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Ok, I’ve Got An App. Now How Do I Market It? - Mobile Marketing Basics.
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Ok, I’ve Got An App. Now How Do I Market It? - Mobile Marketing Basics.


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Have you ever won­dered how to mar­ket an app for iOS and Android? …

Have you ever won­dered how to mar­ket an app for iOS and Android?

This ses­sion will take you through the basics from: App Store SEO, Social Media, Mobile Mar­ket­ing Cam­paigns, even the often spec­u­lated QR code.

This session will also do an overview of free mobile mar­ket­ing tools that can track your success.

Questions answered in this session:
- App Store SEO - How to optimize your app for maximum discoverability in iTunes and Google Play
- Social Media - How to use Facebook and Twitter to effectively market your app and communicate with your users
- Mobile Marketing - How to effectively run campaigns with no budget, or a huge budget - Ad network basics and contra deal partnerships
- QR Code - How to effectively use a QR code - How to make one that stands out from the pack (in a good way)
- Mobile Marketing Tools - Which (free) tools can you use to track your success and progress.

Kenny Nor­ton is the Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Man­ager at theScore, he man­ages and exe­cutes all social media and mar­ket­ing for theScore App — one of the world’s lead­ing and most down­loaded sports apps. Once you build the next Insta­gram, or Flip­board you’ll be able you’ll be able to mar­ket it to the masses after attend­ing this session.

You can follow him on Twitter here:
You can connect with him on Linkedin here:

Presented at Pod Camp Toronto 2013 February 23, 2013.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Ok, I’ve Got an App — Now How Do I Market it? Mobile Marketing Basics@KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 2. Who am I?• Kenny Norton• Digital Marketing Manager @ theScore• Former Sysomos Employee• Former RIM / BlackBerry employee• Passionate in Mobile / Digital – Driving Growth @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 3. Kobe or LeBron?.... On Twitter@KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 4. The Basics• Assumption: you or your company have an app or will have one• Have a website / micro-site that shows off the app and it’s capabilities• Have a video if possible to show off capabilities• Link to app store downloads, contact options and social presences @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 5. Doing it right. Flipboard@KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 6. App Store SEO• App Store SEO aka “ASO” – App Store Optimization• Increase your app’s discoverability via search• Different for iTunes App Store and Android Google Play Store @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 7. Apple App Store• Key word section is very important – Don’t use spaces (score,sports = score, sports) – Don’t bother with plurals (SCORE = Score and Scores)• Doesn’t matter how many times you write a word in the description• Keywords and screenshots only updated with an app submission• App submission process (5-10 business days) @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 8. Google Play• No key word area – The 5 Times Rule: the more you mention a keyword the more you will rank for that key word in search (up to 5 times) – Don’t key word dump.• The name of the app – Use keywords if possible. • For example: theScore: Sports and Scores is > theScore• Track! – Some key word changes can increase by 100’s of spots• Demo video• Can change all of the above very quickly with little review time @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 9. App Store Basic Tips• Have GOOD screenshots of the best / most visual parts of your app• Have an excellent logo. This is your brand to the user – does it relate to the app?• Pay very close attention to your user ratings – if people discover you and your ratings are bad they’ll avoid you – wasted effort• Ranks: Apple: “What have you done for me lately.” Google: “What have you done for me.” @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 10. Social Media• Sharing from your app to FB / Twitter – increases discoverability – “Hey, what’s that?”• Customer Service Tool• Potential inbound marketing tool• Facebook App Center @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 11. Facebook App Center• Apps that have proper Facebook integration• Convenient Send to Mobile Button• Accurate insights – Shares, usage, conversions• “Your friends are using it.”• Incredibly targeted advertising for your app @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 12. QR Codes• When is a QR code most effective? – Print, signage, business cards etc. Anything tangible – Do not put it on TV, website – nobody will scan• Make it worth it – give them some value• Try from Distimo – free resource, detects your mobile phone platform and directs you to appropriate app store @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 13. QR Codes – II More Pointers• Make sure the link is shortened, the longer the link, the longer the load time for the user.• Make sure it works! Test it!• Call to action: “Scan to download”• Make sure destination is mobile optimized• Measure!• If it’s to download your app, direct them straight to the app store @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 14. QR Codes – III Get Creative• Get creative. Not all QR codes need to be boring.• Small fee ~ $50-75• @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 15. Mobile Marketing -No Budget• Contra marketing – Promote another app / web site within your app, and have them promote your app• Press Pickup – Reach out to influential mobile blogs with a pitch for pick up on blogs like “Android Central” can generate a huge spike in downloads – Helps if you have a website / video• Promote ALL the time @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 16. Mobile Marketing -HUGE Budget• Conversions = New Downloads• Ask: Is a conversion worth it?• Google Ad Words – Cheap at first and require little set up but can be expensive – Google Ad Words - Banner Ads, Text Ads, YouTube Pre Roll – Paid Ad network: Millennial, JumpTap etc. • Approximately $2.00 on iOS, $1.75 on Android @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 17. Mobile Marketing Tools
  • 18. Mobile Marketing Tools -ALL Free• Tools to help you market your app• Distimo – Tracks your downloads• – Tracks clicks on links• – Have Android / iOS? Use this to detect and serve the right link• App Annie – Get daily email breakdowns or view international store ranks @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 19. Distimo – App Store Downloads@KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 20. – Clicks. How many & Where are they coming from?@KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 21. (via Distimo) – Mobile Detection for multiple platforms@KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 22. App Annie – Daily app stats delivered by email@KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013
  • 23. Questions?T: ?App: theScore (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone) Scan to Download -> @KennyNorton Pod Camp Toronto 2013