ROTARY: Social Media (10 march 2012)


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Presentation from the Rotary District 5910 All Club Spring Training (a.k.a. District Assembly)

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  • The Basic Principles   Focus on the situation, issue or behavior, not on the person Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others Maintain constructive relationships with your employees, peers and Leaders Take initiative to make things better Lead by example   Source: Zenger-Miller, Inc. You are responsible for your own learning Be as open as possible, but remember that you have the right to pass and the right to privacy. We respect differences. Be supportive rather than judgmental. Give feedback appropriately. Within our group, we have all the resources we need to solve any problem that arises. The program will begin and end on time. We will have frequent breaks, but feel free to take care of your physical needs without waiting for a formal break. There will be no smoking in the meeting room. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. All the materials you receive were prepared for your use. Freely use the handouts for note taking during this session. Workbook and all handouts are copyrighted materials and are proprietary business information and cannot be copied or used by anyone other than an Etech, Inc. employee for training purposes only. Any other use is prohibited. The evaluation form provides us with useful feedback. Look it over now and add comments to it throughout the workshop.
  • The days of not having an on-line presence have long passed.   Most organizations, including non-profits, cities, and counties along with state and federal agencies all now have websites. Most elected officials as well as many private citizens also have their own websites. In the mid-1990s, then Texas State Comptroller, John Sharp pushed the state government in the digital age with the creation of “Window on Texas” ( Since then every state agency now has a presence on the Internet.   In the last 10 years the growth of social media sites has exploded. The younger generation was the first to embrace this new tool; but soon the fast-paced growth of social media encapsulated many from all generations. Then businesses, non-profits, politicians, and government agencies began to embrace social media to promote and grow their brand. Okay – maybe government agencies didn’t join social media to build their brands, but they did join the movement to engage their constituents.   More recently, there have been a lot of discussions about social media fatigue and whether brands refuse to play for that reason. With more than a billion people on social media it’s irresponsible for any brand not to have some sort of presence. This year will be the year for brands to go beyond cookie cutter campaigns and really determine how it not only adds value to their organization, but how it adds value for their customers/constituents. This year will be crucial for organizations and social media. For those who don’t see a direct correlation between social media and brands consider this:   “ Social media is an ideal tool for moving people up the fan ladder, from being a casual fan of a brand to a loyalist, because the communication channels allow people to build stronger emotional connections with brands.”   So in 2012, the question is how will your brand use effective strategy to move people up the fan ladder from interested to foaming at the mouth brand zealots?
  • ASK: “How many of you hold town hall style meetings to solicit input from your constituents?”
  • Press F5 or use the tool bar to enter presentation mode in order to see the poll. If you like, you can use this slide as a template for your own voting slides. You might use a slide like this if you feel your audience would benefit from the picture showing a text message on a phone. In an emergency during your presentation, if the poll isn't showing, navigate to this link in your web browser:
  • A 2011 study published by the Pew Research Center showed that Twitter users are 20-percent more likely to have attended a political meeting or rally and 50-percent more likely to influence someone’s vote than the general population.
  • ROTARY: Social Media (10 march 2012)

    1. 1. For Rotarians
    3. 3.  Discuss the role technology plays in our role as Rotarians. Review a couple on-line tools that may make our job easier. Draft a plan to use technology back in our Club.
    4. 4. DISUSSION• How do you use technology in your club?• What about communication – what tools do you use to enhance communication with club members, visitors, citizens?
    5. 5. Statistics845 million monthly active users (31 Dec 2011)80-percent of monthly users are outside the U.S. and Canada483 million daily users on average (Dec 2011)425 million monthly users on mobile products (Dec 2011)Facebook is available in more than 70 languages.
    6. 6. Twitter Stats250 Million Tweets per day120 Million+ active users
    7. 7. WB pg 22U.S. Chamber ofCommerce uses Twitter toreach an influentialaudience.
    8. 8. WB pg 22 Twitter users are 20-percent more likely to have attended a political meeting or rally Twitter users are 50-percent more likely to influence someone’s vote than the general population. SOURCE: Pew Research Center
    9. 9. WB pg 25
    10. 10. WB pg 25
    11. 11. 120 Characters 21 Characters
    12. 12. WB pgs 31 - 32
    13. 13. For more than 75 years, studentsand host families have broadened their horizons through the Rotary Youth Exchange program. More than 8,000 students participate each year, which is administered by local Rotary Clubs. Lene Claussen Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Germany Member, Nacogdoches High School Dragon Swim Team
    14. 14.
    15. 15. WB pg 35
    16. 16. On-LineSurveys
    17. 17. E-MailMarketingSolutions
    18. 18. DGE Brenda Walker Kent Hutchison 2012-2013 Social Media / Technology Coordinator @Rotary5910 @HutchisonKent Brenda.Walker@Oncor.Com