Summer Youth Camp - Water-Fall


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In this outdoor water game, youth must perform a task while precariously balancing a bucket of water over their heads.

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Summer Youth Camp - Water-Fall

  1. 1. Summer Youth Camp - Water-Fall In this outdoor water game, youth must perform a task while precariously balancing a bucket of water over their heads.
  2. 2. Game Materials One bucket of water for each team of youth. You also might want to have a tarp or beach towels upon which youth can lie down. Optimal Group Size for Game This game can be played with only two youth on a team. The larger the team the easier the game becomes.
  3. 3. Game Venue Best played outdoors. CAUTION You will want to exclude girls in skirts or dresses from this game as well as those wearing clothes that might become semi- transparent when wet. Youth should be prepared to get wet. If in normal clothes, before playing have youth remove anything that could be damaged by water from their pockets.
  4. 4. Game Play 1. Split the group into teams. 2. Instruct each team to form a circle and then lie on their backs with their legs raised together in the center of the circle. 3. With everyone in place, balance a bucket of water on the feet of each team of youth, stabilizing it until they can keep it stable on their own.
  5. 5. 4. Once the bucket is stable, inform the teams that they have 3 minutes to take their shoes off without spilling the water or dropping the bucket. 5. Start the clock and the first team to successfully take all their shoes off without spilling the water or dropping the bucket wins.
  6. 6. Take it to the Next Level • What strategies did you have for stabilizing the bucket of water? • How were you able to free team members up to perform the necessary tasks while still supporting the bucket of water? • In what ways is the bucket like the objectives or goals of an organization or group?
  7. 7. • What are some of the objectives and goals that you must support in a church, youth group, or organization? • How can working as a team support the goals and objectives yet also free people up to perform necessary individual tasks and responsibilities? • What are the potential consequences when there is too little manpower to support the goals and objectives of an organization?
  8. 8. Bible Studies based on the book of Jonah Only. This youth camp curriculum was designed to teach the basic truths of obedience in addition to evangelism in the context of a Biblical character. The advantage of going through a book and looking at one man's story is that we see not only the teaching but the example. It becomes much more real! Camp Curriculum - Whale of a Tale -> Tell me about “Whale of a Tale”
  9. 9. Creative Youth Ideas Camp Bible Study Series “Who Do You Say that I AM?” -> Tell me about “Who Do You Say that I AM?” Jesus asked the disciples, "Who do others say that I am?" It was easy to answer because it required no conviction, no commitment, and no risk. But then he follows that question with another, "Who do YOU say that I am?"
  10. 10. Live the Fruitful, Abundant Life Jesus Promised. Great for youth camps or weekly Youth Bible Study. There are 7 Primary Bible study Sessions in the series. -> Tell me about “Fruit Of the Spirit” Creative Youth Ideas Youth Camp Bible Study Series “Fruit Of the Spirit”
  11. 11. "The Great Adventure" is western themed Bible study series loosely based around the song of the same name by Steven Curtis Chapman. It was initially written for a large Texas Church to use for their Summer Youth Camp but has since then proven popular around the world. Camp Curriculum - The Great Adventure -> Tell me about “The Great Adventure”