Christmas Quotes - The true meaning of Christmas


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Christmas Quotes reflecting the True meaning of Christmas - That Christ was born to us - Our savior came down to live among us, and eventually die for us on a cross.

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Christmas Quotes - The true meaning of Christmas

  1. 1. Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Quotes “The True Meaning of Christmas” Christmas Quotes reflecting the True meaning of Christmas - That Christ was born to us - Our savior came down to live among us, and eventually die for us on a cross.
  2. 2. “This Advent we look to the WiseMen to teach us where to focusour attention. We set our sightson things above, where God is.We draw closer to Jesus... Whenour Advent journey ends, and wereach the place where Jesusresides in Bethlehem, may we,like the Wise Men, fall on ourknees and adore him as our trueand only King.” - Mark
  3. 3. “Christ was born in the firstcentury, yet he belongs to allcenturies. He was born aJew, yet He belongs to allraces. He was born inBethlehem, yet He belongsto all countries.” - George W. Truett
  4. 4. “Let us keep Christmasbeautiful Without athought of greed, That itmight live forevermoreTo fill our every need,That it shall not be just aday, But last a lifetimethrough, The miracle ofChristmastime Thatbrings God close to you.” - Garnett Ann
  5. 5. “God walked downthe stairs of heavenwith a Baby in Hisarms.” - Paul
  6. 6. “Love came down atChristmas; Love alllovely, love divine; Lovewas born at Christmas,Stars and angels gavethe sign.” - Christina
  7. 7. “This is the month, and thisthe happy morn, wherein theSon of heavens eternal King,of wedded Maid and VirginMother born, our greatredemption from above didbring.” - John
  8. 8. “This is Christmas: notthe tinsel, not the givingand receiving, not eventhe carols, but thehumble heart thatreceives anew thewondrous gift, theChrist.” - Frank
  9. 9. “Best of all, Christmas meansa spirit of love, a time whenthe love of God and the loveof our fellow men shouldprevail over all hatred andbitterness, a time when ourthoughts and deeds and thespirit of our lives manifest thepresence of God.” - George F.
  10. 10. “Off to one side sits a group ofshepherds. They sit silently on thefloor, perhaps perplexed, perhapsin awe, no doubt in amazement.Their night watch had beeninterrupted by an explosion of lightfrom heaven and a symphony ofangels. God goes to those whohave time to hear him-- and so onthis cloudless night he went tosimple shepherds.” - Max Lucado
  11. 11. “Late on a sleepy, star-spanglednight, those angels peeled backthe sky just like you would tearopen a sparkling Christmaspresent. Then, with light and joypouring out of Heaven likewater through a broken dam,they began to shout and singthe message that baby Jesushad been born. The world had aSavior! The angels called it‘Good News,’ and it was.” - Larry Libby "The Angels Called it Good News" in Christmas Stories for the
  12. 12. “Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, awide open heart that thinks of others first. The birth of the babyJesus stands as the most significant event in all history, becauseit has meant the pouring into a sick world the healing medicineof love which has transformed all manner of hearts for almosttwo thousand years... Underneath all the bulging bundles is thisbeating Christmas heart.”- George Matthew Adams“The Christmas Heart”
  13. 13. “The purpose and causeof the incarnation wasthat He might illuminatethe world by His wisdomand excite it to the loveof Himself.”- Peter
  14. 14. “I truly believe that ifwe keep telling theChristmas story, singingthe Christmas songs,and living the Christmasspirit, we can bring joyand happiness andpeace to this world.” - Norman Vincent
  15. 15. “Christmas is anecessity. There hasto be at least one dayof the year to remindus that were here forsomething elsebesides ourselves.” - Eric
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