How to Get .Edu Links or Live and Learn


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The slideshow explains why you need backlinks from .edu sites and what exactly you can do to get them.

How to Get .Edu Links or Live and Learn

  1. 1. How to Get .Edu Links or Live and Learn
  2. 2. Why You Need .Edu BacklinksGoogle juice from authoritative domains
  3. 3. How to Find .Edu - just + inurl:blog - blogs on .edu + inurl:forum - forums on .edu sites
  4. 4. How to Contact .Edu Sites● Contact Form● Facebook● Twitter● LinkedIn● Whois Email Address
  5. 5. Hire a Professor● Buddying professor● Be ready to shell out if not● Time-consuming, but its worth it (domain authority and possible traffic)●
  6. 6. Pay a Student● Thin (low-quality) content but ....● Still high domain authority (DA) link
  7. 7. Hire a Recent Graduate● Time-Consuming● Pricey
  8. 8. Offer Promos● Small local schools -> T-shirts● Big educational establishments -> value
  9. 9. Make a Donation● If your budget allows● Cooperate with others
  10. 10. Job Boards● Time-consuming● Great job opening may help
  11. 11. Offer a Scholarship● Considerable budget● Cooperation
  12. 12. Befriend a Librarian● Time-consuming● Gift or donation● Pay a librarian
  13. 13. Broken Links● Check My Links (Google Chrome extension)● Xenus Link Sleuth (free broken link checker)● Link Juice Recovery Tool (from
  14. 14. Edu Blogs for Commenting● Time-efficient● Expand your knowledge
  15. 15. Edu Forums for Posting● Time-consuming (time and amount of posts)● Expand your knowledge
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