent, and Help us accept our sinfulness. that sin has forgive. Oh lord, my God! broken. Help us attain forgiveness. So that we may enter everlasting life. And God made My God, My God! everything in this Give us the strength to resist temptation. world... My God, My God. Give us the strength to avoid damnation. So that we may enter everlasting life. Including us.And this is why we During Mass, we can say sorry forcan talk, walk, move, the things we did, and the things weand even read this. have failed to do. We are given this We should always opportunity, before receiving Jesus. remember what we are grateful for, cause if we forget them, that could This is why we should go to lead to bitterness, which mass, because through this, could lead to envy. we are able to be grateful for everything God has given us, and we are also able to ask for His forgiveness. Pictures are from google images. Info is from the great Mr. Mercado.
  9. 9. END..END
  10. 10. END..END