Youth Sermons - Youth Ministry Objectives


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Some sample objectives for youth ministry

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Youth Sermons - Youth Ministry Objectives

  1. 1. Youth Sermons -Youth MinistryObjectivesSome sampleobjectives for
  2. 2.• To prepare youth for a lifelong walkwith Christ• To help youth become aware ofGod as revealed in Jesus Christ, torespond to Christ in a personalcommitment of faith, and to followGod’s will in the full meaning ofchurch membership and Christiandiscipleship. This involves suchthings as new convertclasses, mentoring by olderChristians, and involvement ofyouth in church committees.
  3. 3.• To guide youth to witness abouttheir personal faith in JesusChrist and to invite others torespond to Him. This can bedone through evangelismtraining, contacts, inviting youthto visit w/ you, etc.
  4. 4.• To help youth develop ameaningful and devotional prayerlife. This can be encouragedthrough providing quiet timematerials, accountability, journals,modeling/example, letting youthknow how important it is for you,asking them for prayer requestsand following through with them,telling them about your answeredprayers and telling them thingsyou learned in your personalprayer time.
  5. 5.• To help youth experienceworship in private andcorporate settings. This can bedone by letting youth help plana worship service, having ayouth time in the worshipservice, allowing a youthposition on the worshipcommittee, and having aretreat on worship.
  6. 6.• To guide youth to participatein Christian missions and helpthem develop the skills theseministries require. Possibleactivities include establishinga “Food Bank,” specialprojects, Bible studies, aspiritual gift inventory, a youthswap with anotherchurch, back-yard BibleStudies, vacation Bibleschool, etc.
  7. 7.• To help youth increase theirknowledge andunderstanding of Bibletruths and to apply thesetruths in every area andrelationship of life. Thisinvolvesdiscipleship, allowing youthto teach children, being arole model, etc.
  8. 8.• To help youth grow inunderstanding andacceptance of self byaffirmation, Biblical conceptsof self-image, giving thempositions of leadershipsuitable to their gifts,mission/ service projects,affirmation activities, etc.
  9. 9.• To help youth understand andcommit themselves to aChristian perspective ofmorality through seminars,role-playing, skits, fashionshows on proper dress, parentworkshops, guest speakers, acommitment to purity service,role-modeling relationships,etc.
  10. 10.• To guide youth to exploretheir abilities and talents anddevelop a Christianperspective on choosing avocation. Helpful possibilitiesinclude talent shows,Seminar’s on taking aptitudetests, giving them leadershippositions, having businessmentalk to youth, having a youthcareer day withrepresentatives from differentvocations in the church.
  11. 11.• To guide youth in thestewardship of theirmoney, time, and abilities.Use your personal example, asimulation game (ex. giveeach 1$ then make them keeptrack of what they spent thatdollar on during theweek), help run a soupkitchen, case studies, settinggoals, making abudget, personaltestimonies, seminars
  12. 12.• To help youth develop atheology and rationale forbeing Christian in a world ofreligious pluralism. Thisinvolves parental education oncults, seminars oncults, studies on basicbeliefs, scriptureknowledge, visiting a serviceof another religion and thenhaving a debrief time, etc.
  13. 13.• To guide youth to adopt a life-style of Christian response toa world of limited resourcesand inequitable distribution ofresources and power.Possibilities include definingBiblical success, sponsoringneedy kids, having an offeringfor world hunger.
  14. 14.• To guide youth to developgood habits in constructiveuse of their pleasure time.• To do this we need to holdthem accountable for theirtime, teach them balanceand priorities, and teachthem about morality.
  15. 15.• To offer youth opportunities forChristian fellowship anddevelopment of social skills. Thiscan be done by involvement infull church activities, integration,working with home-bound,alternative parties and activities,clique-busting, and servingwithin the worship service invarious capacities.
  16. 16.• To help youth and parentsunderstand each other’s needsand to build meaningful familyrelationships. Possibilities includeseminars, a parents of youthnight, youth/parentretreats, Father/sontrips, communicationsskits, Freeze frame skit withquestions and seeking ofsuggestions, youth createddialogues and parent createddialogues, party with youthhandcuffed to parents, Youth andParent talent show
  17. 17.• To enlist and equip adultleaders who will workeffectively toward theobjectives for youthministry.
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