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This is the presentation that Lucas Walker (@walkerlucas) and I (@KennyNorton) put together for Pod Camp Toronto 2011 (#PCTO2011). It's focused on how students or new graduates can leverage the power of social media to get themselves a job. Lucas and I both graduated in May 2010 and have taken different paths to get a job in the Social Media Analytic industry (aka a dream job), and we put this presentation together to help others accomplish that as well.

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The Social Grad

  1. 1. The Social GradKenny Norton - @KennyNorton Lucas Walker - @WalkerLucas
  2. 2. What Should I Do? Graduating soon Becoming a free agent Offers?? Social presence??
  3. 3. Get a Social Workout Build up your presence Help others – friends, businesses, extra-curricular Look for opportunities BUILD Experience, paid or not
  4. 4. Leading to Graduation Get your CV ready  Build a ‘master résumé’ that you can pull from Get active on Twitter, set up your Facebook security settings, Google yourself Get recommendations on LinkedIn while work is still fresh.
  5. 5. Resume Two pages – typical, complete pages PDF ONLY Promote your social media and web presence Talk about your understanding and experience, don’t be bashful
  7. 7. Networking Make the extra effort – Don’t be lazy.. it’s awkward New grads need every edge possible Start applying now! Learn who is who in the field you want to work.  Use Twitter and LinkedIn to connect now Accomplished business people.. Know (a lot) of other people
  8. 8. Twitter Start following people – More Following = More Followers Find like-minded individuals – We Follow Twitter Chats - #u30pro #u20pro #smchat Tweet about things you’re passionate about DO NOT SYNC YOUR FACEBOOK AND LINKEDIN
  9. 9. Don’t play Heavy Metal at a Jazz Bar (Know your audience)
  10. 10. Job HuntingStanding out in a crowded field
  11. 11. Job Hunting Be Patient  Marathon not a sprint Dress Sharp  “Unless it’s an interview at a shipping yard, wear a suit.” Use the time to do other things  GMAT/LSAT/MCAT  Online courses
  12. 12. Job Hunting Grab a part time job while you hunt:  Motivation  Money – No Debt =) Interview as much as possible, don’t turn something down because you might not like it. Learn something from each interview Use your social media tool box!
  13. 13. Linkedin Connect with people you have met Virtual rolodex Linkedin > Business Card Ask for recommendations – Friends, Professors, Bosses Promote! (For example:
  14. 14. Internships Make sure goals, responsibly are clear Learn as much as you can  More than just your role If it is unpaid think if it is for you  Don’t be afraid to negotiate  For profit company
  15. 15. Resources Podcasts:  ThisWeekin  Marketing over Coffee Twitter – Books:  Groundswell – Charline Li  Socialnomics – Erik Qualman  Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk  All Marketers are Liars – Seth Godin
  16. 16. Resources Books  Sweaty Palms, Socialnomics, Hey Whipple, The Missing Manual Series, Fiction, Malcolm Gladwell TV Shows and Movies  Undercover Boss  Thank you for Smoking, American Gangster Podcasts  How Stuff Works, TED Talks, This Week in…
  17. 17. All Links Mentioned – A site to find meaningful people with similar interests as you About.Me – A website which will allow you to have all of your online presences in one easy to use website #Under30Pro – Here is a link to the Under30Pro Twitter chat mailing list or click here for a search on Twitter TweetDeck – Our favorite client to manage your social dashboard ThisWeekIn – A video podcast network for everything
  18. 18. Thank You KennyNorton - Lucas Walker - @WalkerLucas #SocialGrad