Top Chiropractors in Concord, CA


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Chiropractic (chiro-"hand" + praktikos- "practical", means "done by hand") is a form of alternative medicine historically based on the idea that misalignment of the spine can cause a wide range of diseases.

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Top Chiropractors in Concord, CA

  1. 1. Top Chiropractors in Concord, CAMartin Family Chiropractic Center1170 Concord AveSte 100Concord, CA 94520(925) 681-0801 Curtis Martin and Dr. Stephanie Martin combined have over 15+ years of Chiropracticexperience. Both have managed and treated over 1000 spinal trauma cases.Yelp Reviews:Remember when doctors knew your name and ailments without having to check a laptop, pda,iPhone, interviewing you every damned time you go there, or even reading through a plethora ofpaper files? Remember when doctors were real people?Neither do I. Im too young; however, everyone in Dr. Martins office is mah-velous. They dontrush me us in and out, and they dont tell me to make an appointment for 3 weeks from the timeI actually need to be seen. Newfangled electronic things? Oh no no! He does not hook me up tocrazy machinery; Dr. Martin adjusts me old school style, with pure brute manpower, rawr!!!Martin Chiropractic rocks my socks around the block like Dr. Spock, yo.Patricia E.Pasadena, CAHeidi Olson Chiropractic1290 Monument BlvdSte BConcord, CA 94520(925) 602-5000http://www.chiropracticconcord.comOur office specializes in relief from headaches, low back pain, neck pain, arm/wrist pain, sciaticpain, carpal tunnel, and disc or sports injuries. We help children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.Yelp Reviews:I have always received outstanding Chiropractic care from Dr Olsen. I have never had betterback adjustments or more accurate diagnosis with my health concerns.Her office staff is very friendly and efficient. I have sent many family members and friends to seeher. You wont find a better Chiropractor !Kristie G.
  2. 2. Walnut Creek, CAThis place was so unprofessional. I went there for a massage and the guy had no idea what hewas doing. I think it might have been his first time giving a massage. You could hear through thepaper thin walls. He didnt have any sort of technique, he was uncomfortable.I also had to wait an hour before the massage, only saw the DR for a few minutes. It was juststrange.Shana G.Walnut Creek, CACaponio Chiropractic4180 Treat BlvdSte A1Concord, CA 94518(925) 818-6894 medical doctor will mask your symptoms with dangerous pharmaceuticals, we discover thecause of the problem and work to correct it safely and effectively. As a Chiropractor in ConcordCA, Dr. Caponio is here to serve your Chiropractic needs.Yelp Reviews:I have limited mobility in my shoulder causing chronic pain. Too many years of neglecting tostretch, scar tissue builds up. Dr. Caponio has a technique to break up the tissue along withsome adjustments. I felt immediate relief! I will be a regular.Carry W.Walnut Creek, CADoctor Caponio has saved me from yet another surgery. Medical doctors seem to just want toslice and dice, however Doctor Caponio can locate, adjust, and associate the mis-alignment ofthe spine to the corresponding pain. Hes direct, honest, and very knowledgeable. Hes betterthan your local doctor, faster than any prescriptive drug, and is attentive as mothers love. DrCaponio has earned my four stars - hes awesome!Alma C.Concord, CABetter Living Chiropractic2975 Treat BlvdSte A-2Concord, CA 94518(925) 798-6534
  3. 3. Yelp Reviews:Dr. Pedretti is great. Since I only occasionally go to the chiropractor I had had experience leadme to think chiropractors were trying to get into my wallet for the rest of your life. Dr. Pedrettiwas opposite. He is good at what he does plus he and his staff are nice people.Nathan B.Clayton, CADr. Pedretti is AMAZING! I was going to a different chiropractor last year, to try to fix my backand get rid of the headaches from a neck injury from years ago. He made my neck feel betterfor months, but he had me keep coming back daily for my back. It just got worse. So I quitgoing. Last weekend, I hurt so bad, I went to Dr. Pedretti - recommended by a friend. TWOvisits & Im done except for monthly maintenance!. Thank you so much Dr. Pedretti. And hisstaff is great! Super friendly. Will be passing out his cards every where I go.Alisa B.Bethel Island, CACaring Chiropractic Center1380 Galaxy WaySte BConcord, CA 94520(925) 825-8058http://www.myhealthyspine.comWe have created one of the most comprehensive websites that you can utilize to learn moreabout Chiropractic care. Our office serves the Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek and theEast Bay surrounding cities. The office has over 35 years of combined experience in wellnessand sports injury care. We are one of the most up to date offices regarding treatment