Parent Ministry - A Father’s Influence


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The influence of a father in the life of a child cannot be neglected.

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Parent Ministry - A Father’s Influence

  1. 1. Parent Ministry -A Father’sInfluenceThe influence of afather in the life of achild cannot
  2. 2. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.CreativeHolidayIdeas.comVarious studies conducted by Yale,John Hopkins and other groups havedocumented the following;The absence of a father is astronger factor than poverty incontributing to juveniledelinquency.
  3. 3. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.CreativeHolidayIdeas.comIn 48 cultures around the worldcrime rates were highest amongadults who as children had beenraised solely by women. Closenesswith parents was the commonfactor in hypertension, coronaryheart disease, malignant tumors,mental illness and suicide. A studyof 39 teenage girls suffering fromanorexia nervosa showed that 36of them had one commondenominator; lack of closenesswith their fathers.
  4. 4. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.CreativeHolidayIdeas.comAn emotionally or physically absent fathercontributes to a child’s1. low motivation for achievement;2. inability to defer immediategratification for later rewards;3. low self esteem;4. susceptibility to group influence andjuvenile delinquency.(Again the stats speak for themselves,father’s are important in the lives oftheir children, and they need to bethere not just physically butemotionally as well)
  5. 5. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.CreativeHolidayIdeas.comAnd let me say something up frontagain, when I say fathers, I am notreferring solely to biological fathers; Iam also speaking of step-dads as well.Over 40% of all marriages in the USinvolve a remarriage of 1 or bothparties. 1 out of 3 Americans (80 millionpeople) is either a step parent, stepchild or step sibling. 1 out of 5 childrenunder the age of 18 is a step child. Andby the year 2,000 step families(involving 1 spouse who has children)and complex families (in which bothspouse have children) will soon be themajority.
  6. 6. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.CreativeHolidayIdeas.comNow, If you’re like most men – eventhose who had a poor or harmfulexperience with their own fathers –you have a general idea of the kind offather you want to be. You have apicture in your mind of what a modelfather looks like: you want to be thekind of father: whose children feelsecure, confident, loved and acceptedwhose children save sex formarriage, and remain faithful to theirspouse in marriage. whose childrendevelop a reputation as men andwomen of integrity;honest, ethical, hardworking. whosechild might say, “my dad keeps hispromises.
  7. 7. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.CreativeHolidayIdeas.comWhose children stand up tounhealthy peer pressure, childrenwho develop healthy friendships,.whose kids say no to drugs andalcohol and risky behavior. whosechildren quickly admit their mistakes,who are forgiving and patient withothers and who enjoy a healthysense so self- esteem and selfconfidence. whose children have ahard time picking out a fathers daycard (not because they say too muchbut say too little)
  8. 8. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.CreativeHolidayIdeas.comThat’s the kind of father we all wantto be. That’s the kind of father I wantto be. But I know that I am not all Ishould be. And I know that for me todo this I need a model, I need anexample of a father that I can patternmyself after, a father from who I canlearn from and imitate.
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