Icebreakers - Candy Cane Horseshoes


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Play a game of horseshoes using candy canes.

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Icebreakers - Candy Cane Horseshoes

  1. 1. Icebreakers Candy Cane Horseshoes Play a game of horseshoes using candy canes.
  2. 2. Materials Candy canes and a stick. Be sure the candy canes are wrapped in plastic as they are almost guaranteed to break into a number of small pieces during game play. For indoor games you can either drive a nail into a flat piece of wood or turn a table or stool over and use one of the legs as the post.
  3. 3. Activity • In the manner of playing horseshoes, the objective is to take turns to toss the candy cane at an upright stick. • Place a stick vertically somewhere in the ground. • Then participants take turns throwing candy canes (underhand) at it.
  4. 4. • A game is divided into rounds and each round constitutes the pitching of two candy canes by each contestant. • In each round, the one with the highest score goes first . • The objective of the game is to get your candy cane closest.
  5. 5. Scoring • A candy cane must be within six (6) inches of the stake to score. • A candy cane that first strikes the ground outside the target area or rebounds from behind the stake cannot be scored, nor can any candy cane thrown from an invalid position. • A “ringer” (3 points) is a candy cane that encircles the stake so that a straight edge could touch the two prongs without touching the stake.
  6. 6. • The closest cane from each pair scores 1 point. A leaning shoe has no value over one touching the stake. • The points are scored according to the position of the shoes at the round’s end, that is, after the contestants have each thrown two candy canes. • This means it is possible for the second player to knock the opponents candy canes either away or closer to the stake.
  7. 7. Read about the significance of the Candy Cane to the Birth of Christ in the “Legend of the Candy Cane”
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