ofwhiplash injuries, personal injuries, workers compensation injuries and neck pain.Yelp Reviews:If you are looking for a great chiropractor, this is the place to come to. From the moment youwalk in, you know that they will take good care of you. The ambiance is wonderful and Mayumialways has wonderful baked goods for all the patients. Doctor Hamilton knows what he is doingand genuinely cares about helping you feel better. I felt like a million bucks after my adjustment.I definitely recommend this place!!Valerie V.Antioch, CACaring is such a good title for this place. The staff is so sweet and welcoming. Theyre alwaysaccommodating my crazy schedule and even play with my baby while I get an adjustment. Atrue family feel with caring people.Jenn S.Concord, CA
  4. 4. The Back Doctors2975 Treat Blvd Ste A2Concord, CA 94518Yelp Reviews:Very good chiropractor. Dr Runco is very good and helped my back.A friend of mine had good response to her back from Dr Runco. She referred other friends andthen, referred me to Dr Runco. My back is so much better. If you want to select chiropractor,consider Dr Runco.Ray M.Bay Point, CAI have been seeing Dr. Runco for the last 8 years and he is awesome! I was in a car accident 10years ago and he is te ONLY Chiropractor that could help my back and neck pain go away.. Isuggest looking no further for a chiropractor and see Dr. RuncoShann G.Walnut Creek, CADaniel R Sitzmann, DC3118 Clayton RdConcord, CA 94519(925) 825-2300 have a beautiful office which is very friendly, clean, modern, with experienced staffmembers. We offer a high level of service to everyone who comes through our door.All of our staff members have been employed with us for 10 years or more and are happy tobring you the highest quality care possible.Yelp Reviews:Wonderful chiropractic experience!Dr. Sitzmann came highly recommended and well-reviewed, so when my back was killing me, Idecided to try a visit. Im so glad I did! Dr. Sitzmann is great at what he does- he is thoroughwith explanations, quick at the adjustments, gives exercises, and always makes sure to answerquestions.This practice is in a cute little house (kinda old, but still cute) and the receptionist is always niceand helpful. Ive found that as busy as they are (there are always people here), they alwayshave available appointments.dina s.Pleasant Hill, CAIve been going to Dr. Sitzmann for years. Im a nurse and my job beats up my body pretty bad. Ifrequently pinch a nerve in my neck and have recurrent lower back problems. After I go see Dr.
  5. 5. Sitzmann its as if my pain disappears. I was a bit of a sceptic about chiropractic medicine whenI started, but I am a definitely believer now.Dr. Sitzmann is a very nice and knowledgable man, and the office staff are very friendly. Its notdifficult to get an appointment. If theyre booked up they always make time to squeeze you in. Ifthey offer to have to lay on the spinalator (yes thats what its called), dont turn them down!Amy F.Walnut Creek, CABarton Chiropractic1251 Monument BlvdSte 140Concord, CA 94520(925) 685-2002 you are suffering from neck pain and or low back pain and trying to find a Chiropractor, thelast thing that you want is more pain. When I was 18 years old, I was involved in a car accidentthat should have killed me. By the grace of God and the skill of a Chiropractor, my neck painand back pain were totally healed! I know what pain feels like. Thats why for over 26 years Ihave been specializing in gentle back pain relief for children and adults.Yelp Reviews:The doctors here care a lot about their clients and will go above and beyond to help them withtheir unique situation.Hope D.Brentwood, CABoth of my children have gone here and received excellent service. We loved the fact theycould get us in when we needed to, often coming in to see if they could take us as a walk-in. Itsometimes is impossible for my teen to know what she is doing. I know they preferappointments for patients they are seeing, however, they never once made me feel badly forjust stopping in.For myself, I talk to Annette about the herbs they sell and find some amazing information when Italk to her. The price on the herbs are reasonably in line with other places.I also like the fact they have apples out for us to take (although I am not as happy with thecookies that are sometimes out as a treat as they are fresh baked and yummy!).Theresa S.Martinez, CAPerformance Chiropractic Center4425 Treat BlvdConcord, CA 94521(925) 687-5515
