Youth Sermons - What Is Spiritual Mentoring of Youth?


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How is mentoring defined, especial in a spiritual sense and when applied to youth?

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Youth Sermons - What Is Spiritual Mentoring of Youth?

  1. 1. Youth Sermons -What Is SpiritualMentoring ofYouth?How is mentoringdefined, especial in aspiritual sense and whenapplied to youth?
  2. 2. www.creativesermonideas.comwww.CreativeYouthIdeas.comWhat is Spiritual Mentoring?• “It is a dynamic relationship of trustin which one person enablesanother to maximize the grace ofGod in his/her life and service.” —John Mallison (Mallison, p. 34)• A mentor “is not someone who cangive you all the answers. He or sheis someone who can cry with youwhen there is no answer, someonewho can weep with you when youare wounded and there is nohealing. A mentor is simply acompanion in your situation.” –James Houston (Rabey, Side bySide, 190)
  3. 3.• Mentoring is a brain to pick, ashoulder to cry on, and a kick inthe pants.• “Mentoring is a relationshipthrough which one personempowers another by sharingGod-given resources.” — RobertClinton, Connecting. The God-given resources include wisdom,experience, patterns, habits ofobedience and principles.
  4. 4.• “Mentoring is a process involvingpeople. Sometimes it’s a wholeseries of individuals that Godbrings into your life at variousstages and for various purposes. Inevery case, those people arecommitted to helping you growand perpetuate the learningprocess. If you stop learning andgrowing today, you stopministering tomorrow.”(Hendricks, p. 51).
  5. 5. www.creativesermonideas.comwww.CreativeYouthIdeas.comCounseling is a two-way relationshipof counselor and client; whereas,mentoring involves a three-wayrelationship: the Lord, thementoree, and the mentor. The Lordis the most important person in therelationship; the mentoree thesecond most important person andthe mentor-the least important ofall. The mentor is merely afacilitator of the deepeningrelationship between the mentoreeand the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. 6. www.creativesermonideas.comwww.CreativeYouthIdeas.comA mentor is a person who helps aprotégé move ahead in life. He isusually older and more experiencedand therefore able to help the protégéget where he or she wants to be. Thementor clears the way, gives sometravel tips and smoothes the bumps.Occasionally the mentor helps theprotégé develop the necessary skills tonavigate an especially difficult turn inthe road. The mentor is not so muchinterested in fixing the road as inhelping the protégé to become acompetent traveler. Here the mentor isa trusted guide rather than a tourdirector. Anderson and Reese identify 6distinctive of spiritual mentoring(Anderson and Reese, 12)
  7. 7. www.creativesermonideas.comwww.CreativeYouthIdeas.com1. a means to enhance intimacywith God, ultimate identity andunique voice2. a way to recognize the alreadypresent action of God in theprotégé’s life3. an effective model for personaldevelopment in characterformation
  8. 8. www.creativesermonideas.comwww.CreativeYouthIdeas.com4. an effective way to discernGod’s direction in decision-making5. a historically proven diet forthe journey of faith6. an effective safeguard duringboundary and transitionaltimes in ministry
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