Cinderella's valentine
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  • 1. Cinderellas Valentine Each blind-folded princemust follow the directionsof his Cinderella to return her shoe to
  • 2. Game MaterialsNone: (For the Variation abedsheet is required)
  • 3. Game ObjectiveEach blind-folded prince mustfollow the directions of hisCinderella to return her shoeto her.
  • 4. Game Play1. At your next ValentinesDay celebration, label the girlsas Cinderellas and the guys asthe princes.2. The Cinderellas sit inchairs.
  • 5. 3. Each prince kneels in frontof his lady and removes hershoes.4. Each Cinderella is thengiven a blindfold, which sheputs on her prince.5. Now take all the shoes andput them in a line, all mixedup, behind the princes in thecenter of the room.
  • 6. 6. On your signal, eachCinderella tries to verballydirect her prince to where hershoes are located. She muststay seated at all times.7. The first couple whoseblind-folded Valentine findsthe right shoes and puts themon his Cinderella wins.
  • 7. VariationAs each girl arrives, ask her toremove her right shoe. Aftercollecting all the shoes, sendthe girls into another room.Then give each shoe to a guyto hold. In the other room,have the girls step behind asheet that is hanging from theceiling so that only their feetshow under curtain.
  • 8. Call in the guys and havethem each find their partnerby matching the shoe theyreholding with the shoe underthe curtain. Or, to add somedifficulty, have the girlsremove the other shoe so theguys have to try to fit theshoes, Cinderella
  • 9. For More Holiday Ideas Visit our page at