  6. 6. We started in Southern California in 1992. We moved locations to Northern California, settlingin Concord in 1994 in order to live closer to his family.Yelp Reviews:I started seeing Dr. Bellusa in 2001 but then moved away. I moved back in 2011 and startedhaving some severe hip pain. I thought hip pain was for "older" citizens and not a woman whois 43. Anyway, I went to see Dr. B again and he did wonders for my hip pain. He treats yourwhole body and not just the affected area. His knowledge of chiropractic care rivals anyone outthere. After a few sessions scheduled a week apart I was able to go to a maintenance programabout once a month. He truly is amazing! Please go see him you will not regret it.Jennifer R.Pleasant Hill, CAI have been going to Dr. Belusa for over 12 years. I originally went in as I had so much stiffnessin my neck that I could no longer turn my head without having extreme pain. I had worked for achiropractor in the past so I knew what questions to ask. I called Dr. Belusas office and askedto talk to the chiropractor. When he got on the phone I started asking all the questions I could tosee how knowledgeable he was. I was very impressed with the way he discussed everythingand invited me to come to the office to see how things were set up with no pressure to commit.I have since been in two car accidents and would trust no one else but Dr. Belusa to take careof my back. I have found him to be very professional and even in the busiest of times he hasmade the time to make sure that if I had questions they were answered. I have referred manypeople to Dr. Belusa and they have been just as impressed. I am glad to have found the perfectchiropractor to take care of my back. I will continue to go to Dr. Belusa until he decides to retire(hopefully many years from now).Margaret P.Antioch, CASteven L Moon5161 Clayton RdSte EConcord, CA 94521(925) 682-8400http://www.drmoon.comWe want what you want.Pain or symptom relief is our number one concern, but we also treat the cause so it won’t comeback again!We use the latest technology including the Brimhall Adjuster, Pro Adjuster, Cold Laser therapy,and Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation to get results that seem impossible to others.Yelp Reviews:The best chiropractor Ive been seen by yet. He knows where it hurts every time and is alwaysgentle. This was especially helpful when I broke my arm in a motorcycle accident. I had hurt my
  7. 7. back too which hurt more than the broken arm but he was able to help me even with the brokenarm.Alex R.Pittsburg, CADefinitely a fan of Dr. Moon! I ALWAYS feel better after a session. Went in a couple of yearsago after a motorcycle accident and he truly helped me walk again. The full body motion scanX-ray is amazing...really shows you just how messed up your spine and hips actually are! Backin again after an auto accident. Definitely reccomend seeing Dr. Moon if you experiencing anypain in your neck, shoulders, etc. They are great about seeing you ASAP/ day of appointments.Believe me, living without back/neck pain is truly priceless and I am thrilled to already haverelief in my neck after just a couple of visits.Hubaloo M.Bay AreaCoflin Family Chiropractic5444 Clayton RdSte BConcord, CA 94521(925) 672-6500 care is an important aspect to your overall health, whether you are suffering from aminor affliction, or dealing with a life-long condition. As a holistic health-care approach,chiropractic care focuses on a whole-body approach to health. Problems like stress can affectmultiple body systems, and other difficulties can affect more than one portion of your body. Wedo not focus on the site of the pain, but on your entire body.Yelp Reviews:I have been in pain for years. So many that I had learned to live with my constant back andneck pain and only was able to sleep 3 hours straight and not more than 6 or so a day. I thenmet Dan Coflin and his wife Sarah and my life has changed.They are super responsive and well organized, they listen to your needs and are very flexibleand they are also extremely nice people.Dr. Coflin is helping me get back on track and after just a few visits, I have been feeling so muchbetter. I can sleep now through the night and do not wake up hurting every morning. My neckhas regained some range of motion that I had practically lost and I feel younger and stronger.I drive a lot, work in front of a computer and travel a lot, so getting adjusted regularly has nowbecome something that I could not let go. Thank you BOTH for all your help.OmarOmar S.Concord, CA
  8. 8. I have been battling a pinched nerve for the last year that causes constant pain down my rightleg. After a few trips to Kaiser with no improvement I decided I needed to try something else. Icalled the office early in the morning and Dr Coflin saw me right away. Not only did he listen tomy concerns and symptoms but he was able to target the area and provided immediate relief!Now I am confident that Im finally in the road to recovery! Thanks Doc.Derek B.Clayton, CARobert Hlavac, DDS2917 Salvio StSte BConcord, CA 94519(925) 689-1772http://rhlavacdentist.comYelp Reviews:Havent seen a dentist in years. Cleaned and polished. Came back two days later for four fillingsand repair of chipped tooth. Painless and well done. Everything you want in a dentist.Robert S.Concord, CA