Celebration is a form of happyness.


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Celebration is the ultimate expression of happiness. We are gifted with five sense organs -eyes, nose, tongue, skin and ears. These are the means through which we can achieve happiness and these are the reasons for which happiness is attained.

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Celebration is a form of happyness.

  1. 1. CELEBRATION Happiness For You
  2. 2. Celebration is the ultimate goal of Happiness. We are gifted with five sense organs Eyes, Nose, Tongue, Skin, Ears with a body and a mind. These are preciously the mean through which we can attain Happiness and these are preciously for which happiness is attained. The means and ends are therefore the same. Happiness For You
  3. 3. We therefore instead of waiting to enjoy the fruits of Happiness believe in enjoy the food right from the day one, right now, let’s enjoy.... Happiness For You
  4. 4. • Eat a food of your choice. • Wear clothes of your liking. • Contact old friends and make new ones. • Form new circles and groups. • Throw a party, join a party. Happiness For You
  5. 5. • Dance • Music • Go to the place of your choice • Take a break, go for a holiday. • 10. Pamper your self Happiness For You
  6. 6. • Go to the beautician • Rejuvenate your body • Go for yoga • Rejuvenate your mind • Do some meditation Happiness For You
  7. 7. • Make a list of what pleases you for • Celebrate yourself with others with flowers it in • Gift time to yourself solicitude some self talk and self celebration Happiness For You
  8. 8. • Adopt new method of celebration as going to blind school • Find a reason for celebration in Happiness of others • Play game, Sports with family member, Friends and Relatives. Happiness For You
  9. 9. • Take a break go out to new places on weekend and holidays. • Celebrate with the nature. Nothing can be more enjoyable than the stars in the nigh for a happy man and nothing can be more stupid for the river (sad) Happiness For You
  10. 10. • Express yourself. Say yes if you want to say yes and no if you want to say no. • Celebrate your day by earning a smile for someone’s face. • Celebrate in the celebration of others. Happiness For You
  11. 11. • Learn new method of humour and laughter that please us. • Learn to laugh at your own mistake and humour yourself • Pamper yourself by anything you love doing provided you it don’t annoy others Happiness For You
  12. 12. • Spend time with your family and children. • If you have nothing to do go for a nap. Happiness For You