Valentine's Day Candy Charades
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Valentine's Day Candy Charades

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Play a game of charades using candy conversation hearts as the messages.

Play a game of charades using candy conversation hearts as the messages.

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  • 1. Valentines DayCandy CharadesPlay a game of charades usingcandy conversation hearts as the
  • 2. Game MaterialsValentines Day candy conversationhearts (BE MINE, COOL KID, LOVERBOY, KISS ME, MY GAL, etc.)
  • 3. Game ObjectivePlay a game of charades usingcandy conversation hearts as themessages.
  • 4. Game Preparation1. For this game to be effective,there must be quite a number ofdifferent conversation hearts tochoose from.2. Put all the candy in a bowl.
  • 5. Game Play1. One person from a group picksout one of the candies from thebowl and, using the regular rulesfor Charades, tries to pantomimethe message.
  • 6. 2. The person who correctlyguesses the saying gets to eat thatpiece of candy.3. It’s fun to watch the participantstry to do phrases like LOVER BOY,KISS ME, and all the other crazysayings found on the candy.
  • 7. Game VariationUse Valentine Cards instead ofValentine
  • 8. Game VariationUse different emotions for theitems to be pantomimed. Theperson who guesses the emotiongets a point. Emotions that canbe used are: anger, fear, happy,nervous, bored, bitter,overwhelmed, depressed, atpeace, embarrassed, loved,proud, detached, shocked, hate,and finally, love
  • 9. Game VariationIn larger groups you might give eachperson one of the above emotions.There should be at least two peoplethat have each emotion. Theobjective will be to display theemotion until you find the othermembers of your group. When youthink you have your partners/grouphave a seat. Continue until allgroups are seated. Then have eachgroup strike a pose of their emotionending finally with that of love.What does love look like? Whatactions show love? How did you findyour group? How do we find love?
  • 10. For More Holiday Ideas Visit our page at